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OCR00883 - Chrono Trigger "Green Amnesia"

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If there's a couple mixes I could attribute to my wanting to get involved in the remix community...this would be one of them. Disco Dan has had some great hits on here, but if I was ever in a mood to chill, or if I was with friends who wanted to hear something unique: This would be one of the first mixes I would go to.

The soft, lush opening with an ambient pad, with the synthetic trumpet really set the stage for the big opening at 1:02. More instruments slowly make their way into the mix by way of automating the volume, and when the piano comes in...oh my. This is one of the best intros I've ever heard to a remix. It's mellow, fine-tuned greatness that could inspire one to make a change in the world. I can't write enough good things about this one as it makes me think about all the good times in my childhood and how I developed my own path.

Truly magical stuff right here. Thanks Disco Dan.

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it's about a dozen days short of a dozen years since the last time i said it so i may as well return for the fourth iteration of "zykO (really) loves Green Amnesia"


best. ever. if i could fornicate with this song (not to the song; been there, done that), i would and then i would pray the little green forgetful monkey spawn that emerge would then concoct this ever-green, ever-glorious beauty of sound again and again in an endless timeloop wherein i could eternally rest.

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