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  1. Didaji

    OCRA-0026 - NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming

    Great album, thanks for letting us be able to listen to this one.
  2. Nice album ! Keep up the good work. I also have to say that i like the Zelda tracks
  3. Didaji

    NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming - History

    Good news !
  4. I have listened to the album now and it was very nice Thanks.
  5. I love Final Fantasy, thank you very much for this one, downloading now and will listen to it later.
  6. I use Protricity - Rare Reminiscence from Donkey Kong Country: Kong in Concert album. Really love the intro
  7. Listened on all tracks some times now, love them all
  8. I love the DKC remixes, downloading now. Thanks
  9. Didaji

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Love this game Just came to Chapter 6. I didnt really like Vanille and Szah in the beginning, but they are getting kinda stronger now. So you can go back and do side-quests and collect trophies after when you have finished the game?
  10. Didaji

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Cant wait until FFXIII release. I have pre-ordered the FFXIII Collector's Edition