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  1. Update! Just a few minor fixes and improved the intro a little bit more. http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20Running%20through%20the%20Starfield%20%28LifeForce%29%2020130228.mp3
  2. Yeah, I agree with you there. I think I get so caught up fleshing the rest of the song out that I tend to forget things like that. I think I might understand what you mean now. I was thinking you wanted a smaller climax before the LP breakdown, but do you mean just build it up even more? I'll need to listen to some tracks to see if I can get some ideas. I've always struggled with putting together smooth buildups and good climaxes, which is probably why I cut corners there. Edit: Here is a version that expands the intro a little bit and I added some variety to the drums. It's definitely a rough cut for now. http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20Running%20through%20the%20Starfield%20%28LifeForce%29%2020130227.mp3
  3. Nutritious, thank you for the feedback! I tried out some of the things you suggested and I do like how it resulted. You may need to clarify based on the changes I've made whether they represent what you meant. Here is the latest version: http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20Running%20through%20the%20Starfield%20%28LifeForce%29%2020130225.mp3 I used a punchier sample for the intro-beat, but having anything more than this before the LP filter doesn't feel natural for me for some reason. Cleaning up the verb on main synth did help, but I kept the delay for now because I want to maintain some "space"iness. I also removed one of the layers that may have been making it muddy. I'm not sure if what I have for the new subbass is too quiet or too loud. I can still hear the rest of the instruments, which is why I liked where I stopped. Feedback/examples here appreciated. I do think I have a lot more work to do fleshing out the song and adding some sample embellishments around. As always, I appreciate having another set of ears/speakers/headphones giving me feedback! Edit: Just realized how heavy that frequency range is. I'm toning down that freq on the drums and a few other instruments and will post changes.
  4. Final Version - Made several significant changes. Better build up at the beginning, chord change and varied melody on final refrain, and several mixing/EQing tweaks. http://tjnekko.com/TJ Nekko Running through the Starfield (LifeForce) 20130224.mp3 This is probably my final version before submitting, so any feedback is super appreciated! Edit: Remastered a little bit. Should be less high heavy now.
  5. Updated version. Slight changes to the intro, plus several other places. Also a new finish. http://tjnekko.com/TJ Nekko Running through the Starfield (LifeForce) 20130219.mp3 Thanks ahead of time!
  6. Reminds me of: I appreciate the style because I think it really lends itself to the original. I think given the style, the snare works out front, but I agree that it needs to be toned down a little bit. Adding the bass will really add to the song, too. As a DnB and Hospital Record fan, I reallllly look forward to how this turns out and what direction you'll take.
  7. This is fantastic. Subscribed. Keep up the solid work.
  8. Here is a remix of the song from the second stage of Life Force on the NES, "Starfield". http://tjnekko.com/TJ Nekko - Running through the Starfield (Life Force).mp3 I'm at a fairly complete state, but I feel like there are a few spots that can be improved and I'm hoping I could get some second opinions before submitting. Made using FL Studio 10 and Reason 5. Source: LifeForce - Level 2 Theme (Starfield) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0mv4YfP4uqM#t=49s Thanks!
  9. My Hip Hop remix of Brenda Lee's Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. Made while cooped up during the freak snowstorm that hit the Midwest last week. https://soundcloud.com/tjnekko/brenda-lee-rockin-around-the Any general advice on mixing or mastering appreciated, but I more put it out there for your entertainment. Hope everyone has a Happy Holidays!
  10. Latest version. Check it out. http://soundcloud.com/tjnekko/musefist-and-tj-nekko-feed-all
  11. Thanks for the feedback everybody. Here are some of the changes I made based on your suggestions. Updated the composition to feature the original melody more prominently. Toned down the Captain Falcon samples. Changed the drums up to be a little stronger. Added variety to the bassline. Added a scratching solo. (I'm no turntablist, so let me know whether or not it's worth it to keep this) Lots of general mixing and mastering changes. http://tjnekko.com/TJ Nekko - Straight Outta Mute City 016 - Rough Final.mp3 Any feedback on the above changes much appreciated as well as anything that sticks out. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the feedback. The song actually didn't start as a vg remix, which would explain why isn't as close to the Mute City theme, but it seemed to click that the melodies were similar. A-RoN, have you ever played with the FL Scratcher in FL Studio? It seems like that might work similarly to the Flare app you mentioned. I'll see what I can do about adding some variety to the bassline. The genre I was trying to emulate has really repetitive baselines, but I think there are parts of the song where I could spice it up.
