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  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    The biggest problem with Rey is that, at least initially with Episode VII, she's essentially Luke Skywalker and Han Solo all in one, what with her being a pretty strong force-sensitive on top of essentially owning the Millenium Falcon. I don't feel like I'm able to articulate this point very well, but there has to be SOME kind of limit to characters or else those adolescent power fantasy accusations start rolling in. And it was just as bad with Anakin not only being the chosen one, but also having built 3PO and several other attributes. 
  2. FFIX Coming To PC and Mobile Platforms

    Yep, now we just need that FFX/X-2 release schedule and some kind of announcement for FFXII. It's actually pretty surprising that we haven't heard anything about a PC release of Final Fantasy Tactics, given that there's already a mobile version of War of The Lions out there.
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    One thing I've never really understood, especially after re-watching the entire saga before watching The Force Awakens, is the general apathy towards the prequels, and, even more perplexing because I thought it was part of the sacred cow original trilogy, Return of The Jedi. I'm sure there has to be some actual reasons other than Jar Jar Binks and ewoks, but I can't really see 'em. I've heard people railing on the acting (in the case of the prequels), which seems legitimate, but then, I was more interested in the overarching story than anything else I guess. I mean, I greatly enjoyed The Force Awakens despite my problems, but the prequels had a lot more balls than Episode VII by far. In the case of RoTJ, it seems like everyone just saw the "It's A Trap" episode of Family Guy and decided it was cool to hate on it or something. I don't remember ever seeing that much apathy towards it.  
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    Pretty much my thoughts exactly. As if the Skywalkers were the only force sensitives in the entire bleeding galaxy.
  5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    Pretty much hit the nail on the head. They tried to stuff WAY too much towards the end of the movie that were callbacks to entries in the previous trilogy. So much in fact that it was hard to focus on what was going on towards the end. I'd also disagree with the idea that Finn is "Jar Jar Lite". Aside from his awkwardly "urban" dialogue, it makes sense why he's so finicky. He's been born and bred to be nothing more than a weapon of the First Order, and hasn't really experienced anything that wasn't seen from the inside of his stormtrooper helmet. Hell, he never had an actual name 'til Poe gave him one. I really liked Finn a lot and absolutely hated that he wasn't the actual force sensitive in the movie. That would have made for a better "redemption" story in my opinion. I personally wasn't too huge on Poe myself, although I definitely did enjoy the play between him and Finn. Honestly, I think the chemistry between the three purported main characters of this trilogy was pretty good. And I understand why they felt the need to retread old ground. They couldn't just start from a movie that released nearly 4 decades ago as if no time had passed after all, but again, it just didn't feel deliberate enough. We can say what we want about the prequel trilogy, but they felt a lot more focused and willing to be different than this one.
  6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    You're absolutely right. It SHOULD be exciting, but it's absolutely disappointing.
  7. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    Because the director had to remind movie goers that this was Star Wars apparently. I also felt those scenes were pretty forced. In fact, the entire "we've gotta find Luke" plot made the film a lot weaker in my opinion. The whole movie seemed pretty deserving of that purported subtitle for Spaceballs 2. Either that or The Damned's " stupid mcguffin building thing". Episode VIII better be amazing. 
  8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    But Kylo Ren is a Sith, and built up as a ridiculously powerful one at that(though caveat again, still in training apparently). It would have been fine if she were toe to toe with him, but he was clearly outmatched throughout a large portion of that fight, and that isn't consistent.
  9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    I have to agree. Jedi already did that, and once is enough. I feel like Episode VII was fun, but it was too careful in a lot of respects, and I didn't like how they took Han's children from the Extended Universe and watered them down (to only one so far) for mass market consumption. Also, why the entire fuck is Kylo Ren, who yes is apparently still in training, but should still be competent with a blade, absolutely useless against a girl who thought the Jedi  were a bunch of myths? What happened to the republic that was supposed to have been propped up after Jedi, and why are we back to the "Rebellionistance"? Why couldn't Finn have been the actual force sensitive? I can't wait to see that Rey is Kylo's sister/cousin and have it all go back to the fucking Skywalkers. That kind of makes Episode VII seem like some weird "what if" fanfiction where the son actually went to the dark side instead. I felt like the move overall was too pandering and not deliberate enough, and I found myself having a hard time caring towards the end. Granted, it's still a fun movie to watch and kudos to the production team, but I think now I know how Star Trek fans feel about the new vision for that series. In short, Disney turned Star Wars into Call of Duty.
  10. Tropes vs. Women / #GamerGate Conspiracies

    I am genuinly amazed (and more than a bit disheartened) that this thread has gone on as long as it has. I don't really have a lot to contribute to the thread itself (nor would I want to), and while I'm sure this isn't a novel thought, I'm sure that this thread would make folks like Leeland Yee and Jack Thompson mighty proud.
  11. What's everyone up to??

