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Soul Reaver Theme "Ozar Midrashim"


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This theme was originally a song created by a band from the eighties called "the information society", and sadly I've found only one somewhat decent remix by a french band. I'm hoping that if anyone can deliver a more industrial and dark metal remix its someone here on OC.

If need be I can send a copy of the original song to the one who will take up this project and even as a bonus will hook them up with reproduction of a prop video-game weapon of their choice as a major "Thank you". I will pay for shipping as well just to show my appreciation for the time and effort taken.

Request project outline:

Remix of:Soul Reaver Theme "Ozar Midrashim"

*Style of remix: dark industrial metal

*If elaboration is needed, such as a comparison to another band for style, message me and I'll give more of an in depth description.

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Amayirot Akago: Or you could just give up, seeing how nobody ever responds to a request around here. Believe me, I've tried.

Even if it may seem hopeless I need to try, this is in fact for a much bigger project that could net me a dream job, I just need to get some outside help since I don't have a dream-team for productions yet.

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Well, I may try a hand at the song, but if I do, I'm not going to take any money off you (although I may not be able to pass up a videogame weapon prop). Plus, knowing me, it may end up more metal than industrial anyways.

Only thing is that I can't guarantee it'll get done hastily. :-P

PM me the original and I'll let you know what I think. I loved the game way back when, and still think Raziel is pretty much the most badass character conceived, but I'm hardly familiar with the OST anymore.

Edit: Oh, I know this song! It's a great song. If you've got a full version, I could see what I could do.

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