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M.O.R.B (Mario On Rift Basalts) (Donkey Kong)


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Kinda old. I meant to submit at OLRemix, but registration is not possible: e-mail addresses are preventively banned (I don't understand).

This is somewhat a funny remix of Rocky Valley Theme (Stage 8) from Donkey Kong (i.e Mario vs Donkey Kong, Game Boy Color).

The acronym M.O.R.B means Middle Ocean Rift Basalts, these are pillow lavas forming on ocean's floor (all about volcanology I study hehehe). Instead here M.O.R.B means Mario On Rift Basalts; indeed Mario is chasing the ape and gets often scorched as stomps on red-hot lavas uuuh!!!

He suceeds to let a volcanic vent explode too....:lmassoff:

Feedback would be appreciated

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you did submit this to OLR...

this is what i wrote in my judging message (since you probably won't see that for the next 4 months):

It was nice, but it got repetive after a while.

I suggest you add some more instruments and have them do something in the later parts of the mix, as well as pull out some wicked drums beats (which i was waiting for but they never happened :( )

good first try! i look forward to more of your work

NOTE: this is by OLR standards. DEFINATELY nothing for OCR.

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Hmm... this seems to repeat quite a bit...

The repetitive Mario sound bits gets old after the first time he says "Itsa me, Mario" "Thank you so much for playing my game".

The lava sound effects are neat and the into was pretty funny... having Mario scorched right at the begenning.

After the first explosion I was waiting for some kinda heavy bass pounding beat (Kinda like what had Xenon Odyssey mentioned)

It was also quite the short mix and really did no exploration into the song itself (I have never heard the original but have a pretty good feeling you bascelly played and looped the song as it plays in the game).

My suggestion is to work on the overall arrangement of the song, work with the instruments you are using, throw in some kinda of drum beat that atleast gets you pumped (as previously stated... two of us felt there shoulda been wicked/harder drum beats) Remove the Mario sound clips (I was really annoyed by the time the song ended)

Hmm... that maybe it...

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You're aware this is an OLR sub, right?

Yes, I am, I suceeded to register myself at OLRemix and I submitted there, then I've been redirected here for the feedback. But I guess it needs some work before to be accepted, right?

Currently I have few time to work on it (moreover it's very old...), meanwhile I could try submit something more recent and well-finished

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do you understand the whole judging process? once the judges make a decision, it'll either get posted or it'll be rejected. it doesn't happen as fast as it used to, so be prepared to wait for a bit.

however, if you want to try to make this mix up to OCR standards, then you can look here for feedback

Ah, ok, I got it. The mix I posted anyway was supposed to be submitted at OLRemix, since it should be quite funny. I don't mean submit to OCRemix

If I'll improve so well, I could catch to consider to submit something at OCRemix

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