    Well my internship is about to go to full-time job with an actual adult salary, so I'm excited to say that I'm on the cusp of being an official Software, Web, and Database Designer/Engineer. With that, I'll be getting ready to start moving into a nice apartment closer to Chicago. I'm also really trying to hone my music theory and guitar, currently learning more scales and modes, and working on my Japanese and Korean.   Video game-wise, I finished the 1st chapter in MGS5 about a week ago, bought Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX for the 3DS and I play that whenever I have time, and I'm pretty hooked. Otherwise I'm playing FFXIV.
  12. What's everyone up to??

    I've been doing adult things, working at my programming internship hoping to turn this into a full-time gig, trying to really real for realz learn my way through the guitar, practicing scales, working on my music theory, going to school for IT, learning a bunch of coding languages along with Korean, and playing FFXIV and other games on Steam when I get the chance. Basically trying to do anything and everything to get my mind off a bad breakup and depression that went down at the beginning of this year.   Yay Adulthood!... 
  13. 3DS: Friend Codes on First Page, OMG THE THIRD DIMENSION

    Well just being able to use the C-stick to control the camera in traditionally circle-pad pro only control configurations(like Resident Evil: Revelations or MGS3 3D) make it pretty worthwhile as is. I'm excited to finally be able to try Xenoblade reliably, as when it finally came to the U.S. I had already ditched my Wii. Outside of Xenoblade though, they haven't mentioned any New 3DS-exclusive titles past that, so we'll see where that leads. The biggest pro to me is the native Amiibo support, and certain games such as Codename: STEAM(or whatever it's called) have plans to use Fire Emblem and other Amiibos for character and weapon unlocks. Of course tracking down these Amiibos is another problem entirely... Naturally it all depends on the adoption rate of the new system before devs start thinking about using the extra juice of the system, and I feel that by eliminating the standard size from the NA market all together is a huge mistake and will directly affect how software is developed for the system. Many people were enamored with not just the faceplates on the standard size, but also even just the colored buttons which are very reminiscent of the Super Famicom. Proportionately speaking, the standard N3DS got a much larger size increase than the XL, while also maintaining a very attractive form-factor, so the most "bang for the buck" really does reside with that version. Additionally, eliminating a battery charger from the package is a Japanese business practice that makes absolute sense in Japan where consumer habits are very different, but would cause absolute frothing anarchy in an already confused bunch of parents and consumers in North America. It's clear that NoA is marketing the system to current 3DS owners who are looking to upgrade and have a charger or two lying around, but once stock of current models disappear from stores and are never seen again(this will happen), having to buy a charger will become a standard practice, and I hope Gamestop is briefing their staff on how to handle a confused customer. As for me, I really want to buy one, but I'm holding out for different colors and Xenoblade. I've been trying to track down a Majora's Mask system, but they've been even harder to find than certain Amiibos if you can believe it. All in all, I think it's a great system and I'm excited to own one, but NoA's business decisions regarding its release in this region are kind of odd.
  14. A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV Online

    Well folks, the patch has been released! I hope everyone is having fun while I'm stuck at work for the next 5 or so hours! One thing I don't remember if I mentioned in the revised opening post is that they added a new PvP game type to Frontlines called Slaughter. This new type is another i80 gear-synced match that takes place on the same map, the Carteneau Borderlands, however as the name suggests, this game is a team death match as opposed to territories, complete with killing sprees and bonuses therein. I've been huge into PvP in the game and I can't wait to take a stab at this one. Anyone already tried it have any impressions? Additionally, one of my favorite things of the patch strangely enough is that I can now exchange the PILES of Syrcus Tower gear for GC Seals, which should make the latest step in our relic weapons(Zodiac) much, MUCH easier(I just got Nexus this Sunday after a PvP win no less)! Sasuke Blades, here I come! And lol to the FFVII abridged, TC.
  15. A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV Online

    What's hilarious about my situation is that I had TOTALLY forgotten that the Party Finder existed. For the past month or so I could have created my own Nexus Light parties and gotten it within a week or two! Started one last night and got from tier 7 to tier 8 within and hour and a half of Garuda and Turn 4 farming. And I think I must have been begging for Triple Triad since even before they opened up the forums during 1.0's run! Finally have something to do while waiting for queues with my in-game buds. And freaking Gold Saucer! I predict a lot of FC "date nights" happening.