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  1. The song on the GBA half of the album that I was waiting for was this one. SO glad that the piano intro was kept in and used a few times, because that’s what made the source one of my favorite songs on the GBA game. Nice, chill, almost hip-hip beat goes with the waterfall so well. This is pretty sweet ReMix that I could totally relax to. Great work.
  2. Aw, man, this is absolutely stunning and magnificent. Definitely can echo the sentiments of this being very cinematic and score like in both arrangement and quality. All the instrument samples blended in well together and compliment each other into sounding better together rather than apart, and having heard the Halo theme done so many ways over the years, this a fresh, beautiful take on it that I sincerely relish. You got skills, man, glad to have heard this one.
  3. Oooh, those drums have quite the kick to them and that is something you really want for a metal track like this one, so I'm liking that. The switch in melody direction near the end is a great way to keep things heavy without sacrificing the pace of the ReMix. Personally, I would have let the whole mix go a little longer after the solo before the end, but honestly, I couldn't really nitpick anything out of this one because I really dig it throughout. Also on a personal taste side, really love the name of the mix. Something about the imagery of the title still gets a thumbs up from me. Not bad.
  4. Well, I was going to make a "Ruin" pun joke, but maybe I'll skip that. This is very good and the blending of chiptunes with a funky backdrop made this a pretty smooth arrangement. The transition from Aquatic Ruins to Rusty Ruins was pretty tight and I was grooving to this for the entire mix. Really liked the orchestra stabs near the end of the mix, and everything just sounded so clean and slick, so lots of props for that. This is a pretty hot ReMix that I would recommend, so I'm glad y'all didn't...........ruin.......this one. I couldn't resist!
  5. Brooding choir? Check. Evil electric guitar? Check. Hard hitting percussion? Check. Menacing breakdown followed by a killer solo? Damn straight! This is very much the definition of solid as all hell heavy metal and perhaps my favorite take on Mako Reactor that I've heard thus far. Yeah, sure, there are nitpicks to be had here and there and I personally wasn't a fan of the almost sudden end, even though it was built up properly the way most metal endings are after the solo, but all in all, this was a very kick ass ReMix and I quite liked it.
  6. Ok, cool, yeah I totally dig this. Taking a theme that sounded like nice easy backwoodsy stroll and giving it a bit of a tropical kick with some orchestration and a bit more energy was a great choice. I've never really had a problem with mixes that are more conservative so long as they get some form of interpretation somewhere, and I feel like the style and some of the samples do enough of that for me here. I really liked how the percussion and flute played off each other in the end, and all around this was a pretty upbeat mix that complements the original track while having it's own moment. Nice!
  7. Ah, yes, love the Rhodes piano work done here, and that guitar playing was so good! To be fair, the original Dire Docks tune and many mixes that come from it are beautiful pieces, but I think I truly enjoy more rock-out style versions of it like this one where the guitar is played at a higher tone with a more playful and enthusiastic speed. Awesome solo, really fun arrangement and a slightly harder style of Dire Docks that is really up my alley, I can't give this anything less than five outta five stars. Damn fine stuff, fella!
  8. The emotion in a solo piano ReMix is just as important to sounding great to me as the actual playing and arrangement of it, and luckily Rexy nails all three with amazing results. Everything flows together so cohesively and the switch-ups were pretty sweet and kept me interested for the whole ReMix, which is nice for a longer mix like this. Such a beautiful piece, good work Rexy!
  9. "It's a relatively liberal mix, so at times you might feel like you're listening to a remastered version of a Sonic OST and not an SMB arrangement" I really had to laugh and agree when I read this, because I had JUST thought the same thing while listening to this ReMix. Even though it's not the same tune, musically and feeling-wise, I got a Casino-like vibe off this mix. The switching back and forth between the World 1 map and Athletic was done extremely well, and even without the breakdown I could hear both sources, so great job on taking this in a new direction while maintaining the originals so that they were recognizable. Not the typical Willrock style that I know him the most from, but still a fantastically funky mix with tight production, good writing and a clean, cool sound. Definitely putting this one on my Ipod.
  10. I'll just call it what it is, it's a comedy thing and less of a serious music song obviously, and for that, well, that comes down to the listener's taste in humor. Personally, I've heard far too many songs like this to be bothered and I actually think it's funny (mostly because it hits the joke and then ends all within a minute). And still, I'll give credit where it's due: small issues on the first few notes aside (which actually sound more like a recording bug than the actually guitar to me), the guitar playing reminded me of some Stephan Lynch songs in it's quick acoustic style, and is still far better than I could ever do, so well done on that. Lyrics sounds like that old game where kids take a famous song and replace every other word with "butt" or something. It's funny, and it makes me smile, and sometimes, that's all you really need from a song. Plus, vocal dubs and chipmunk run-ins for the win!
  11. I don't think this is terrible, not by a long shot. In fact, I think I would go as far as to say that the low-fi arrangement style and keeping it as a short little ditty probably helped keep it relatively fun. I kinda dig lowfi funky hip-hop sounds, so on that level, it works for me. It is an older ReMix, and it seems even DJP himself wasn't over the moon with this one, but while I may not love it, there was nothing on this mix that really irritated me to the point of complaining about it. Any nitpicking aside, sounds like a decent older mix.
  12. Jesus, dude! This is absolutely wonderful, from the soft, damn near heroic opening, the awesome electric guitar playing (especially when you really open up in the later half of the ReMix) that kept the original tempo (or at least close to it) and the easy outro, this is how a metal Terra ReMix is done. This is the kind of energy that I think the original Terra theme could have really used to take it another notch, so I'm glad to hear it here. Truly enjoyed this one, great ReMix!
  13. Wow. This is a gem, that's for sure. Such a somber and solemn atmosphere, I can almost feel the cold wintery winds off this ReMix. It's beautiful and haunting, definitely one of AmIEvil's best rearrangements. Fantastic.
  14. The quirky Burton-like arrangement and cartoony sound was highly amusing and I gotta say, I quite enjoyed it for that. It is a bit short, but for the minute and forty seconds, there was nothing that got on my nerves or put me off at all, so from a 2000's mix standpoint, this is one of the better one's I've heard, and if remade to today's standards and given more time to grow and expand, I bet this would be incredible and super fun (well, more fun than it already is, I mean). Nice work!
  15. Oooooh, eh, wow. This one got me giggling from how hilariously offbeat the whole thing was comparing the musical foreground and background along the shrill samples that made up the main melody. I will give it props for at least having a key change at the ending, but there is not enough in either production (obviously taking age into account) or arrangement for me to say that I'd have this for my cup of tea.