  13. Updated yet again! http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20-%20Straight%20Outta%20Mute%20City%20-%20Final%20006.mp3 Made it a bit more gangsta. Tried including more of the original song's melody.
  14. I hear ya. Here's an updated version. Added a little bit more of a conclusion, added a verse in the beginning to spice it up a little bit, and added some shaker sounds during the bridge. Same link as before!
  15. Thanks for the feedback! That's my main concern, really. I'm going to flag this for Mod Review to see what they think.
  16. Here is a song my brother (Musefist) and I worked on that's a remix of the Mushroom Forest Theme from Little Nemo. It could be considered a final product, but we're still looking into expanding it some more. Any feedback welcome. Updated: 2012-01-18 http://soundcloud.com/tjnekko/musefist-and-tj-nekko-feed-all 2011-11-09: http://tjnekko.com/TJ Nekko & Musefist - Feed All The Candy Ridey Ridey.mp3 SOURCE:
  17. Aight - Made a bunch of EQ, volume, and compression tweaks for my "final product". Let me know what you think! http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20-%20Straight%20Outta%20Mute%20City%20-%20Final%20005.mp3
  18. I dig the concept. You make those three songs go together much better than I would have thought they could have. The bass pretty dry and not really bassy. It sits in the mid range and gets lost with everything else. Try increasing those lows and maybe add a reverb or delay to flesh it out. The song in general is a bit loud and generally sits in the center and mid range, so it tends to runs together. Lowering the volume, adding some panning, and bringing up some of those highs/lows should bring some of those instruments out. 1:10 is a good illustration of this. Not too much going on, but everything has a chance to be heard and the delay on the higher melody really fills it out. That's your money drop right there, really. It feels like the end should be building up to something more, but just repeats. There's not a whole lot going on in the last minutes of the song starting at 2:04. I understand if you're trying to make it mix friendly, but the song seemed like it was setting up for another verse. You have a great idea, so keep working on it! Thanks for the listen.
  19. The song has a great flow to it. I wouldn't touch anything in the composition. Really the only thing that really sticks out for me is the guitar gets lost in that upper-mid range. It seems the distortion really confines it to that range. I tested it out by dropping everything from 2000Hz to 6000Hz and I basically made the guitar disappear. I would play around with bringing up the other ranges. The mid seems like there's room to expand into, so maybe give that a shot.
  20. Sorry I inadvertently borked my site there. It's fixed now and I uploaded a little bit less compressed version. http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20-%20Straight%20Outta%20Mute%20City%20009%20-%20Rough%20Final.mp3 Let me know if there are any balance issues or if certain frequencies are coming out more than they should. Thanks!
  21. Here's a hiphop (?) mix I've been working on for a while that's a fairly loose adaptation of the Mute City theme from the SNES F-Zero. Let me know if anything pops out that you think should be improved. I'm still not satisfied with the scratching, so let me know if you have any ideas. Also, feel free to lay down some lyrics on top. You just gotta post what you've done in this thread Source: NEWEST VERSION (2012/01/02): http://tjnekko.com/TJ Nekko - Straight Outta Mute City 016 - Rough Final.mp3 OLD http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20-%20Straight%20Outta%20Mute%20City%20-%20Final%20006.mp3 http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20-%20Straight%20Outta%20Mute%20City%20-%20Final%20005.mp3 http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20-%20Straight%20Outta%20Mute%20City%20006%20-%20Rough%20Final.mp3 http://tjnekko.com/TJ%20Nekko%20-%20Straight%20Outta%20Mute%20City%20009%20-%20Rough%20Final.mp3
  22. Tote$ bleh, brah.

  23. Wow. Goosebumps instantly at the beat drop. That bass made me cream my pants. Fantastic job on blending all the different parts of the songs (or different songs? I can't even tell it's put together so well.)
  24. Here's the latest, and possibly submittable, version. Please leave comments and suggestions! Thanks!
  25. The intro is one of the things I struggle most with. I want to pay homage to the song I borrow from, but still maintain some depth and flow into the main part of the song. It's definitely something I want to improve on. I was also definitely aware of the challenge of using the short origin. On one hand, there's not a lot of material to go by, but on the other hand, it make it a lot easier to be creative with it. I try to avoid sounding too repetitive through the song, so I put a lot of attention into fleshing out the melody along with adding variety to the other instruments (whether I did that is up to the listener). Thanks for the advice!
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