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  1. Straight-up metal track, nothing wrong with that. Good enough in terms of energy, production and style to keep my interest, and overall this kicks a lot of ass. Definitely scored a goal with this one, a pretty sweet cut off the album I'd say!
  2. OCR03190 - Metroid 'Back to Zebes'

    WWE style entrance music for Metroid, huh? Sounds like I could use this to experiment with some Create An Entrance's for Samus. I dig the slower portion in the middle before it kicks back into the heavier stuff. Makes for a dynamic mix. Good old fashioned rock, never a bad thing. Great debut, fella.
  3. I swear I'm in love with Claire's vocals and Dj Mystix's arrangements, because every time I hear a new ReMix from these two, I'm blown away, and having Chris' amazing violin work in this one as well just makes this all the sweeter. The emotion is real, people, and this is truly beautiful. Awesome stuff you guys, definitely adding this to my playlist.
  4. Mad dash rushing piano and incredible metal, yep, this is Touhou alright! Touhou music is outstanding on it's own, but the arrangement you've given this theme is terrific. Lots of energy befitting a battle with an awesome intro and breakdown before breaking into a sprint to the end. Love it!
  5. So many themes put together in a way that mesh and gel in a fantastic orchestral concert that exemplifies how beautiful music can be. This is a really amazing ReMix. Nice work.
  6. Ooh yeah, the production and clear sound of this chiptune melody is terrific and I could really get lost on the journey-like arrangement of this ReMix. Grand, in an old gameboyish way, and with plenty of charm. Well done!
  7. December is Reviews Month

    I wish that were true, but sadly my computer decided to die after the first week of the month and I couldn't get the forums here to let me post off my PS3 or 3DS. Really bummed me out because I was actually excited about this. Only reason I'm on here today is because of a borrowed laptop from a family member visiting for the holidays. Hopefully I can get a new computer soon so I can actually get back into reviewing for the rest of the new year. Until then, I guess a few reviews before the end of the year will be the best I can do.
  8. Lemmy Kilmister dead at 70

    Rest in peace to a real legend in music.
  9. This is one hella involved ReMix, and the amount of detail and fluidity for the amount of ReMixers working on it is wonderful. Each section brings a new treat to the song and keeps things fresh throughout the track. I fell for the false ending near 3:20 and was so glad that there was more of the song left, so good on you for that sneaky bit. Very cool, really liked this one.
  10. I feel like I should be prepping for a futuristic race with this ReMix. Quick trance with some dubby and chippy bits for flavor and we have a recipe for a great song. Nice ReMix, man!
  11. Lovely, fellas. Really, that's all I can really think of. Some piano, some whistling windwork, some guitar, and you've set the stage for a beautiful ReMix that begins easily enough, but then continues to build and evolve as the mix goes on and get some awesome percussion and glitchy switch-ups going. I think bain_rex said it best, this is perfect sailing music in my mind, and I'll be gladly listening to this for quite some time.
  12. Samurai Jack returns in 2016

    Well, colored me excited! Glad to hear that we'll be getting Jack back for at least one more go after all these years.
  13. OCR03267 - Undertale 'Golden Flowers'

    Undertale really caught my mind on fire with it's gameplay, music and story much like Shovel Knight did last year, so I'm thrilled to hear OA and Stevo take on some of the soundtrack's best themes (even though most of the OST is pretty "the best themes", ). The originals were both either epic or touching, but putting them together in a pop rock track that both ReMixer's really excel at was fun to listen to. The production was top notch and I really enjoyed the arrangement that allowed these themes to form a sweet song. For those who have played the game, this is an awesome picture of part of the game that really hammers in the feels, and for those who haven't played it yet, you'd really benefit from checking it out right after downloading this mix.
  14. OCR00406 - Killer Instinct 'Reflex'

    The drum sequence was pretty cool for the kind of beat that complements the piano. I feel like my only gripe for this mix writing-wise is that I wasn't completely down with the speeding up of the actual melody, as it sounded a little too fast and off-beat with the rest of the arrangement. It's a good, early ReMix on the theme, though, and it definitely managed to maintain interest by keeping segments fresh. Not bad.
  15. Ahhh, dudes, this is gorgeous! Merrigan's voice is astonishing and backed with prophetik's Celtic sounding orchestra, it all wraps up to a pretty sweet present that hits me in the heart. I actually had to listen to this a couple times just to even focus on it, because the song got me daydreaming and ended before I knew it. Definitely adding this to my music list, this was wonderful!