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  1. At two and a half minutes long, this might seem like a bite-sized ReMix, but this tiny package has got a giant funky jazzy treat that should have you destroying the replay button or setting it on loop. So much personalization, and I love the sexy organ and piano work, especially at the end. Fantastic work as always, Nostalvania!
  2. Just as beautiful as I would have hoped a mix of Aquatic Ambience and Forest Interlude would be. The bells and chimes where super pretty and had the perfect realistic depth to them. The section starting at about 2:44 was neat, I liked the tone shift with it being a bit darker while maintaining that wondrous underwater vibe. This is awesome, Emunator!
  3. Pretty cool ReMix. I quite liked the blending of styles with some rock and ska going along with the more orchestral elements. Some parts, particularly the energy combined with the heavier brass sounded like something you'd hear if you wanted to give something a Spanish flair, and it sounded great. Top notch production, good writing, all around nice work, man.
  4. Intro seriously had me feeling like it fit right in with a Nintendo friendly Halloween game with the light tinkling and deep orchestral melody, which is great. The ship creaking sounds were a nice touch. And then the electronics and chippy DnB sections hit and it all clicks together pretty well. Hero and Lemon really knocked this one out of the park. Love it.
  5. This is a pretty cool tune. A bit of a chill vibe, but still funky and groovy enough to keep it in an upbeat atmosphere. A sunset is a very appropriate image for the sound that this one has. Props for the fantastic e-piano work, really digging it here. Not bad at all.
  6. From 2:30 on to Bowser's laugh, good lord man that is my kind of jam! You upped the epic dark creepiness up while maintaining the same electronic beat so well that I had to loop it several times before I was even finished with the song.This is a proper club mix for sure and that single note chick vocal echoing throughout this evil EDM delight is spectacular. If this was playing, I'd chill at Club King Bowser quite often. Good stuff, bLiNd!
  7. Definitely one of the best takes on Star Hill that I have ever heard, full of hope, beauty and a touch of whimsy. Just gorgeous and I'm going to agree with DJP that this gives me the feeling of a Mario Galaxy type tune, all wondrous and it's "curiosity of space" vibes. It's hard to improve on this game's classic score, but you've aced this tune. Lovely Remix.
  8. The synth work here is absolutely delectable. Allowing the source to breathe while fiddling in so much modulating, it's pretty neat. Ending portion really sounded 80's to me with the synths going out of control and I loved it. This ReMix is no doubt delicious.
  9. So happy and chippy, it's almost down-right musical candy and you could taste every color of it. The melody is recognizable and yet so many playful and energetic additions make this ReMix unique and fun to listen to. DDRKirby did a great job with this one, a fine way to start off the album release flood. With that said, I'm super pumped that this whole album is finally out. Super Mario RPG is not only one of my top five games of all time, but was actually my first RPG at the age of seven, and the memories of playing this are too numerous and precious to me, so a thank you to the bottom of my heart to the artists and directors who made this possible.
  10. This is pretty wild, and YamaYama seems to have the whole "start off regularly, spin this thing out of control and then come back" style down to an art. It's good Jazz that flows, and while the section right after the first minute is a little bit too distorted and out there for my tastes, I appreciate ReMixes that try something out of the ordinary and unexpected every now and then.
  11. Ooh, groovy. This entire ReMix is so smooth, and you couldn't stop at that beautiful violin, you went and added a sweet organ solo as well. The bass was simply electrifying as well. I guess you can say that Nostalvania had a spark of creativity with this one. Awesome mix.
  12. Yo, that German in the middle of the ReMix is super fitting as a bridge between the heavier electronic halves. Interesting to hear some complextro as a compliment to EDM like this. Adds an extra layer to an already good beat. Solid ReMix, I can dig it.
  13. Oh sweet lord, YES. This is kind of trance I haven't heard a lot of in years, and it really takes me back to when I first heard of the genre. And as a vocaloid fan, I'm down with robovocals one hundred percent, especially since, as others have pointed out, they sound incredible and clear. This ReMix has been handled so damn masterfully in the ways of trance, it almost brings a tear to my eye, I love it. I hope we hear more from you, Kuro.
  14. I feel like this ReMix would fit perfectly in a game where you had a stage somehow set in both space and in the ocean at the same time, maybe a watery moon or something, from the floating melody combined with the energetic electronics behind it. It's delightful and those sources gelled super nicely together. Fine job, man.
  15. Heh, I don't this this ReMix is THAT odd, but it does have some offbeat (in a good way) expression to it. The switching back and forth of the timings at points, the sorta start, stop and then start again melody towards the middle of the mix was quite the experience and I was okay with it. The glitching towards the fake-out ending was pretty neat, and having more glitches afterwards keeps the listener on their toes. It's a kind of ReMix that people should listen to for the experience, but I can see how it is the kind of mix where you'll either like it or won't be fond of it because of some of it's peculiar moments. Either way, it sounds good to me. Good mix, man!