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Need hub for LAN party, which one should I buy?


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I think the 10/20/100 etc. are just megabits per second modes it supports. I think 100mbps is plenty for LAN. The more the better if u need to transfer large patches or whatever when youre all set up tho. But the network controller in most computers can handle like 1000mbps tops if its a newer comp. I'd just get a good brand hub like linksys.

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Keep in mind that a hub is different from a switch or a router. Hubs transmit the same data to all the ports (so bad for games), where a switch and a router manage traffic through the specific ports (Ideal for games).

A switch is probably all you really need. You can step it up to a router, because a router is just a switch with the ability to configure where data is "routed" to (theres a LOT more too it, but it's not important). Switches are dirt cheap on newegg.com. Check this one out for 10 bucks and 8 ports, too.

URL: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817180002

And yeah, the numbers are transfer speeds. For the sake of LAN parties, you don't need more than 100 Mbits. Also, don't forget Cat5e cables!

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