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Broken Dolls - little ambient groove

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I think it has a bit too much echo and trailing on that open little drag. Relaxed drums fit well and phase out when not needed.

Those little entrances at 2:08 trail off a little sloppily, but not too badly.

I'm not a fan of the large time with the stuttering.

Bah, that was a fairly negative review. There were some good ideas in there.

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Hm, I don't really like the way you start the song off; it kinda sounds like a nerve-shattering version of Jean-Michel Jarre style. It gets better at 1:02, though, once the drums come in. Makes it more...whole or something.

Nice breakdown section from 2:03, pretty atmospheric stuff here.

Ending: pretty good stuff from 3:35 on; again, the sound which is used from the end of the breakdown up until 3:35 is a little too psycho for me. Or maybe it's just too loud.

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