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"Christmas Epic" - orchestral trance/rock

Sole Signal

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what choir and what bell is that? This is incredible!

how do you do those snare rolls with so much reverb? Is it an automation clip or do you export the wav to audacity, add reverb, then add it back in?

The bass needs to change to a D around 55 but it continues to play an Eb

Choir is from EWQL silver, the intro bells are from the "S J Orchestral GM" soundfont, and other bells throughout are also from EWQL. Not really sure what you're asking about the snare rolls...I apply reverb to each instrument individually (choir, piano, strings, etc), so I just leave reverb off of the snare. I think that's what you're asking...?

In other news, I'll have my VU basketball video w/ my introduction music up this weekend. :)

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