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OCR01635 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Gale of Ages'

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Contact Info

I am a returning remixer

* Remixer name: BogusRed

* Website: http://www.bogusred.net - please update my OCRemix profile with this url.

Remix Info

* Name of game: Chrono Trigger

* Remix title: Gale of Ages

* Original name of song: Wind Scene

* Comments: Wandering around the world map in Chrono Trigger was quite an eerie experience. All of the fog surrounding you and the Wind Scene music that would play really added a realistic atmosphere to the game. Even though it didn't look real, it somehow felt real. I enjoyed the melody a lot and would often hum along to this song while it was playing. This song was originally performed and recorded in September of 2005. I've updated it to use the Reason Piano's refill so the quality is much better than my previous submissions. I hope you enjoy this one.


http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=ct - "Wind Scene" (ct-1-09.spc)

Tired and true theme, but good arrangement. Started off pretty straightforward, which was boring relative to other Wind Scene arrangements. Left hand stuff could have been more involved with as well.

But once it got to 1:23 things picked up significantly, displaying good contrast with the opening half with more complexity and more substantive variations. I would have liked to have heard more material in here, either with original passages added or more liberal arrangement, but that's a personal choice. Doing a very capable but (in the grand scheme of things) limited variation on the theme may seem cookie cutter to some, so this may not be enough. I think it does just enough to get the job done.

Samples cut out abruptly at 2:28. Come on now, you know you can't have it end like that. It's sloppy and exposes the samples. Plus as a resolution, it's pretty weak regardless. The sound quality sounds a bit too lossy/distant, but I suppose it's OK. You may wanna tweak it, you may not. But the ending would have to be fixed before having a chance of going up. Good luck on the rest of the vote, Susie.

YES (conditional)

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short, simple, but well-executed. The dynamics work...it's not groundbreaking, but there's nothing to complain about aside from the ending. Please set your bounce times a bar or two longer.

YES (what larry said)

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I don't have a lot to add here. I was worried about level of arrangement up until around 1:23 where things definitely got interesting. As a whole, this mix is a solid piece that sets itself apart from other piano arrangements of the 600AD theme. I feel like the low-mid freqs could be toned down a bit as the mix is just a LITTLE muddy, and some new chords or chord variations would have been nice to hear. I don't have a big problem with the ending as the cutoff isn't TOO abrupt... but I wouldn't mind a fixed version.

Would have been nice to hear another minute of arrangement, but it's up to snuff.


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