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Lufia 2 - Fortress of Doom


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The song is called "Fortress of Doom" and it's featured in both Lufia and Lufia 2.

I haven't seen this remixed at all and I love the song so I was wondering if someone would be willing to remix it.

You can find a MIDI version of it here:


I'd be extremely grateful if someone would do an awesome job of remixing it someday!

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I downloaded the chiptune, and there doesn't seem to be a song with that name on it. Is it the song you get when you enter Daos' Shrine or the bottom of the Ancient Cave you mean? : /

I checked the main site: http://forfeit.electromaz.com/lufia2/music/ and it calls the music "Fortress of Doom." It's the music played at the beginning of Lufia 2 and the end of Lufia 1 when you get to the castle of the Sinistrals.

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I have a remix of this about 90% done. Although it is about 6 months old. Once I tweak it some more prob expect to find it on remix tha sauce. I think it's bordline OCR prob will get rejected based on the transitions and the execution of certain arrangement ideas.

Also this mix by Darangen has parts of the theme in it. Has some really creative use of guitars IMO.


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