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  1. Haha, wow, man I love this. I'd love to use this as my wake-up radio alarm in the morning, because it's just so damn happy and catchy. It'd be a lot better than an annoying buzzing alarm. Really liked the combination of chiptunes and the jazzy feel with fun lyrics about the most important meal of the day. Just a ReMix that makes me smile every time I hear it, and if I'm being honest, Posu Yan has a nice voice that absolutely fits right in with this song. Just can't say enough on how much I like this happy little tune.
  2. Turning a theme that originally sounded like pure elegance into a more upbeat, happy and lively tune is such a step up in expanding and exploring the musical possibilities of a great theme, so well done in making something really fun and groovy to listen to. Things definitely picked up around 2:13, and those extended portions were the highlight of this mix to me. Amazing piano and violin work, which is always something I enjoy hearing. Not a bad performance at all, and a solid live mix.
  3. Interesting take on the sub castle, it really does keep things fresh and has plenty of variation to keep you on your toes while listening. I especially thought the switch near the second minute was a nice piece of writing. I'm digging the beat of this and the aggressiveness of the synths, especially that bass and kick combo. The sound effects were not overused, just enough to add to the mix. Great sound, good production, and lots of good EDM energy. Nice work!
  4. SMB2 has always had one of my favorite player select themes (one of the few memorable to me actually), and hearing it get this nice, short and sweet Oriental as hell ReMix is pretty terrific. Gotta love that raun moon guitar and the koto, I really do like hearing those instruments. It's just fun and super enjoyable all around. Authentic sounding or not, it's clear what the direction of this mix was and it achieved it's goal 100% in my opinion. Awesome arrangement, definitely adding to my mp3.
  5. Good lord that demonic voice from Ludiotic at the beginning and the end! Man, I really enjoyed that. Solid, well produced metal that sounds intense without being overly loud and noisy is great for the battle themes. The weird change-up around 4:30 was a nice touch to keep things chaotic and fresh before dropping right back into the fray. This is how you do a long, heavy, final battle ReMix. And the electric guitar work six minutes in and on had all the hype I could have asked for. The section seven minutes in was bizarre (in a good way) with the voices, but again, variation really helps with songs this long. Great album and great track, Fishy!
  6. Oh my god, I love Kate's voice so much. I can just hear the sheer emotion out of her singing, it's awesome. This is outstanding and beautiful. Much like Chernabogue alluded to in his ReView, I could totally imagine hearing the background music at a medieval fair, as it has that old time renaissance elegance to it. The lyrics are very touching, actually. Not for me personally, but I do know a few people who would definitely resonate with them. So damn good, Kate and Chaeley should be proud of this ReMix.
  7. Okay, wow, that intro is neat with the effects on the first few notes. Almost sounded like it was played in reverse and normally at the same time.Then opening up into that gorgeous soundscape with the duduk, it just keeps building and building right until the very end. It's very cinematic, but instead of grand and adventurous like a lot of other ReMixes going for that feeling, this sounds very solemn and foreboding. Like real "moment of truth" stuff. Distortion, deception and chaos are perfect descriptions of this. I would say you could have even carried on with this ReMix for another minute or two and it wouldn't have overstayed it's welcome, it sound that full and powerful. Those whispering voices at the end was chilling and creepy as well, I love it! Solid mix.
  8. Really hearing the mysterious and whimsical tone of this one come through that 9-bit. Great cavernous effect from the synth and percussion. This is an interesting track with the layers playing along with each other, allowing the bits to be boosted by the piano and such. Nice ending as well, could see how it could have been a fade out, but it still ends on a full note, so it works either way. Not bad at all halc.
  9. The quality of the more jazzy and chill tracks on this album is outstanding really (which is what I've needed to hear after these rough few days, lol). I do love that the atmosphere of this one is less smokey parlor and more lounge sounding to me, and truly this ReMix in my opinion outshines over the original source tune. It comes off so relaxing that it can go by really quickly if you just listen and don't think about it, which is cool and makes the mix easily loopable. Smooth and easy-going, very nicely done Mr. Pretzel.
  10. Yeah, the whole notion of "this is very metal" pretty much sums it up for me. It's heavy, powerful, and brutal in a good way. The percussion was honestly the most enjoyable part of this ReMix for me. The various changes in the playing and direction of this mix was refreshing and kept things from getting stale, so major props for that. Impressive take on this tune, I'd say.
  11. Hyped up nightclub with a sick beat that transitions into a more jazzy sound near the end, that is the kind of city I want to go to. That was fantastic, especially with how seamless the transition was. I was expecting the transition from the write-up, and it still happened without being abrupt or messing with the flow of the ReMix, so I'm definitely a fan of how well you handled something that could have easily been trickier for other artists. I do wish the jazzier bit of the mix at the end lasted a little longer, but really, the writing, arrangement and production was great, so no real complaints here. Awesome synth work and tasteful use of the glitches at times. This is definitely going in my playlist for being a good combo of two of my favorite genres. Love this!
  12. So smooth and soothing, this is the kind of jazzy sound that you can let soak it and chill to. Production sounds so clear and the amount of depth I can hear in the bass is pretty cool. I feel like I need to crawl into the corner of a dimly lit smokey parlor with a cup of coffee and just relax while listening to this one. Definitely jazzy as fuck, Joe. Well done.
  13. OCR03509 - Bloodborne "Mergo Reborn"

    This is epic soundtrack worthy right here. Mergo's lullaby had a really good melody to tackle for a ReMix, and to give it this dark, grand orchestral treatment is absolutely awesome. I liked the idea of having the mix transform in some way as if it was changing with the battle, good idea there. Very fitting to the world of Bloodborne, I enjoyed this one.
  14. OCR03508 - Final Fantasy IX "Exploda"

    Driven and filled with adrenaline, this is the kind of rush you need for a rocking battle theme, and you guys nailed it. Excellent percussion, great use of the source, I really liked it. Sweet ReMix, fellas.
  15. Whoa, so many sources executed this smoothly is awesome, and the transitions did not bother me, as most of them seemed fitting to me. The upbeat chippyness blended with that percussion gave me such a sweet nostalgic feeling, makes me want to pop Kirby back into my SNES and play it again. So glad someone finally used Heart of Nova, as I always thought it would work well with other sources, so hearing it on it's own before being mixed with the Coliseum Battle source was great. All around fantastic ride,wonderful megamix here, man!