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  1. Very sinister and an extremely vicious beat, I love it! The Pokemon's cry was a good touch and I really liked how hard the synths go here. Nice work!
  2. This is absolutely gorgeous in just about every way. So peaceful and relaxing, I could really chill out and maybe ease up enough to close my eyes and drift to sleep to this ReMix. At almost eight minutes long with multiple sources blended together well, it definitely portrays a neat narrative and the transitions sounded smooth to me. Loved it from beginning to end, especially that hint of the Ocean theme. This is great!
  3. I actually quite liked the percussion in this, particularly in the beginning and closer to the end when it had a more deliberate rhythm to hit to go along with the guitars. It's remarkable how how much emotion you managed to cram into a song under three minutes, but the electric guitar work really carried it's weight here in that category in the second half. Awesome debut.
  4. Man, Darangen, I'm thrilled to death to hear another ReMix from you again, and I honestly think this is one of my favorite songs I've heard from you. The lyrics and arrangement fit the Town theme so well that it got a big smile out of me. Having grown up in the 90's hearing a lot of songs in this style, it reminded me of just how catchy those energetic choruses can be. Bravo, I really enjoyed this.
  5. When I first started playing video games around seven years old, it seems silly now because it's so easy as an adult, but at that time I had given up playing the Super Nintendo version of Lion King for a long time because of the stupid monkey puzzle at the end of the second level. I just never could figure out where I went wrong and which monkey I was missing to get out of the infinite loop. Also, the boss right before Kefka from Final Fantasy 6, Poltergeist. I fought that thing, and I got wrecked.After getting so far into Kefka's tower and putting up with all the other battles, losing that one was rough. I probably could have gotten my levels up and set-up the teams properly, beaten that boss and then beat Kefka to finish the game if I really wanted to (probably still could if I get on another Final Fantasy kick), but I had lost so much patience with FF6 by the time I got to the last dungeon, and the last dungeon did not help because I really despised the three team thing.
  6. My god, I love how sinister sounding this is! It's like taking the original source and filtering Valentina's true evil intentions through it resulting in something that sounds dark and still regal and royal with the harpsichord. Really like the trap beat going on here, and I definitely like this ReMix enough to say that it's in my top five from the whole album. Infinite bonus points for not having a sample of that annoying laugh of hers in here as well. Good to hear DJP bust out another amazing ReMix again.
  7. Yeah, equal parts groovy and unique, that's for sure. Mazedude always seems to make great ReMixes that have an interesting sound or tick to them, and this is no different. Fun to listen to, good mix here.
  8. That heavy bassline kicking off the mix was sweet, but man when the DnB hits, this ReMix seems to go from a nice cruise to a blazing sixty miles per hour and on. And using that to transition to the Culex/FF4 boss theme was brilliant. I wish that the Culex section was a little longer because I was really feeling the way you arranged it and it would have been fun to hear it go for another minute, but I can't really complain, seeing as this is one of my favorite tracks off the album. Good work on this one!
  9. Dude, man, I'm blown away by how well your voice goes to this! It's freaking magical how the vocals here guides instrumentation and flows with the orchestra, which sounded beautiful in it's own right. Gorgeous all around, and the goal of giving it that Final Fantasy ending vibe was achieved here. Very cool ReMix, man.
  10. Very strong metal ReMix you have here. Clean production, sick arrangement and enough heaviness to make any rock fan smile. I think the energy and delivery really makes this one for me. Not bad at all, man.
  11. Dude, hell of a debut mix right here. Probably one of the most aggressive and determined versions of this tune I've ever heard, and hearing the SFX spliced into the song reminded me of when Willrock used some of the game's SFX for the intro of his Clockwork Criminal ReMix a while back. I really liked how you integrated the SFX into the mix so that it sounded like a play through of the stage, especially when the music muted when it sounded like it was going through the water at around 2:30. That was cool.The harder rocking section at the end was awesome, my favorite section easily. Hope we hear more from you!
  12. Highly soundtrack-ish to me, which is great. Giving a ReMix this much time to breathe, build, evolve and develop always seems to work extremely well for these kinds of orchestral pieces, and being a fan of well-done waltzes, I applaud this one. It really does sound like a well told story through music. Very cool.
  13. Totally picturing an adventurous, yet wondrous temple scene from the soundscape and ambience of this ReMix. Interestingly calming for me to listen to this one, even when it gets more upbeat. Nice work, man!
  14. At two and a half minutes long, this might seem like a bite-sized ReMix, but this tiny package has got a giant funky jazzy treat that should have you destroying the replay button or setting it on loop. So much personalization, and I love the sexy organ and piano work, especially at the end. Fantastic work as always, Nostalvania!
  15. Just as beautiful as I would have hoped a mix of Aquatic Ambience and Forest Interlude would be. The bells and chimes where super pretty and had the perfect realistic depth to them. The section starting at about 2:44 was neat, I liked the tone shift with it being a bit darker while maintaining that wondrous underwater vibe. This is awesome, Emunator!