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OCR01662 - Secret of Evermore "K-Pax for Evermore"


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Finally, a mix of one of my favorite game themes, and an incredibly well done one as well. I wish I had caught it back when first posted. This these keeps much of the acid jazz feel of the original, keeps the length that allows the song to unroll and unfold bit by bit, synth melodies while the bass sucks you under its spell. It's not as deep and expansive as the original, but in true Mazedude style, it's got crunch and pizazz and wanders into more new places, while still doing justice to the dirty jazz.

Personally, nothing can quite compare to the utterly awe-inspiring sax and bass Jeremy Soule created, but this was a mesmerizing spin that instantly made me put the original on.

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I've discovered the book a couple of years ago, then immidiately watched the film. They're both really great and I keep coming back to them from time to time :) Now, on to the mix. It's pretty cool how Mazedude built its structure here: it starts off pretty slow, with some nice minimalist aesthetics, and then, very slowly, bit by bit, new elemnts are introduced, and eventually you get a chill and soothing combo of industrial-ish percussion, mallets, sweet bass, classic Mazedude synths, and whatnot. Sometimes you get a cool little break, with a touch of Chris' quirk, but then all the instruments are back together for your listening pleasure :) And that contrast between such parts makes the whole thing just perfect. So yeah, now this is a song that hooked me for some reason, and I listen to it several times every day :D 

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01662 - Secret of Evermore "K-Pax for Evermore"

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