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WCT - The Writing Competition Thread [Short Story Results]


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Just about a week left and I've got two votes (excluding my own), folks. I'm assuming everyone's just taking their time to come to a careful decision? Well, either way, I'll be PMing everyone ever involved in a couple days as a reminder, because with so many entries I'd feel really sorry if we didn't get an appropriate amount of input to help us sort out the best of the best!

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I've voted, and I must say, there were a lot of works to choose from, and most of them (if not all of them) were excellent in their own rights, for their own reasons, in their own ways. It was interesting and mildly taxing to read the pieces, and that's, I think, a good thing.

Good luck. (That is to say, I'm fairly certain I won't win).

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Oh, come now, people. There's about an hour left to vote and I've only got seven of them (including mine, this time). This is at least moderately disappointing. But, since I doubt giving extra days would really bring in more votes (:|), there's not much to do I guess.

I'm going to bed now, but if some of you need just a little more extra time to vote, you might take comfort in the fact that I probably won't look too carefully at the timestamps if I have more new PMs before I sign on again tomorrow morning...

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Runner-Up: Imagery

1st Place: Washington Maverick

Excellent work from Washington Maverick! I have some thoughts on all of the entries but I'm about off to work, so for now, here's the vote spread:

Contricity - 2

GA Jedi Knight - 6

Imagery - 8

just64helpin - 1

Mechasonic4ever - 1

Random Hajile - 3

SoulinEther - 4

thesim - 4

Washington Maverick - 13

I really wish we could have had more votes with how many entries we had. When you've only got seven people voting on eleven entries things get a little tough. However, congratulations to all our hard-working newcomers for jumping right into the fray and going toe-to-toe with all of us old geezers. That takes some guts, that does. Doulifee will have badges ready soon.

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Fourth with 4 votes!! that's gotta be a sign of how leet i really am, right?

But yes, Washington Maverick's piece was well deserving. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to start vocalizing my analysis just yet, but i'll say, great job Mr. Maverick.

Aww, thanks guys! :oops: I've never won a writing competition before...I just knew what I wanted to write about and put a lot of time into it...it almost seems like the pen did most of the work.

I really liked "The Walk" by Random Hajile, it's a well crafted piece, and I loved the flow of the rhythm, so I wanted to say, Random, that I thought it was really well done.

:sleepdepriv: Okay, back to my 14 hours a day job :<

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Drat. Missed 2nd by two points.

Oh well. 3rd place is better than I had expected myself to do. Many thanks to those that voted for me, many more thanks for those of you who voted at all. Incidentally, I really, really liked the entries this round. I'll try to put up some critique of them at some point in the near future. I'm interested in hearing what you people have to say about mine.

Here's to another great competition, and congrats to everyone, especially the winners!

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