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  1. This is pretty wild, and YamaYama seems to have the whole "start off regularly, spin this thing out of control and then come back" style down to an art. It's good Jazz that flows, and while the section right after the first minute is a little bit too distorted and out there for my tastes, I appreciate ReMixes that try something out of the ordinary and unexpected every now and then.
  2. Ooh, groovy. This entire ReMix is so smooth, and you couldn't stop at that beautiful violin, you went and added a sweet organ solo as well. The bass was simply electrifying as well. I guess you can say that Nostalvania had a spark of creativity with this one. Awesome mix.
  3. Yo, that German in the middle of the ReMix is super fitting as a bridge between the heavier electronic halves. Interesting to hear some complextro as a compliment to EDM like this. Adds an extra layer to an already good beat. Solid ReMix, I can dig it.
  4. Oh sweet lord, YES. This is kind of trance I haven't heard a lot of in years, and it really takes me back to when I first heard of the genre. And as a vocaloid fan, I'm down with robovocals one hundred percent, especially since, as others have pointed out, they sound incredible and clear. This ReMix has been handled so damn masterfully in the ways of trance, it almost brings a tear to my eye, I love it. I hope we hear more from you, Kuro.
  5. I feel like this ReMix would fit perfectly in a game where you had a stage somehow set in both space and in the ocean at the same time, maybe a watery moon or something, from the floating melody combined with the energetic electronics behind it. It's delightful and those sources gelled super nicely together. Fine job, man.
  6. Heh, I don't this this ReMix is THAT odd, but it does have some offbeat (in a good way) expression to it. The switching back and forth of the timings at points, the sorta start, stop and then start again melody towards the middle of the mix was quite the experience and I was okay with it. The glitching towards the fake-out ending was pretty neat, and having more glitches afterwards keeps the listener on their toes. It's a kind of ReMix that people should listen to for the experience, but I can see how it is the kind of mix where you'll either like it or won't be fond of it because of some of it's peculiar moments. Either way, it sounds good to me. Good mix, man!
  7. Such a delightful tune to celebrate OCR's 17th b-day with (my lord has it been that long!?). This is perhaps the most upbeat version of the the Piranha Plant's Lullaby I've ever heard, but it is a good, gentle one as well. The chip-bits being used in such a fashion that it comes off as jazz, but still having a soft sound to it is cool. Like floating through clouds in a happy, peaceful manner. This album is chalk full of pretty songs, and this one is no exception. Nice work DaMonz!
  8. Interesting. I actually quite like the dnb backing on this track, and the drop and energetic dubs hitting didn't bother me. It is pretty sweet to hear a Silent Hill track taken in a different direction like this and really given a rearrangement that has a good beat with solid production. The best part is nothing soundwise was overbearing or too loud, which is awesome for mixes like this that have electronic elements. Not bad at all, I like this one.
  9. Wow, the ambience in the intro and the rain returning in the outro was amazing, and the light jazzy tropical groove of this ReMix is so damn pleasant, I'm loving this. This is a really good mix of two great themes from some of the MMX games, I dig it.
  10. The song on the GBA half of the album that I was waiting for was this one. SO glad that the piano intro was kept in and used a few times, because that’s what made the source one of my favorite songs on the GBA game. Nice, chill, almost hip-hip beat goes with the waterfall so well. This is pretty sweet ReMix that I could totally relax to. Great work.
  11. Aw, man, this is absolutely stunning and magnificent. Definitely can echo the sentiments of this being very cinematic and score like in both arrangement and quality. All the instrument samples blended in well together and compliment each other into sounding better together rather than apart, and having heard the Halo theme done so many ways over the years, this a fresh, beautiful take on it that I sincerely relish. You got skills, man, glad to have heard this one.
  12. Oooh, those drums have quite the kick to them and that is something you really want for a metal track like this one, so I'm liking that. The switch in melody direction near the end is a great way to keep things heavy without sacrificing the pace of the ReMix. Personally, I would have let the whole mix go a little longer after the solo before the end, but honestly, I couldn't really nitpick anything out of this one because I really dig it throughout. Also on a personal taste side, really love the name of the mix. Something about the imagery of the title still gets a thumbs up from me. Not bad.
  13. Well, I was going to make a "Ruin" pun joke, but maybe I'll skip that. This is very good and the blending of chiptunes with a funky backdrop made this a pretty smooth arrangement. The transition from Aquatic Ruins to Rusty Ruins was pretty tight and I was grooving to this for the entire mix. Really liked the orchestra stabs near the end of the mix, and everything just sounded so clean and slick, so lots of props for that. This is a pretty hot ReMix that I would recommend, so I'm glad y'all didn't...........ruin.......this one. I couldn't resist!
  14. Brooding choir? Check. Evil electric guitar? Check. Hard hitting percussion? Check. Menacing breakdown followed by a killer solo? Damn straight! This is very much the definition of solid as all hell heavy metal and perhaps my favorite take on Mako Reactor that I've heard thus far. Yeah, sure, there are nitpicks to be had here and there and I personally wasn't a fan of the almost sudden end, even though it was built up properly the way most metal endings are after the solo, but all in all, this was a very kick ass ReMix and I quite liked it.
  15. Ok, cool, yeah I totally dig this. Taking a theme that sounded like nice easy backwoodsy stroll and giving it a bit of a tropical kick with some orchestration and a bit more energy was a great choice. I've never really had a problem with mixes that are more conservative so long as they get some form of interpretation somewhere, and I feel like the style and some of the samples do enough of that for me here. I really liked how the percussion and flute played off each other in the end, and all around this was a pretty upbeat mix that complements the original track while having it's own moment. Nice!