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MEETUP: OCR NYC July 29th (and possibly an August date)


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yes chinatown sounds interesting as I saw it during the opening of nypd blue. I am not being facetious. I can't find grand central station on the map for the life of me but that may be the result of me being an idiot. I'll ask a local when I got to work tomorrow. It won't be hard when I get to penn station either way presumably.

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ummm actually anyone interested in moving in back to noon because I just saw the lirr is leaving at 10:30 from my stop and not again until 12:45

Actually, I should be there at noon too, so noon works fine too. Pezman wanted to get there an hour earlier too.

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Damnit Doug, way to drop the ball.

PP - from the LIRR, get to Penn Station. Then take either the 1, 2, or 3 (red subways) train one stop up to Times Square. Then take the S

train (gray subway) to Grand Central (nonstop shuttle train). Then exit the subway to Grand Central, and go towards the main area. It's a big hall - go towards the information booth with the clock on top in the middle of that hall and we should be somewhere around there. I will probably be arriving at noon sharp, and I'll likely be wearing a dark blue shortsleeve shirt and shorts.

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1. new york is big.

2. bahamut is a nice guy irl BUT SCREW YOU MOD lol ok :3

3. walking more than five miles can make a grotesquely large blister even larger and more grotesque.

4. bud lite being $6 at a restaurant is par for the course.

5. there are irl gay animu stores. by that i mean asian entertainment doesn't become less weird just because it is live action.

6. ancient hero by darkesword plays sometimes at the nintendo store.

7. it is a good idea to know where you are going prior to walking a couple miles in any given direction.

8. the lirr sucks because i had to leave a good concert a quarter of the way through to make sure i get home before 2 am.

9. when i post in community while using my blackeberry djp himself pm's me. my pattern recognition skills tell me this will continue indefinitely. discuss.

10. vrit is an outgoing friendly guy irl who giggles like a school girl kinda. and tries to convince me to start remixing.

11. chiptunes do not necessarily suck simply because they are chiptunes.

12. jose the bronx rican vaguely looks like vin diesel

13. eleven hour meetups are exhausting.

14. there are no mudkips dolls at the nintendo store :(

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