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Swallowed Shyguy

Splatter B-movie soundtrack wanted!

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My brother is shooting his second amateur B-movie this summer! It´s called RADIOACTIVE CANNIBAL VIKINGS FROM HELL It´s going to be a 30 minutes splatter/comedy with apocalyptic street gangs, fake blood, bad acting, and of course radioactive vikings. Now he needs YOUR help!

In his last 30 minutes masterpiece, the hilarious splatter/horror film ZOMBIE MAYHEM, my brother used background tunes composed by various friends. I´m begging those of you with recording equipment if you could please lend him some music. It don´t matter if it´s finished demos or 20 minutes of random rehersals and noise, we are very gratefull for anything! So far, the soundtrack features one deathmetal demo, and everything in any rock-genre will fit perfectly in this testosteronic flick.

Those who wish to contribute will recieve the dvd later this year. The film is in swedish language, but there will be crappy subtitles as well.

If you are interested, mail me at shymail.gif I will let you download ZOMBIE MAYHEM as inspiration for the project as well! (Sorry my bandwidth is crappy, so I can´t link it, only give it away to one person at a time! So every curious person needs to mail me personally.)

I´ll answer questions on this forum as well.

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