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  1. Interesting. Some of the notes in the chiptune parts actual remind me of some of the old Game Boy Shantae notes with how the notes rolled, particularly a minute in. I have to say I really started to like this mix a lot half way through when it got more frantic, combining the electric guitar and chiptune together in a more driven sense. This was a fun song to listen to, and I kinda dig the idea of taking chiptunes and giving them a rock treatment and driving the intensity up a little bit. I actually hope to hear more aggressive chiptune/rock tracks like this in the future for more badass retro sounds. Awesome ReMix, I love it!
  2. This is one of those ReMixes that I consider "HD" versions of themes, where it takes what I loved about a source theme as a kid and amplifies it, helping me remember what I loved about them in the first place. This mix accomplishes that by getting straight to the point with some rock that was very heavy on the guitars, as a good battle theme should be. Yeah, I wasn't crazy over the fade out, and the short length calls for a case of replay button abuse, but those two things aside, I gotta say I enjoyed the soloing right before the end also. This was a very well arranged ReMix managed to fit a hell of a lot into the length it had, which is great. An honor for K. Rool indeed.
  3. Oooh, this is very cool sounding. Strong futuristic atmosphere with such a chill beat, and the vocals are amazing. Everything meshes together perfectly for a distinct cybernetic ReMix. I could easily picture myself listening to something like this while walking through an empty or less populated city at night. Very nice.
  4. OCR03229 - Uşas 'Ushas' Dark Gift'

    This would have made one hell of a club hit in the 90's, I think. I used to listen to a lot of music like this a long time ago, fun stuff. Aggressive, but with a hell of a beat and lots of creepy vocalizations by Bateman. Terrific psytrance in every sense, I could really get used to hearing this more often again. Great ReMix, man!
  5. OCR03228 - Cybernoid (SPEC) 'AY YO'

    Definitely excels at being old-school with the upbeat chiptunes leading the way, and the percussion sounded on point. The arrangement itself was very complete, but yeah, even for someone like me who doesn't mind fade, I gotta agree that it didn't work for me as much as a regular outro would have. Still, the mix all in all was solid and pleasant to listen to without any major complaints, so well done, I'd say.
  6. OCR03227 - Freedom Planet 'Intercept'

    Wow, this is really good, and I can imagine getting hyped playing a game with this kind of synth rock behind it. Reminds me of something that might have been born out of an attempt to give a Sonic tune a Mega Man X makeover, or visa versa from the kind of energy I'm getting out of this. Either way, this is an awesome ReMix.
  7. Wow, the whole thing gives me such a cinematic Metal Gear-styled feeling, and I kinda get the sense that this would have fit right in with a late 80's/early 90's movie score with the cyber sounding electronics backing the grander arrangement in front of it. This is an incredible ReMix. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this, and the addition of the guitar was a great idea for the later half of the mix, so props to Metal Man as well. Amazing mix, both of you guys!
  8. This is a perfect fit for taking Rose Town and giving it the old saloon vibe. The piano crash leading into the "play faster!" section made me jump when I first heard this because I wasn't expecting it, but it was fun to hear things pick up from there. The nods to "I Got Rhythm" and Robo worked so well and didn't feel forced or out of place at all, so that was great. Yeah, count me in for one of those who hit the replay button a few times for this one, it's pretty good!
  9. I totally dig the narrative Tyler added along with this mix. Honestly, I would have enjoyed a cross of Banjo-Kazooie and Mario, and I have always loved Cackletta, so thinking about her and Grunty being in the same place is amusing. As for the actual mix, very clean and methodical arrangement. A tad quiet at times, but I feel that you accomplished what you set out to do within the context of the mix. Definitely keep it up, I would love to hear more from you. Good debut.
  10. I can hear the Pentatonix influence so damn hard in this one, and the bass is sick as hell! Funky, catchy, and arranged well enough to weave the source materials in and out seamlessly, there is just a lot of superb quality coming out of this song. Awesome ReMix, man!
  11. Jesez, that was quite the audio experience, and I mean that in a good way. This track kept changing and evolving so much, that the near ten minute time span never felt forced or stale, and I feel like this had a great soundscape with some interesting production ideas added in. Sure, there were sections I enjoyed more than others, as I was more fond of the initial intro and build more than anything, but overall I like this. It's the kind of ReMix I think works unbelievably well as a mix to let play as you do other things or focus your mind elsewhere and let yourself get immersed in it subconsciously. Ending was kinda sudden, but other than that, pretty cool mix.
  12. The sources really meshed together nicely with this gentle arrangement, and I certainly enjoyed hearing Song of Storms in a softer, lighter tone than I'm used. Easy on the ears and no major hang-ups makes this a very solid ReMix. Well done.
  13. OCR03222 - Deus Ex 'Only in Novels'

    Wow, yes, I love this. Solo-piano ReMixes always seem like the kind of arrangements that bring out the most beautiful sound and emotional imagery when done right, and this certainly seems done right to me. Starting off slow and building up absolutely gives this a kick of hope like Chernabogue mentioned. I definitely like this piece, very effective and beautiful. Great job.
  14. OCR03221 - Xenogears 'Ominous Waltz'

    This ReMix seems to give the instruments a lot of room to breathe and really brings to mind a lot of other songs that I have heard in RPG's and dungeons that have a dark, yet wondrous feeling. I guess I'm just not a fan of reverb, because a few parts of this mix sounded overly shrill to me, but with that aside, I feel like this is a great background piece that works better as a whole than piece by piece, and I'm cool with that. Good debut mix, not bad dude.
  15. Ah, yes, breathtaking. This is a beautiful arrangement of Stickerbush Symphony, very relaxing and soothing, really would be nice for meditating or just resting in general. Loved the bird sounds and the general ambiance of this mix, and I think having that break in the middle helped keep this track interesting with it's subtle changes for the whole six minutes, which was about as far as I think this ReMix could go in this state, so I agree with DJP on that. I thought the reverb was a little much at times, but that's just a personal taste thing on my end, nothing against the mix's writing. Regardless, it was not enough to turn me from the song, and I'm glad to have heard another mix of this tune that keeps things chill.