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  1. I normally buy mine from a few different locations (all of which say they ship internationally, including Canada). www.gamemusic.com can be kind of hit and miss, but I've found it to have a decent selection and good prices for the most part. www.vgmworld.com has a lot of good stuff (though sometimes pretty damn pricey), many of which is hard to find elsewhere, including the Okami ost, but it looks like it's sold out at the moment. www.gkworld.com used to have a much larger game ost selection (I got my FFTactics OST from here a couple years back for just $10), but it looks like they've cleared most of it out now. They seem to mostly have anime ost's, but there are still a few vg ones here and there, and for great prices to boot. Also, they've got a lot of other stuff, many of which is game related, if you're into that. www.play-asia.com is also a really popular site for imports. I've never used it (yet), but I've only heard good things. A quick search revealed what you're looking for... http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-8l-49-en-15-okami-70-1bno-43-9v.html Those are the sites I'd recommend and have had good experiences with, and I buy all of my vg music in cd form myself. Hope this helps!
  2. Every time I read this thread I think about how it'd be nice to not suffer from painfully awful lag as a result of living thousands of miles away from the people on this board. The other Alaskan smashers are rarely on...
  3. I beat Ridley before entering Kraid's lair on my first run through the game, actually. I can't really give any details, cause I haven't played the game in a few years now, though.
  4. I found Sunshine really fun myself, and certainly don't think it's as bad as many people seem to feel. Plus overall it felt like it had a good degree of difficulty (especially those parts w/out the water pack), whereas I found myself in Galaxy rarely if ever dying, even on the later levels, including the infamous "luigi's purple coins" challenge. Either way I think they were both really fun games, but I must admit I think I had the most fun with Mario 64 as far as the "main" 3D mario games go. As for this Wario title, I enjoyed Wario world, but it was pretty damn short, so I think I just might wait for it to hit $20 or something before picking it up, unless people report it's worth the whole $50...
  5. Mega Man 2 is definitely a classic, and what many consider to be the first "true" Mega Man game, in that it took what the first game had and made it better in almost every way (gameplay, music, 8 robot masters, items, etc). It set a new standard to the series that many feel has yet to be upheld by any subsequent title. I personally feel Mega Man 3 did to 2 what 2 did for 1, and is my personal favorite in the series, but 2 is definitely the most popular. Either way it's incredibly fun, and worth many playthroughs. I think Mega Man 1 is missable, but I'd definitely check 2 out.
  6. I'm in Alaska (Fairbanks) as well, and I've tried fighting other people on OCR only to have it be practically unplayable due to lag. I've played with some people in Anchorage and other places in AK though, and it's been fine. At any rate, I'm not on very often lately, but I'm sure that we'd be able to have fairly lag-free matches if we ever fought. My code is 2492-3979-7578, SN C.Hit. I'll add you tonight, PM me if you ever want to set a time to play, or maybe I'll just see you on by chance sometime.
  7. If you don't want them to appear, just do like Atma said and make sure to have the Items OFF, not just set to "none" for their rate of appearance. That should take care of it.
  8. I was surprised myself, honestly. Jam must have an incredible connection or something, because my lag with him wasn't half as bad as with either of you. That being said, it wasn't poetry in motion either. (But it WAS pretty damn fun)
  9. AE/Rival beat me 3-0. First one he competely murdered me, the last two were much closer, but it was clear who's better, haha. Good matches man.
  10. If the match ends up being less than 3 minutes long in length, on the results screen you should have an option (press Z on the GCN controller if you're using that) to save it as a replay.
  11. I have lots of love for Ness, despite how he can no longer jump cancel. His yo-yo's are almost back to their former N64 glory, he's still pretty damn strong, multiple killing moves, etc. His bat seems slightly stronger, but slightly slower and with slightly less range, which is too bad. I'd take range and speed over strength any day, considering he's got plenty of other moves that'll do the trick, but oh well. He's different, but I still really enjoy him. Online, however, is a different story...It's scary trying to use Ness or Lucas online if you've got lag, 'cause their Up+B's are so senstive in nature...
  12. I can't tell if you're intentionally referring to it or not, but either way, here you go.
  13. Beat Azul 3-0, on FD, Smashville, and Yoshi's Island. A replay is available for the Smashville match, if you want it Arek.
  14. Ahhhh dammit, go figure. I picked up and left for a class that turned out to be cancelled...I'll be on IRC for the next half hour or so if you're still here, Azul. PM me!!
  15. I think I played MAYBE three bonus matches in all my time of owning Melee. They were my least played matches next to coin matches. Stock all the way. PS Azul, check your pms.
  16. Arek updates the first page from time to time with current info, so check there. He's got a list of the rules, banned stages, and current competitors. Also, concerning the current stage debate, considering that this is the first of probably many OCR tournaments, I wouldn't sweat some of the rules/stages. I think we should all just concentrate on keeping things simple for now and making this first one a success, and then tweak the formula from there. Both sides have valid arguments, I feel, so let's just do it this way for the first one, and change it up for the next one or something. *shrugs* Those are my two cents.
  17. Thanks for everything you do around here, Dave. Hope you're taking it easy right now.
  18. Just added most everyone that was listed in the database, and added my own (2492-3979-7578 ) as well. I PM'ed everyone that requested one, but hope to get some more adds. I'll get on the IRC channel sometime soon and set up some matches there, too. Can't wait to fight you guys.
  19. ROFL at tonight's Dojo update, specifically regarding his down taunt.
  20. Wow, what a great job to land! Much congratulations.
  21. Damn I need to get my wifi adapter so I can get in on this action. I'm excited for some new people to fight! Also, to those of you who have been experiencing some lag, does it happen more often when your opponents are further across the country, or does it just seem random? I'd hate to be restricted to just the northwestern states.
  22. I think I must've done something odd or something, because I got sonic really fast, as in less than 100 VS mode matches in. I was only 25% or so through SSE, and had only done classic mode once, and was playing some vs mode with some friends, and he appeared as a challenger randomly. He's pretty damn fun, I gotta say.
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