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*NO* Legend of Zelda 'Reflections of Hyrule'

Antonio Pizza

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Well, you made the post in the "Judges Decisions" forum over at OC that


it had been a month or 2, that an e-mail of some sort should be sent


to a judge. So here is my e-mail to you :)

These 2 submissions probably got passed over due to VGMix going offline


being unable for download since that was the only link I had at the

time. My

apologies for that, not that I had any control over it.

Anyway, I would greatly appreciate it if you could slide these in


soon since they are both a month old.

Name/Handle: Hermit

E-Mail: transparentenigma@hotmail.com

Submitted September 24, 2002.

Reflections of Hyrule:

EDIT: This is one of two.

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This is beautiful, but ultimately pretty simplistic. It's a tough call, but overall I've gotta say NO just because it doesn't realy expand on a theme that's been expanded on a lot before.

Develop the ideas a little more so there's more going on, and make sure you're not just making us listen to something we've already heard.

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