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Hey guys. It's been a while. How is everyone?

Anyhoo. Lately I've been really sick, which leads to being stuck at home, which leads to being bored as dubs. I never really got into 'em before, but now free browser based MMOs have been helping to relieve that boredom. Unfortunately, most of the ones I've found so far are of the "10-minutes-a-day" variety or just plain suck.

Here's some of the ones I've been enjoying.

Star Wars Combine: Star Wars stuff. There's no combat system here yet, but I actually like it because it's a lot more than just fighting and leveling up. I haven't done much yet as EVERYTHING is in real-time, but as far as I can tell, the basic premise is joining and working for one of many player run factions and progressing through the ranks. Seems to have a really cool community too. My character is Rex Spiker.

Urban Dead: A zombie apocalypse! You can play as either a zombie or any of 8 different classes of humans trying to survive in the city of Malton.

Vampires! The Dark Alleyway: This is the game that Urban Dead was based on. The name pretty much says it all. You run around in Ravenblack City drinking humans. If you join, use the link here and I'll get 10 blood. :-)

Pardus: I'm still in the tutorial of this one, but so far it's pretty friggin' sweet. Basically, the general premise of the game (btw, I just lost) I've gotten so far is that you pilot a ship around the galaxy earning money in various ways so you can build and manage your own base. The system for economy and commerce is really in depth too. Kinda reminds me of Firefly for some reason. My character in this one is named Cid Reynolds.

Anyone involved in these? Know of some other good ones for me to check out?

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Sorry, I meant to reply but never got around to it. I actually enjoy these sorts of things from time to time. I tried Star Wars Combine (doulifee actually lent me an e-mail address to sign up) but I just couldn't get into it. I also noodled around with Pardus a bit. I was looking for a browser based game that was similar to EVE Online :P It didn't really work out. I spent about a month with Urban Dead, but it never really captured the intensity of a zombie outbreak and I just got bored with it after awhile.

Me and a bunch of OCR fellows spent a good deal of time with Cyber Nations. I think there still might be an OCR alliance too. That game was pretty darn fun.

Another game me and some OCR dudes spent a bunch of time with was Zelderex. I remember Effector was like, our guild boss. That game was totally fun, although required a bit more time investment than some other browser based MMOs. I recommend checking it out for sure.

I wouldn't mind finding something new and decent to waste my time with.

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I think the OCA died off or they changed the name, at least I couldn't find it when I restarted my nation a few weeks ago. Never really been big on browser based games, but I'm actually having fun with Cybernations, following some of the politics are fun and the last big war just died down a while ago so now people are finding silly things to make big deals of.

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If you like pirates, and puzzles among other things you could try puzzle pirates. (Use the link I provided and I think you get to start out with 500 pieces of eight...which is a fair amount for a new pirate).

Play on a doubloon ocean and you can do anything for free. It uses a microcurrency style of play, so you can either trade Pieces of Eight earned from pillaging/parlor games/ect or buy the microcurrency (doubloons) with real money, but you don't need to pay a cent of real money to be succesfull in the game or get access to any of the content.

If you (or anyone else) decides to play look for me if you want help in getting acclimated. I'm Lorenith on Sage ocean, and in a very fun, friendly Flag, that has people that take part in all aspects of the game. We have traders, blockaders, pillagers, shoppe runners, and carousers (people that play stuff like drinking/poker/swordfight).

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