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OCR00828 - *YES* Final Fantasy 7 'Heart's Anxiety'


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Yeah, the percussion is good. Though the synths aren't the most realistic ever, the textures work well here, and I think maybe more realistic sounding samples would have ruined the effect.

Love the comparison to Those Chosen by the Planet! Though it maybe didn't fit in that well, it was a good idea.

Bottem line: quality stuff here. YES

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how is it orky is getting all these songs and not me :(

Now for the real review:


Love the feel. Its still there from one of my favorite FF songs ever.

Even with the ind drums the fell is still there. very good.


2:00 gets crappy, didnt like that part at ALL

very nice.


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Because it was a geocities site you had to copy the url into your address bar instead of clicking on it, geocities is kwazy like dat.

On to the mix...

Well, I always found this theme boring, I honestly didn't hear a lot of music from FF7 that I didn't think was crappy or boring (just me). Oh near 2:10 I hear a bit of Seph's theme, that was a tune I liked, unfortunately it dissipates quickly.

This mix is getting a borderline yes from me, because I don't like the theme itself but I still like the arrangement, and it's not really fair of me to say no to something just because I don't like it.

Vote: Yes

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I'm sort of blah about this mix, over all ...

There's a spot at 2:05-ish that has a nice clash of notes causing a very dischordant effect... but other than that, this is pretty solid. Maybe a bit repetitive, but yeah I think it'll pass. there's really nothing to complain about on this mix, besides the fact that I don't like it. But that's subjective. Anyway, high marks.



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Another one I'm torn over... I like the drum samples, but they are a bit

too loud. The arrangement isn't much different from just being a

direct translation, but I really like the original theme. So what do I do?

Do I vote yes because I like the original theme and this .. oh wait..

a second drum line just came in. Wow, where did that come from?

That just felt goofy. :(

NO, but thanks, I did enjoy parts of it.

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