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OCR01832 - *YES* Super Dodge Ball 'Breakbeat Market'


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This is...avaris??? Aight man, quit playin'. - LT

name: Shaun Wallace

email: avaris.studios@gmail.com

remixer name: avaris


Game: Super Dodge Ball

System: NES

Composer: Kazuo Sawa

Year: 1989

Copyright: Sony Imagesoft

Source: Team China


This mix is for the Super Dodge Ball: Around the World Project. Please do not release the song until the project is released. Tanks. :-P

There is a description about the field recording tagged in the song. Please leave it there for legality reasons. If you dudes got any questions please feel free to PM me or visit http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/ .

Ok so this isn't the most uplifting or emotional source tune ever. It is however probably the most stereotypical representation of China in sonic form ever created. :)

The beats were heavily inspired by ziwtra. I took one loop in Reason and then wrote some drums behind it. The volume of the drums I wrote are slightly automated by the volume of the loop. I then recorded both instances into Live where some massive slicing and dicing occurred.

Since there is really no melody in the source I tried to carry the song with a catchy groove. The bells and plucked sounds were from SteamPipe2 and the synths were done with feldspar. The dizi and erhu were free vsts from Kong Audio. Thanks for listening.



http://akumunsf.good-evil.net/S/Super%20Dodge%20Ball.nsf - Track 7 ("Team China")

Now saying there's not really any melody to work with is kind of a cop-out to do your own thing, so let's see what you did with the actual theme. :-P

The percussion fading in at :12 and lasting until :37 is liberally arranging the source melody, so that was cool. At :43, we start it off with some pretty loose arrangement. Chorus section from 1:06-1:16 sounds pretty damn nice. Good sound variation, solid effects, solid enough integration of the SFX, slick production, nice use of the stereo field, and the groove was sweeeeet.

EDIT: The arrangement basically keeps going on like this, but has solid development and variation within the sound framework Shaun set up, plus the source plays it fairly straight. Didn't mean to imply it was getting too liberal at any point. "Loose" in the sense that the flow was a lot less rigid than the source. Not the best use of the word.

2:19-2:39 and 3:04-3:22 got rather piercing with some of the higher frequencies and should have been pulled back some. Not a huge deal, but would be nice to have that tweaked.

Wow, in terms of cohesiveness, this was leaps and bounds over any of your other stuff. Plus, props for this being a solo piece. Let's see if you can be consistent with future submissions. For your sake, I hope you haven't jumped the shark. :-D Keep learning, keep developing. Damn son, you had it clicking with this one.


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Diversity. It more than just a word. It's what makes the world go round. Today, on this episode of "BGC Votes on a Remix", we'll dive into one of the many sections of diversity I like to call, "Asian badass-ity". Today's topic was brought to you by Shawn Wallace, aka Avaris to those of the Video Game ReMixing community.

Alright, enough of that. Shaun, man. All I can say is...


You need to bring it like this EVERY TIME. This mix is flat-out AWESOME. No offense, but it's like you're not the same Avaris that's been submitting before. Not that your other stuff has been bad, but it usually ends up sounding like it's still not finished. But you've got everything ON POINT in this one. I don't think I can offer one word of "This needs fixing". Your mastering is clean, and the stereo balance--very nice. I'm a HUGE fan of Asian instruments, and you've selected the perfect arsenal to go on your palette. The groove is toe-tapping-inducing, and the general vibe really does sweep my brain off to somewhere in China...

As for the arrangement, Larry claims some was liberally thrown together, but for the most part, I felt like you stayed plenty close to the original (but not too close), so I have no qualms whatsoever. This is Direct-Post material. Great work, man. You've earned this one.


also, there's a Super Dodge Ball project? What the hell. Guess there's a project for anything these days :P

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Yeah, this is a really great mix. Tight percussion, tight synths, good production, good structure and dynamic flow. Arrangement didn't seem too liberal to me; it was just right. A little treble-heavy at times, but that's a minor complaint. Very creative!


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