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Roe's done a song...

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Dayamn this is really well done. You definitely know how to arrange/compose things - it all falls into place greatly and the beat is hot, sleak and sexy - if I could have sex with it - I would :D...well not really but hey, its a good song. Congrats Roe :)

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*cracks the whip*

That's right, BACK TO WORK.


Though I guess I appreciate new mixes a little more if they're as few and far between as they have been for a while now. Still!

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Alex, way cool dude.

I especially like those strings building at 34-40... Nice build there.

Haha, cool build again at around a minute...

What follows I can only think of as sounding like an evil duck guitar wah wah... That's so great haha.

Slowdown is a bit awkward at first (around 2 minutes) but it is cool once I get used to it, (only a few seconds later)

You sure know how to keep an great excitement level with songs!

My only qualms:

gets a little muddy...

I want more of that evil duck guitar wah wah, and I want it soloing lol

Awesome as usual! Keep 'em coming!

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