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  1. This is super fun, the accordion fits too damn well with the Windmill Hut that I would not be surprised if I was told that this was how it was meant to be played. WorldsBestGrandpa always had the best sounding folksy mixes that I'm fond of, considering that I've heard similar stuff around my family where I live for years. Great arrangement of a classic source, a certain download for me.
  2. OCR03261 - Dark Souls II "Kodoku"

    Oh yeah, I love this so very much. Strong Japanese influence that definitely sounds like the middle of a battle with lots of determination and focus in some areas, and more contemplative in others. Those chants near the end really get you amped for a fight, The flute is fantastic, and the percussion has that animated action scene quality that reminds me of so many other tv shows. Not much to nitpick at that hasn't already been mentioned, and all around, a mix that I will enjoy for quite a while.
  3. OCR03259 - Portal 2 "Motion Sickness"

    Portal was always one of those game series that had a strong musical identity for me, and I can still hear it underneath this ReMix even with the upgrade with a faster retro sounding EDM base, which is cool. I think what I mean by that is that I feel like this mix not only rearranges the source, but also builds and expands on it, making it the artists own while keeping it recognizable. These kinds of mixes are some of my favorites, where the balance between nostalgia (well, as much nostalgia as you can get from a game that really isn't old enough to be described as "nostalgic") and original direction hit just right and ultimately make a song better in my opinion. Great stuff, man!
  4. OCR03258 - Mother "If You Believe"

    I can definitely hear where others are getting some Spirited Away and SMG out of this in it's grand whimsically sounding arrangement. It's a really beautiful ReMix that holds up extremely well as the instruments play off each other and sounds like something I'd hear in a good symphonic concert. Very nice.
  5. This makes me so happy, such a fun, happy ReMix with enough Larry to go around (especially if you are a fan of both Larry's). The music in itself is awesome, especially that solo from Willrock that was so damn good. Hell, jokes or not, the talking fit right in with the rest of mix. I think this ReMix could have me smiling for a long, long time. So damn fun, I love it.
  6. I am impressed on how well you handle switching up the time signatures for these themes, and honestly the longer the song went, the better off it sounded, like setting into a groove. The uniqueness of this arrangement helps it really stand out alongside the great transitions between the themes and your original sections. Giving this jazzy piece a touch of gospel flavor was a great idea, as I think it worked pretty damn well. A very good mix, man!
  7. This was awesome even before the guitar hit, and the drums were on point the whole time! If there is one thing that I have been appreciating more in the past year or so, it's the combination of ethnic sounding themes and harder rock, so hearing the Millennial Fair and some Schala and Magnus in this heavy hitting Middle Eastern style was a treat. Loved every bit of this, you guys made a fantastic ReMix here.
  8. Sounds almost like a futuristic jungle with the dark synth humming along with the tribal beat. I have to admit, the conspiracy voice samples added to the mysteriousness of it all and really helped keep this ReMix on track for all of the eight minutes it had, providing breaks and maybe adding narrative if a listener wanted to look at it that way, which makes it easier to get a picture in your head when listening to it. Always a plus when you can get imagery out of a song that also sounds great, so overall a fine ReMix indeed.
  9. Cool, I'm digging the mix of metal and retro sounds combining in this mix (especially the djent bits with eerie chip sounds sprinkled around it), very unique and interesting. It's such a fun arrangement to listen to, especially because you've allowed the structure to change so much over the course of the song while keeping the actual source melodies strong. This one's going on my playlist for sure!
  10. That sax hitting after the initial build is like busting through the barrier of heavenly clouds, sexy and smooth. Definitely getting a romantic feeling out this sweet jazzy tune, fantastic ReMix dudes!
  11. April Fool's Gold

    I was looking forward to what would happen this year, so when I saw the homepage and saw a bunch of Russian along with "Sonic", I was laughing before I even made it to Google Translate. Well played, guys.
  12. So fitting for the finale struggle against Dracula himself, with the sound FX and climatic percussion over the powerful, yet almost sad choir. Excellent mood setting, with the arrangement driving home the emotions. Some powerful cinematic magic in this ReMix indeed, splendid work man.
  13. I like that this track uses it's time to explore it's musical possibilities and bring in a lot of ideas like a cycle. Some of those I ideas, like the bells near the end, were sweet and I would have enjoyed being used more. I was afraid at the end with the volume lowered that it was going to be a fade out ending, which I normally don't mind but I don't think would have worked as well for this mix, so I'm glad it had a more definitive ending note, though I wish it was louder and/or longer to punctuate it. Minor production nitpicks aside, I enjoyed this a lot and seems like a very strong mix from a good group. Not bad, guys!
  14. I got a huge feeling of old-school Sci-Fi vibes from the intro right before it breaks into more of an action piece. Plenty of creepiness to go around at around 1:28, with the chimes and strings at work, which works so well to bridge together the more vicious wubs and the drop. Good ending as well, never a bad choice to end with an evil laugh. Definitely one of my favorite tracks off Vampire Variations 3.
  15. Man, I am loving that guitar in this ReMix, and the orchestral elements add so much meat to it, it's like a metal feast. So much variation and change throughout the mix, and that section around two and half minutes in with the piano, drum and trailing guitar was so epically sinister. That was awesome. Very cool ReMix.