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OCR00891 - *YES* Super Metroid 'Dreams in Red'


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CotMM here with a new collaboration between myself, Beatdrop and K.Pras

After harrassing my CPU with Lame for around 40 minutes I've

managed to get the MP3 under the 6 meg limit. Being that the song is

just over six minutes long I was concerned that the quality would be

lowered nastily, however by toying around with Absolute Bitrate and other

such things I think it turned out as good as it can.

This is Brinstar Red Soil Swamp Area from Super Metroid in an ambient

and industrial style, served with a nice glaze.

hope you enjoy (and yeah, i know most of you judges have already heard this

at some point, but listen to it anyway :D )

(There is a HQ version there also if you want it)

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in an email or private message, i forget which, DJP said that this would

probably be faster. But then that Morrowwind track was submitted and

posted in less than three days, because I was hosting the file for him.

Yes, but I'm not guaranteed to directly post something by a judge, and might send it back to the judges forum. It's not an absolute given, just a likelihood, which is why posting here can be faster.

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