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  1. Mega Man 11!!

    Similarly, I've hoped for decades that they'd do a Mega Man Generations game that told the story of the events between Mega Man and Mega Man X. We know some of the events immediately leading up to X, but as far as I know, nothing about what happened to the original line of robots or their inventors.
  2. Can't remember the name of this game

    First try: https://www.google.com/search?q=video+game+10+minutes+explore+ruins+meteor. Result #11.
  3. Can't remember the name of this game

    Never heard of it, but Google suggests it might be TIMEframe?
  4. Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    Yep, I just put Odyssey down and went to other games. I ended up being very disappointed with the postgame, since every reward is just more moons to get. The Mushroom Kingdom is pretty neat, especially for SM64 fans, although Toadette is possibly the single most badly-designed element in the game. Your reward for 200 moons is a boss rush (tedious, although the remixed robot fight is nice), an art scavenger hunt (also tedious), and three remixed versions of earlier moons (kind of cool, actually--I would have liked more of these, even if they were a bit on the hard side). But the reward for 500 moons is just one awful, long, tedious, frustrating dungeon with no checkpoints, quite a few fiddly bits, and several deathtraps that will almost certainly get you the first time you reach them. And the reward for 100% completion is basically nothing. For context, the 500 moon speedrun is about 4 hours now, and the 999 moon "speedrun" is 17 hours. That says a lot about how tedious literally half the moons in the game are.
  5. Symphonic Gamers Orchestra

    I might have missed some transitions/cameos, but: Final Fantasy III: Overworld ("Eternal Wind") Prelude/theme of the crystals Final Fantasy II: Castle Final Fantasy: Sunken Shrine Final Fantasy X: To Zanarkand Final Fantasy VI: Decisive Battle Final Fantasy VI: Terra's Theme Chocobo/Fanfare cameos back to Eternal Wind
  6. Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    I've read that advice, as well as the advice to time it with the dust cloud, but it doesn't do me any good. Unless your timing is already perfect, you'll likely already be in the air when the "hey" comes. And the leeway is literally one or two frames at that point. It doesn't get any faster after 50 but that's exactly when it's too fast for me to keep it up.
  7. Disney In Talks To Buy Most of Fox

    I'm very curious what direction they'll take the X-Men movies if this happens. The X-Men movie series is quite successful, though not as strong as the MCU. Would they keep it going? Would they reboot it (for real this time, not with time travel shenanigans) to integrate it with the MCU? They rebooted Spider-Man and Hulk, but the most recent movies with those IP's were bad. They probably wouldn't integrate them. For one, they have two different versions of Quicksilver (although the X-Men already had two different versions of Bolivar Trask, and technically the X-Men version is Peter while the Avengers one was Pietro--and they could just completely leave him out safely anyway). And for another, Hugh Jackman is done, and lacking Wolverine is a huge blow to the series, so a reboot that brings him back would be welcome. Plus, the X-Men continuity is absurdly complicated at this point and a fresh slate wouldn't be a bad idea.
  8. I find the connection to the source tenuous at best. Maybe one could draw the connection with an extremely high-level analytic approach, but to a layperson, which most of our listeners are, it's just not there. I'm also not a fan of the sounds used. I find the mechanical bell that the remix opens with, and is the only instrument for the first 42 seconds, very irritating. But what really drives me nuts is the squeaking noise that starts at 1:24--it sounds like a broken cassette player, and it's extremely hard for me to listen to. Sorry, but I'm afraid I'm just not on board with this at all. It's an interesting intellectual exercise, and very creative, but I don't think it's right for us. NO
  9. Not cool bro panel.

    I was going to say the exact same thing, only referencing a different compo and Welcome to my Kastle. @Rozovian: Yeah, the last month or two have been slow. But most of this year has been vastly faster than it used to be. Pacing is always going to be irregular because we all have lives, but the days when the queue had multiple submissions in it that had been sent in a year or more ago are long gone.
  10. Not cool bro panel.

    Also, just because we NO a track doesn't mean we think it's bad. We've sent back submissions that were great covers, or that would have been great as a part of a score for a game or movie, or that are standout pieces of music all around but don't tie in to the VGM enough or clearly enough. A NO is not necessarily a critique of the general quality of the submission and is never a statement about the artist in general. All it means is that it's not specifically what we look for as part of our curated and themed collection of remixes.
  11. Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    I'm afraid Super Mario Odyssey may go on this list for me. One of the moons is locked behind a jump-rope minigame that I'm finding just impossible. You need to jump 100 times, and I've tried on and off for at least half an hour and my record is 56. I understand there's some sort of volleyball minigame later on that's even harder. So I may be looking at a personal maximum of 798/800 moons, and if I know for sure there's even one I can't get, I probably won't bother with some others if they start looking to be tedious.
  12. I have purged all the claims for which I had nothing, or for which I had only a very early WIP, and no updates for several months. This leaves a total of 7 names on the board: two complete drafts which have been sent to the panel, three very strong WIP's, one early WIP, and one claim. That's enough for an OCR-I LP, so that's what I'm going to shoot for at this time, although I'd still prefer to have at least a title theme, and I'll may shelve the idea of an "event" album if the numbers don't line up to give every wrestler an opponent. I'm still committed to getting this submitted in some form, though.
  13. Upcoming Final Fantasy player - what game should I play first?

    If your experience is with 6, 7, and 9, 8 is the most similar to those in terms of battle mechanics and story. It's much maligned for some of the tedious aspects of the advancement system and the discouragement to actually use magic, and the last third of the story is bizarre, but it's still a solid game. If all you've seen of 7 is speedruns, though, it's well worth playing fully--although I recommend having someone give you hints about picking up the optional characters before you miss them. 10 is my favorite, but its strict turn-based combat makes it a somewhat different beast. The story is my favorite of the whole series, though, I enjoyed the voice acting, and the graphics are excellent even if you're not playing the HD remake. It's a weird but enjoyable advancement mechanic, too, especially if you can use the alternate sphere grid in the HD remake. X-2 obviously assumes you've played 10 first, so don't start there. I personally wasn't a huge fan of 12, and it's a very different kind of game, much more like the Mana series (or like soloing an MMO). But it has its fans.
  14. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    Competition postponed due to lack of interest. I'll put it in the docket for January. If you've already signed up but a late January start date won't work for you, let me know.
  15. A very simple remix of a surprisingly complex source. Unfortunately, it boils down to not a lot of content. 1:46-2:49 is a repetition of 0:03-1:03, with only a few minor elements added (a pad, a couple of effects, and a key change). 1:03-1:30 is also a repetition of the main hook, and while ordinarily I'd say it's transformed enough to not sound repetitive, the voice clips are the same, and they get fatiguing very quickly. I like some of the instrumental use, and I think that in general the combination of synths and ethnic instrumentation works quite well. However, each of the synths used are extremely vanilla, with saws, e-piano, square bleeps, and drum kit all coming straight out of the generic EDM playbook. There are some good ideas, and I do like how much it transforms the original source. But I think the final result needs both more content and more original sounds to stand on its own. NO