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OCR01655 - *YES* Final Fantasy 7 'Omnislash'


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Your ReMixer name: Fishy

Your real name: Cain McCormack

Your email address: Fishy1618@gmail.com

Your userid: 15862

[ edit]

Name of game(s) ReMixed: Final Fantasy 7

Name of individual song(s) ReMixed: Hurry Faster!

This started off with a Dream Theater influence, but who knows what the crap it turned into. I just wanted to sneak on to the FF7 project, so I made most of this ReMix in a week, which is an improvement on my normal remixing time by around 8 months. In event of pass, don't post til project out yada yada. Yes the name is crap.

Bet you guys are getting sick of FF7 by now.

Fishy :3


http://tzone.org/~llin/psf/packs2/FF7_psf.rar - 408 "Hurry, Faster!"

Too loud. Too compressed. Blehz.

Moving on. Starts off pretty cover-ish, but some cooler sounds at :20 helped personalized the delivery. Up with swirly pads and warbly synths. 1:22 and I was still waiting for things to move beyond the cover.

Whoa, 1:33-1:48 is just a mess. zirc says it's fine for modern rock, but the thickest, loudest parts just end up sounding too cluttered and indistinct, particularly 1:41-1:48. Similar issue from 2:06-2:13 once those drums start banging away.

On the arrangement side though, kicking some ass. Finally moved past the cover territory from 1:26 on, and 2:22 was great dynamic contrast. Things speak for themselves here, so I'll wrap it up with a YES.

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Cain wanted me to make sure this version is what's being judged.


easy pass. things do start out a little coverish, but both the arrangement and the awesomeness expand as the track progresses. this is a great debut track. sometimes when i listen to your stuff cain, i wonder where you came from, and why? perhaps you were sent by some higher power to teach us lessons about love and honor, before departing as abruptly as you appeared...

what was I talking about again?

oh, YES

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Gotta agree, this one is a no-brainer. High energy arrangement, great solos, pro sequencing, excellent guitar performance/recording. The production touchups to the mixing/mastering after Larry's recommendation really helped. I particularly like how the dynamic level of the mix isn't at MAX the entire time; there are enough rhythmic and textural changes to keep the listener's ears from being melted off by the wall of sound.


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