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When are case fans needed?


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Hey everyone,

When are case fans needed? like yes almost every computer has them, but when are they actually absolutely needed?

I just built this comp for my mom's friend. Nothing special, just a work computer. It's a work at home computer so I assume she's gonna use it for some small fun activities, but like no gaming other than solitare I would think. I also threw in a card reader cause she has a camera and whatnot.


Also, because I'm so awesome, I forgot to buy case fans of any sort. So its got the athlon's stock heatsink fan and the fan in the PSU, and it runs so damn quietly I can't tell its on. It's really quite nice.

So.... is it going to catch on fire eventually? :o:O

I've owned computers that didnt have case fans before. Mind you they were like Emachine computers with a 500mhz celeron :/ So... yes.. thats like 8 years ago...

I took the fan off of a socket 478 heatsink (which i had scratched on the bottem and was keeping around thinking I would get around to lapping it but I never did) and put it in the front of the case, and its loud as hell so I unplugged it.

I'd really just like it to be an awesomely silent computer. Is this a pipe dream or should I get a different fan? Maybe the 478 fan is louder than it should be.


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It could probably run without one, since the Athlon X2 4000+ is a 65nm processor and thus produces very little heat. I would probably put a low speed one in the back, just for peace of mind. Plus, it will help cool the hard drive and motherboard components through indirect airflow.


These are nearly silent, and actually push a good bit of air for how slow they run. Since you don't have any especially hot components, it should do fine.

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