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OCR01629 - *YES* Jade Cocoon 'People Made of Stone'

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Contact Info

* Remixer name: Another Soundscape

* Real name: Mattias Häggström Gerdt

* E-mail:

* Website:

* UserID: 12912

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ReMix Info

* Name of game(s) ReMixed: Jade Cocoon (Tamamayu Monogatari in Japan)

* Name of individual song(s) ReMixed: Syrus Village

* Additional information about game, if it has not yet been added to the site, including composer, system, etc: (source, wikipedia) System - Playstatin, Composer - Kimitaka Matsumae, Genre - RPG, Developer - Genki, Year - Flag of United States November 30, 1998

Flag of European Union April 27, 2001

Flag of Japan February 7, 2002

* Link to the original soundtrack, if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site: Sadly I cannot find the psfs anywhere so I uploaded the song in mp3format that I got a hold off..

* Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.

This is really a soundtrack I respect. I played this game for half a year when I was about.. 11-12 and I never forgot the great music and atmosphere. I looked for the soundtrack for almost 3 years without success and then finally found it. Now I wanted to pay my respect to Kimitaka Matsumae's perfect soundtrack. I was trying to capture the feeling from the original game with the percussion and ethnic elements and then went overboard with loads of synths and som phat drums. Since I love to fit different styles into my remixes I went even more overboard by finishing off with a more slick general rock (no guitars though) version of the theme. Everything was, as always, done in Reason 3. I am really proud of this one and I hope everyone else will enjoy it too.

Kind Regards,

Mattias Häggström Gerdt (Another Soundscape)


Jade Cocoon Original Soundtrack - (03) "Syrus Village"

Very nice source tune choice. I'm gonna have to check out the rest of that soundtrack. I was disappointed that there were no PSFs out.

Nice intro; good choice of instruments for a pleasing texture. Melody came in at :33. Good expansion of the bassline writing compared to the original. Joined in by a countermelodic synth at :56 that was a bit overbearing for my tastes, but was used well. Drums brought in at 1:29 were a weak point; the tone lacked a lot of punch and sounded generic, plus the pattern sounded plain overall. There's something about the production that makes this sound lossy and distant like a much lower encoding, especially during fuller sections using the drums like 1:41-2:26, but I can't put my finger on it.

Good change in the dynamics at 2:26, even despite using the similar textures as in the beginning of the track. Same lossiness issues when the drums returned at 3:11. The woodwind lead and drums during this section don't fill up the space enough, IMO, making this section feel emptier than I think was the intent. It's a good contrast to the beefier 1:46-2:26 section, but I can't help but feel this could use one more part or some rebalancing of the sounds to flesh things out further.

I'd really prefer this was tweaked on the production side before it went up, but even in light of the flaws there, this is still a safe enough pass. The arrangement is really cool stuff, and Mattias continues to be one to watch as he only continues to refine his sounds and improve his craft.


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[23:43] * The_Orichalcon beats off GeckoYamori to Another Soundscape - Jade Cocoon People Made of Stone OC ReMix [04:05m/192Kbps/44KHz] !tardis to download.

[23:43] <The_Orichalcon> ooh, tribal

[23:43] <The_Orichalcon> and it's non-sucky tribal

[23:43] <The_Orichalcon> PUBLIC #OCREMIX JUDGEMENT

[23:44] <The_Orichalcon> bell thing is pretty kewl. the tribal percussion is gentle and well balanced in the background

[23:44] <The_Orichalcon> flutey-thing sounds fakey, but fits well as well. Good synth build-up to 1:19

[23:45] <The_Orichalcon> rock drums are an interesting idea. They work well, but I'm expecting guitar

[23:45] <The_Orichalcon> switch-up at 2:26 was awesome, reminds me of Schala's music in CT

[23:46] <The_Orichalcon> yeah this is pretty kewl. Just need to check it against the source

[23:47] * The_Orichalcon touches RamaMacBook to Kimitaka Matsumae - Syrus Village [01:40m/224Kbps/44KHz] !tardis to download.

[23:47] <The_Orichalcon> ok, compared to the source, the drop in the quality of the instruments is evident. But it's a brighter soundscape, so it's negligable

[23:47] <The_Orichalcon> arrangement is a worry, the flutey lead is pretty close to being verbatim.

[23:48] <The_Orichalcon> Builds up well as a more pop-rock kind of piece, but for that kind of genre switch I'd expect it to be a bit heavier with more than just synths added

[23:48] <The_Orichalcon> anyway, sounds good enough to pass

[23:49] <The_Orichalcon> so YES

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Really nice remix. Hadn't heard the original before. The remix has strengths in its texture, dynamics, and layering. The harp + xylophone sounds great, and the backing synths and groove compliment nicely. Great escalation around 1:25. Only criticism I have of the arrangement is the fairly lazy ending. You could have done a lot more to actually wind down the song...make a real tag or something. Oh well.


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I really like the tribal atmosphere in the beginning, and the evolution into the heavier electronic stuff works really nicely. This mix has a really cohesive feel to it, especially when you mix that tribal sound with the electronic stuff.

Blah. Don't like that pan-flute lead; I've got a better one, contact me and I'll give it to you for future works!

Whatever, it's not a dealbreaker.


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