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  1. Why is this the first remix I've ever heard of this awesome song?! Well, thanks for being the first, it's definitely a worthy tribute. One minor gripe is that the track title made me think it was a mix of the hymn of the fayth song instead, though.
  2. A very worthy remix. Well done!
  3. OCR03628 - Silver Case "Lunar Phase"

    Such a smooth beat. Love it!
  4. OCR03626 - Bitstream "Ebb and Flow"

    Aw, yeah! Don't think I've ever been disappointed by a song from the talented DDRKirby who has evolved the art of chiptune to a whole new level
  5. So. freakin'. classy. Well done! Only minor gripe is that the volume is way low.
  6. It's a real treat listening to this--so bouncy and upbeat. It's going straight to my fave remix playlist!
  7. Very interesting and unique interpretation of this song. Good work!
  8. An interesting take on this song...well done!
  9. So much awesomeness packed into one song. If this is what you pump out when in a rush than I don't think my ears could handle what you produce at full capacity (lol)
  10. So chill...nice work!
  11. Highly recommended. An excellent unique remix of a great song.
  12. Color me impressed. My fave song from the album -- chiptunes just don't get much better than this! The source tune is pretty boring but you've managed to make it something awesome and memorable. You can never go wrong with adding some Gradius to your mix either.
  13. Hmm...I don't remember this song on the soundtrack. Not a bad remix though!
  14. Appreciation of Little Touches by Designers.

    The quality of lighting and shadow effects in big-budget games nowadays is what does me in. Looks even better than real life if that's even possible. Also, I'm constantly stunned by how fluid and natural movement looks nowadays in most 3D games--even movements that aren't humanly possible! The limitless imagination of these game developers makes me sooo glad to be a gamer. This is a great idea for a topic BTW
  15. YESSSSS! Why hasn't anyone covered any of the original Spyro games up till now?? This is so freakin' awesome!