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OCR00631 - *YES* Secret of Mana 'Aphrodite Oceanus'


post this mix?  

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Done this before with your other email address and haven't seen anything up.

I hope that's the backlog >_<

Anyways... here it is.

The song is called Aphrodite Oceanus

It's a remake of Secret of Mana

My name is j.a. "The Wingless" Burnett

Thank you again for your time, since I know how terribly busy you are with

OC3. Best of luck to you on that.


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I um... ok

Yeah great mix, bravo etc.

I'm noticing a trend here. er... yeah. Don't know how to say this without sounding um...



So why host the same file in two places?

That's my only question, and since no one's gonna vote no on this one, I'm gonna abstain.


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So... you're saying that a remix shouldn't go on OC just because it's on VGmix?

Personally, I never download from VGmix unless a song gets rave reviews, because their 'let everyone be heard' philosophy lets a lot of crap through. In short, I trust OC much more than I trust VGmix.

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