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  1. Great album, thanks for letting us be able to listen to this one.
  2. Nice album ! Keep up the good work. I also have to say that i like the Zelda tracks
  3. I have listened to the album now and it was very nice Thanks.
  4. I love Final Fantasy, thank you very much for this one, downloading now and will listen to it later.
  5. I use Protricity - Rare Reminiscence from Donkey Kong Country: Kong in Concert album. Really love the intro
  6. Love this game Just came to Chapter 6. I didnt really like Vanille and Szah in the beginning, but they are getting kinda stronger now. So you can go back and do side-quests and collect trophies after when you have finished the game?
  7. Cant wait until FFXIII release. I have pre-ordered the FFXIII Collector's Edition
  8. Just finished downloading the album. I have listened to track 1 and 2 so far. I like this one alot. Thanks !
  9. Mostly Gamereactor, a swedish site. With game news, reviews, a community and much more. http://www.gamereactor.se/ Also used to buy loads of SuperPlay magazines when i was younger, planning to buy some again, but they are kinda expensive nowdays, alot of info in them tho
  10. I have now listened to all tracks. Its so awesome. Great job everybody involved !!!!
  11. Im not sure how this with torrents work at all. I downloaded the newest Street Fighter album and my upload isnt the best. So my question is. When i seed does it help at all or am i only "in the way"?
  12. WoW Thanks, I didnt see that Total now is 78 tracks and 5 hours 11 minutes and 51 seconds Im on track 27 now and its awesome, whole album seems to be awesome
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