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DKC2 - Game Ending drum & bass wip

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I made this with an MC-505 and still learning the ins and outs of that piece of hardware. I hope to make a complete mix using only its sounds and using its sequencer. But I did EQ the final output in a sound editing program.

Because the sequencer is something I'm still getting used to, it's very loop-ish for now and the parts were all muted/un-muted live. But I think it's coming along well.


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That chord hit repeating pattern really juts out and feels out of place at times. Once you get everything going, it's majorly cluttered sounding.

The drums and the tempo of the music are giving me mixed feeling about the pace and vibe. It feels a little slower than the drums are trying to drive it. I'm not really explaining it well.

BTW, have you finished that Guilty Gear WIP you had a while back?

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I gotta disagree with chickenwarlord about the repeating chord hits, I like them. Very Aphex Twin. Were you recording the melody live as well? Doesn't seem to be in time.

But yeah aside from it being really loopish (esp. the drums), I think it's pretty good so far.

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idea = DJ Sawka

bass = Squarepusher

intro = Aphex Twin

There's a lot of awesome in this, and yet there's a lot of things missing from it. Your intro is definitely clipping, the timing on some of the instruments are off (it's noticeable later in the song), the over all quality of the song is a little lo-fi.

However, nothing a little understanding of what you're using can't fix. Good luck with that.

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