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FEEDBACK NEEDED: Submission Standards Revision


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We could probably continue revising & refining these standards for the rest of our natural lives, but at this juncture we've decided to finalize them, and they're now live & in place. We incorporated as much feedback as we could without sacrificing the core of the document, and we thank everyone for their detailed feedback.

I think this version is lightyears beyond its predecessor, and since the standards dictate what a ReMix is (and isn't), I consider this a big step forward for the site.


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In response to djp saying he'd like to see the standards translated to other languages, if you ever need a Dutch version, be sure to let me know, I'd love to translate for you guys.

OCR has provided me with so much good music, it's about time I do something back ;)

Right now we've got French and Japanese translations underway, and our next priorities are German and Spanish, BUT, a Dutch version wouldn't hurt. If you PM me I can tell you the specific, but be warned that the Content Policy in particular may be difficult and time-consuming to translate... we'd definitely appreciate the help, though!

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I think this is the appropriate place to put this:

I just read your weigh-in on the Space Invaders Remix. Are you sure that the four descending pitches were sound effects of the ships moving and not a light (well, light may be an understatement) background theme meant to convey the increasing tension of the incoming vessels?

I ask because I've tossed around ements for a Space Invaders mix in my head.

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Yes, we're pretty sure... even if it was intended as music, there's a "substantive" requirement that whatever arranged material has to meet that these descending notes wouldn't.

Unsticking this thread as I believe the majority of discussion has concluded - anyone can always resurrect the issue in the future.

Thanks for all the great feedback - I think the new standards are a thousand times better, and clearer!

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