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mmx1 Flame mammoth thingy

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Yeah the friggin kick is enormous but it does sound good IMO. It reminds of that gigantic ass mammoth in that stage.

The entire song is very LOUD but it's still enjoyable bc of the arrangement. The arrangement and production both pack a lot of energy. Tricky Swamp Style has a similar in your face kick, but there aren't an enormous amount of crashes happening all the time taking up sonic space. In Tricky Swamp Style there was enough space and give and take between the sounds to give the song a more dynamic feel.

Maybe ease EQ the crashes or use them less in some of the build up sections. The energy from this mix is great but with a lil more TLC for dynamics it could be even better IMO.

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I have to agree with SnappleMan about the drums being WAY too compressed. The mix is way too packed, it needs more space as avaris put it. Because verything's so loud, it feels like it's coming from a car or something, in the way that it all seems locked.

Nothing too much to comment on the arrangement side, though

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Lawl, compressed drums, lawl.

Not bad, but it's in dire need of volume control. The lead I kind of don't like... but that's about all I have to say. Anything else has been said, and you should take heed to it. Right now, it's sitting at "an alright arrangement". Good luck with finishing this piece.


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I will listen to this tonight and let you know my unbiased opinion. I would hold off on toning down the overcompression. And if people are hating on squashed drums, they should listen to some Hardknox. Also, there is nothing wrong with squashed drums. It's purely a preference.


Just listened to it. It is definitely not the same style as Hardknox. Sounds a little too "in your face". Not what I am accustomed to hearing from you. I wonder how the arrangement factor on this one is. I would actually be inclined to say that would pass on the panel. But then again, who knows. As far as I remember, you DKC remix had some dissention among the judges, so its hard to tell.

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I kind of agree about the drums. They are taking away from the rest of the song and everything is very muddy.

The cymbal is like, how would I put it, so pushed out by everything else that it's being cut off and fading in and out and I don't even know how to accurately describe it.


But hell yes, MMX

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