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  1. I love this ReMix. Everything about Ryu's theme is just as iconic as he is, and managing to work in his 3rd Strike theme while embellishing the best parts of his original theme with some laid-back but energized electronic beats is sweet. Nice use of vox and the voice clip, which were welcomed additions and the strings in the end really brought out the beautiful orchestration that you used to balance the mix. All over, this is awesome and probably one of my favorite ReMixes off the album.
  2. This really is catchy and fun to listen to. Nice blend of electronica and some chiptune inspired elements.I actually enjoy the retro vibe of this mix, but I do have to agree that more of the piano and a bit of a sound update would have made this incredible. Plenty of great ideas and the arrangement is damn good. Liked this one a lot, actually. Nicely done.
  3. Now this is a cool ReMix. Any kind of western theme done right sounds great to me and this mix does well to balance the sense of grand adventure and forlorn wilderness. Would have loved for the jawharp to not be so loud and out in front the whole time, but it still added to the mix rather than take from it, so I won't pick at it any more. Nice work, dude!
  4. For a ReMix, it doesn't sound horrible or anything (aside from the Sax), but I have to agree with the other reviews on this one. It's different, but not so much that it could keep any interest if it had been any longer than it was. The drums were pretty set in their ways and all in all, I just didn't dig this one as much as I could have. Sorry, fella.
  5. Yep, this is crazy and chaotic alright. While I normally don't mix wild mixed up ReMixes, I think the dissonance and difference in speeds of the various samples throws me off too much to enjoy this mix as much as I could. But it's not so overpowering that I couldn't listen to it at any point, and I think the last minute pulled together nicely. Not a favorite of mine, but still fairly decent.
  6. Well, the production is eh, and while I understand what was attempted, I'm not in love with the arrangement either. Still, it's very listenable and for an early debut ReMix where something was attempted to make the mix different, that counts for something. Not at all a horrible mix, but I unfortunately can't say I'm a fan of this one. Jaxx got better as time went on, but it's cool to still hear an earlier mix to really get that.
  7. Love the bells and the beautiful yet mysterious vibe they give behind the energetic tech beat. I very much loved the softer more relaxed section midway into the mix and it's eventual climb back from there. At some points in the background, it reminded me of a Bejeweled track in the way the melody flowed and presented an aura of wonder while the beat kept things excited. A fairly long mix, but one that doesn't disappoint or gets stale, this is terrific.
  8. Nice, man, this is very smooth and cool. Catchy and upbeat as hell, as well. The piano and acoustic guitar rolling around with the glitchy effects that reminds me of some SF3rd Strike stuff is a great combination. I love it.
  9. Straight-up metal track, nothing wrong with that. Good enough in terms of energy, production and style to keep my interest, and overall this kicks a lot of ass. Definitely scored a goal with this one, a pretty sweet cut off the album I'd say!
  10. WWE style entrance music for Metroid, huh? Sounds like I could use this to experiment with some Create An Entrance's for Samus. I dig the slower portion in the middle before it kicks back into the heavier stuff. Makes for a dynamic mix. Good old fashioned rock, never a bad thing. Great debut, fella.
  11. I swear I'm in love with Claire's vocals and Dj Mystix's arrangements, because every time I hear a new ReMix from these two, I'm blown away, and having Chris' amazing violin work in this one as well just makes this all the sweeter. The emotion is real, people, and this is truly beautiful. Awesome stuff you guys, definitely adding this to my playlist.
  12. Mad dash rushing piano and incredible metal, yep, this is Touhou alright! Touhou music is outstanding on it's own, but the arrangement you've given this theme is terrific. Lots of energy befitting a battle with an awesome intro and breakdown before breaking into a sprint to the end. Love it!
  13. So many themes put together in a way that mesh and gel in a fantastic orchestral concert that exemplifies how beautiful music can be. This is a really amazing ReMix. Nice work.
  14. Ooh yeah, the production and clear sound of this chiptune melody is terrific and I could really get lost on the journey-like arrangement of this ReMix. Grand, in an old gameboyish way, and with plenty of charm. Well done!
  15. I wish that were true, but sadly my computer decided to die after the first week of the month and I couldn't get the forums here to let me post off my PS3 or 3DS. Really bummed me out because I was actually excited about this. Only reason I'm on here today is because of a borrowed laptop from a family member visiting for the holidays. Hopefully I can get a new computer soon so I can actually get back into reviewing for the rest of the new year. Until then, I guess a few reviews before the end of the year will be the best I can do.