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*NO* Super Mario RPG 'Booster Seat' *RESUB*


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That booster submission was incorrect. That E-mail was more than 4 weeks old. The weird thing was it was mixed in with a lot of NEW mixes. Since then, I have contacted pretzel as well as the IRC chat informing people of the incorrect submission from long ago. After striving long at the WIP board, BoosterSeat is NOTHING lie it was in that submission.

To reviewers and members, please disregard the boosterseat thread in judges decisions.

Pretzel and Judges, the E-mail I sent (9-28-2002, "New Submission (BitMaP) )reads:


I know it's a zip file, but it's not just an extention change. Extract the mp3 from the zip file. Angelfire won't allow me to upload mp3 anymore. icon_smile.gif

This is nothing like you've herd from me before. My newbie days are over. So, I've revamped this with all my might. Well, I've gotten nothing bad said about it yet in WIP board either. Everybody really enjoys this. I now give it to OCR.

Your humble remixer, BitMaP


You may check now the address of the correct and FINAL file^. Please forgive me for this error.

Edit - he gave me a link to a page on his server, there shouldn't be any download problems now.

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Angelfire does not allow direct linking

from offsite, non-Angelfire pages,

to files hosted on Angelfire because Angelfire sucks ass.

This practice of 'remote linking' reduces

our ability to serve out the homepages

of our members quickly and efficiently.

I feel that submissions should include valid links as a requirement to submit. Thus, this gets a No. Maybe if someone would somehow get the song and host it, that would be cool. But I think invalid links are a waste of our time.

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I yoinked it and it still sounds like a MIDI GM soundbank. The notes are still off key in places and it cuts off at 2:01. Not ends...CUTS OFF.


I don't know what software/hardware you used BitMaP, but I believe you need to invest in some new tools. Seriously, man. Your heart's in the right place, but your ears are in outer space somewhere. :x:(

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Sound quality is a little better, and I think it's at the point where it would be passbale if it were a great arrangement. But the around 1:40 it breaks into some horribly dissonant section - the notes just don't work together at all. Not that I'm against dissonance, mind you, I think it can sound very good when used well. Unfortunately, this is not used well. And that's not the only time - there are other parts where the notes just don't seem to work together.

Also, just a side note, you should probably be using a normal snare hit instead of hand claps.


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