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MEETUP: OCR NYC July 29th (and possibly an August date)


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I only just found time to comment.

Everything went great, except it took a little more time and travel than we liked to find the Tank. I only wished I wasn't too busy to prepare for this meet with maps. We did find a nice eatery, however, before the show. And the show ROCKED. Props to the now-dubbed A_Rival.

And I do have one pic, sort of. It's a composite of the sole two pics I could manage with my camera's dead battery (no one has shit for hp cams, not even Staples anymore).

Prozax and virt:


Mentos: the Freshmaker!

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Who on earth would eat a whole pack of those?

For the sake of the rest of you guys, Virt & Prozax threw packs of Mentos to the audience, but A_Rival had to bring them out to them beforehand.

And for the sake of said guys as well as PP and myself, please tell us about the performance of said Rival.

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Oh, I forgot you guys had to leave. :sad:

The former AE basically had what you'd call a "chiptune hip-hop" set, and "got the party people movin'." He even performed his Oil Ocean (WT-40 Mix), and after a few songs, he treated us to the "videogame freestyle" he did at MAGFest (give him a game title, and he raps about it). One lady suggested "Kingdom Hearts" before he started; good thing he didn't go through with it. :)!!

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