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  1. I guessssss I'll stop lurking long enough to say Nobuo is a total baller. (also he is great)
  2. You have my 2 cents. Rather 5 dollars; but keep going strong guys!
  3. I'm looking forward to saying hello to everyone tomorrow. 'Tis been a while.
  4. This made my morning - everything seems to work so far and i'm loving the add-ons if it keeps this performance up i might just have a new media player.
  5. // wish djp a happy birthday public class HappyBirthday{ public static void Main(string[] args){ //variables yay int djpAge = 28; int today = 1; int julyTwentyFifth = 1; if(today==julyTwentyFifth){ djpAge++; } } } // about halfway through i realized i dont really know java. Happy bday regardless, djp!
  6. Can do. Give me a deadline and I'll have it done by then. *has decent mic too*
  7. no. i had damn NX 5. that thing alone had enough problems
  8. on the good or badness of vista issue: im on the side of "its evil." maybe it was the 15 crashes during my CAD final project or my new favorite error where it doesnt allow you to open any new applications of shut down. i mean it would be acceptable to me if it didnt frustrate me at least once a day.
  9. *grins* i had to laugh writing that - I was in a waiting room and I was sequentially removing tech from my backpack - laptop, power cord, tablet (with mouse and pen), headset. I kinda felt a little awkward - but playing starcraft was worth it I ended up writing that little blurb as a result.
  10. who do we send teh votes to again? >_<;; also, on the subject of wisdom teeth - i have some advice. the first 2 days are the worst - keep popping the pain pills ^^ food will suck for a while - so if you love food - you are out of luck for about 4-5days. DO NOT DROOL WHEN YOU SLEEP! trust me.
  11. Heya! I am back - Whoo! >_> Here ish poems Semiconductor People laugh at me 'cause I'm wired I laugh back, however. So what if I am bound, tethered to this earth by these optic fibers? So what if my wrists are tied behind my back with electrical tape? So what if I am gagged by my own gaming headset or chained to the wall by my power cord? Now you may ask - "dear brother, how can you possibly laugh back? It seems they have quite an argument against you." Well, I say in response. Quite simply, Because I'm wireless. Kthx. Also, how has everyone been? ~Khold
  12. Woke up to find a package received email. So naturally, knowing the disc was on its way, I went for the cd before breakfast. It is simply amazing. The music is wonderful and the artwork is stunning. Everyone I have shown it to (everyone who has passed by my room today) has really enjoyed the music. I really appreciate the note as well, Jill. It means a lot. I have a final drawing due next week and I am setting up outside to continue it. Can you guess what is going to be playing? Thanks again for a wonderful album! ~Dan
  13. Coffee? *twitch* ocr coffee mugs would only beg to have ocr brand coffee in them too
  14. This made my morning - granted this is the first thing i saw besides my lab report that is due in 2 hours but whatev. ;;
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