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OCR00880 - *YES* Metroid 'To Brinstar'


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Gah. I'm just finishing up a Brinstar mix with Beatdrop and K.Pras

I'm glad it's not this version of brinstar though, it's brinstar (red swamp)

from Super Metroid which hasn't been touched yet. I'm anal about getting

to be the first to do an obscure track :P Oh well.

I happen to like this theme anyway, so that's cool too. I'm really enjoying

the almost highschool band sound of it. Not a huge orchestra or anything

but just like a small concert band. I miss being in a concert band. :(

I have a few gripes about the attacks of some of the instruments, but

it's pretty damn hard to get them to sound good in a digital form anyway,

so I wont be too terribly critical of them. Personally I think this rather

straight arrangement of the track works quite well. Again, not the most

technically amazing thing I ever heard, but it's certainly a fun listen. Up

in the last 45 seconds I question some of the chord choices, but nothing

that's gonna make my rip my headphones off in disgust.



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Why does this remind me of "The Truman Show" soundtrack?

Anyway, this particular arrangement sent shivers through my body because I always loved the intro music to the original metroid (which is what the first half of the song is), and for a brief period of my life, I thought I was special because I had left the title screen on long enough to get that special music that went beyond the minimal intro. That build around 1:36 is pretty fuckin nice.

Oh, before protricity says it (assuming he can find some online access), this song could definitely be upped to 160kbps and still stay under the filesize limit. That feeling like the whole song is underwater does not do well.

This sounds like the beginning to a 15 minute medley including all of the original metroid music, but seeing as that wasn't a requirement, 3:36 will do.


And please feel free to submit something else that makes me WANT to say yes


P.S. I realize I am not the only judge.

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Good sound. Good use of instruments.


Nothing really special. Just follows the melody with orchistra instead of saws and squares.

I wasnt too impressed by this mix because I dont feel anything was really done to it. It feels like the original with different samples. I can tell a mix isnt really my thing when I go back and listen to the original and realize I would rather hear the original.

Still, there were a few creative elements to this song and a reasonable bitrate was presented, FOR ONCE, the melody had a clear and open feel.


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Protricity said "yes" to a song?


DANIEL said "yes" to a song?! *fall + 3fasop* Holy shit. You deserve a yes purely on the grounds for making it past THESE two knuckleheads! :P Okay, seriously....*listens*

0:48-1:35 is making me want to bear your children....*done*

Well Daniel called it when he said this sounds like a snippet of a longer Metroid medley. I thought the segment with the Brinstar theme was done well, but it just wasn't my cup tea. The whole marching aspect... well that and I don't like tea. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Still, managing to separate objective from subjective wasn't all that hard as I tell a good job when I see (and hear) it.

If I say "yes", will you let the teddy bear go? YOU KNOW what I'm talking about, Avien!

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