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OCR00846 - Shenmue "Come to Bob's Pizza"


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Awesome Bob's Pizzeria commercial. It's one of those things you can't get out of your head, until you catch yourself pointlessly muttering the words for no good reason and suddenly all you can think of is getting a slice of pizza to silence the maddening jingle circling around and around inside your skull! It's marketing 101.

Musically, the source is pretty basic, and this mix doesn't stretch it to any new bounds at all. The faux-jazz, lounge pop direction suits it pretty well, but I think most of the legs are in the back end of the piece. The beginning is a flood of low tones, overwhelming on my headphones (but I'm sure is less of a problem on speakers) and threw me off slightly. But by the end, and with the vocals as an especially nice touch, things resolve decently and the I think the intended sound of the mix is achieved. It has distinction, and is wisely brief.

A small, fun track from a master of versatility and family restaurant plugging.

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