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*NO* Mega Man X 'Red Nostalgia v2.0'

Antonio Pizza

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You say to mail you if it's been a month or two since a mix was

submitted, so here I am.

Red Nostalgia v. 2 was submitted by myself in September or early

October, as I recall, maybe earlier, and I have seen no sign of it. The address it can be DL'd from is .

I do not ask that you evaluate it immediately, just making sure it's

somewhere on the queue (I received a confirmation mail when I submitted

it first). I'd also understand if there is some delay in evaluating it

due to the finnicky nature of the geocities page (much over 4 meg, which is

about the size of RN, per hour and I exceed allotted bandwidth and the site

drops for a while). If it's on the queue, fine, I trust you'll get to it in

due time (although an e-mail stating as much would not be unwelcome),

otherwise getting to it within a month or so would be nice. And if my track

record is against me here, I assure you this one isn't at all as repetitive as

Hair's Breadth. Short, perhaps, but not repetitive.

- seanstar

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Cant get the file. Anyone wanna help out?

Review pending


Nice reexpression of these classic themes.


It sounds like 2 different songs stuck together

The composition sounds weak and hollow.

Im really not sure about this mix. Although I dont much care for it, I am also very tired. I'll let it sit in my mind for a while, listen to it a few more times, etc.

Review later

Review NOW

The composition really lacks, Im gonna have to go with a NO

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I have .mid's that sound better than this (sample wise). The arrangement is.. well it's not horrible I think. Try sprucing this up with some tasty soundfonts or samples, anything if you can get it sounding less like a .mid file. I like Zero's theme and to hear it not be done justice breaks my heart. icon_cry.gif

Vote: No

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