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  1. The true potential of this song has now been unlocked! Seriously, what a strange idea, but it totally works
  2. Although it has a slow start, I dig this
  3. Hm...I don't remember this song at all, but it's still awesome. Love the celtic sounds here and the instrumentation is so rich
  4. I like how this builds off the original song in interesting ways. Nice work!
  5. Great tribute to the Zelda game with (IMO) the best music of the series!
  6. Very nice! It's like you've unleashed the potential of what this song could've been.
  7. The world can certainly never have too many remixes of this awesome song! A worthy addition to the unfortunately quite small remix library of the DKC2 song. The part starting at 0:46 is too good for words!
  8. I can't believe this is the only remix of Lunar 2 on the site! Such a great, underrated sprite-based RPG. By coincidence, I just played it again a few months ago and was reminded of all the things that make the 2 main Lunar games so great (interesting characters, intriguing story and, of course, upbeat music). This is a worthy remix but I personally would have preferred seeing a remix of another song since I found the lyrics a little on the cheesy side
  9. Great remix of a couple excellent songs. They fit together quite naturally. Hearing this reminds me of how great it would be if Nintendo and Square teamed up again!
  10. Wow! So well done. The ship SFX combined with the chiptunes--it's almost too good for words!
  11. Hard to believe that, as much as this song has been remixed, people can still find inventive ways to make it sound fresh. Very nice segue into the end level jingle at 2:52. A total pleasure to listen to this, one of my fave remixes off a great album
  12. For the longest time, Jivemaster's version was my fave remix of this song but you have totally blown that one out of the water! The intro is very Megaman-ish which is great. The use of SFX from the game was brilliant and I like the inclusion of a guitar at the end--really badass! My fave part was at the 1:30 mark. Great work!
  13. Game music just doesn't get much classier than this <3
  14. Very enjoyable and inventive remix. We need more mixes from the Zero games. Two thumbs up!
  15. Wow, this is so classy. An interesting interpretation of a short song. Nice!