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Megaman - Cutman Metal Mix


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I did a metal mix of Cutman's theme from the original Megaman. It's what Cutman's theme would be if someone remixed it into a darkish type of Metal. Anyway here it is...


Comments and critique are welcome. If it sucks just say so. Remember, play the hi-fi version, lo-fi doesn't work.

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Aww c'mon MikeV! <shakes head> You had me fooled. And that's all I'll say about that.

In the interest of constructive criticism, here we go: You're missing tune, tone, and technique.

Like Electric Zer0Bit said, your axe is out of tune. Once that's fixed, tone is easy enough to improve. With that really weak sounding distortion, or anytime you want some good-n-powerful rhythm guitars, you're going to need to layer them. Record the same part at least three times and pan them symmetrically (one hard left, one hard right, one center). If you've never done it, you will be blown away by the difference in can make. That will even help mask minor tuning issues. Also, play around with the eq on the distortion pedal/amp/VST/whatever. Pick a song you like and try to get it to sound like that. This this and this might help with getting a good tone.

As far as technique goes, you've gotta get some other chords in there, you've gotta play them more cleanly and you've gotta give them some life! Palm mute some of them, try strumming above the pickups, or closer to the bridge. Try slightly bending some of the power chords. And do me a favor, if you're going to only play simple power chords, at least add a 9 or 6 in there once in a while. It'll sound cool, give you some variety and let people know that you know a little something about your instrument.


Change this: 577XXX

to this: 579XXX

or this: 587XXX

The backing track isn't all that terrible so far, assuming this is in its earlier wip stages. It's just really weak and in need of some meat. Beef up the bass with some distortion, layering or even a little chorus. And you have to compress those drums. With metal, I don't think you can go wrong in this area. Set the ratio to something ridiculous like 20:1, drop the threshold until you think the drums sound squashed...then drop it another 10dB and you're good :)

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First, tune your guitar; this is painfully bad intonation. Your rhythm needs work, and this can only be done with practice. I would work on your power chords, and expand them beyond just the root and 5th to make it sound fuller throughout. Once you get that down, it'll sound better.

The drums sound pretty wimpy as well, and there isn't a groove as much as there is some hits here and there. It sounds like you are going for a slowed down groove, but you are missing a lot of elements. Where are your hi hats and cymbals?

The main thing you need to do though is replace that trumpet sample. It has no attack at all and is cringe-worthy is some spots, especially the high notes.

This needs a ton of work, so keep practicing. :-)

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