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  1. Ditto on the strange intro (made worse by the fact that the beginning is very slightly cut off) and the strange timing later on. And that oddly-toned arp as well. I also felt like it was a little on the static side. 0:37-1:21 and 2:04-2:45 are very same-y, not just to each other, but I felt like each of those sections dragged a bit. The differences between 1:22-1:44 and 2:49-3:11 are really subtle, too--I hear a sort of siren effect, and that's it. There are some ideas that work, but the arrangement does indeed need a fair bit of tweaking. In addition to the leads and arps, please take a look at 2:04-3:11 to see if you can spice things up and keep the listener engaged more. NO
  2. 4. submitted

    Even if the judges didn't explicitly recommend a resub, you can always do so if you think you can address the issues they had. Not all judges even say "resub," and it's not a formal term. I personally use it when I think the remix is off to a good start and I'm reasonably sure my concerns could be addressed given the amount of skill or experience the remixer seems to have, but that's just me. We have posted remixes that started off as form-letter rejections, much less NO's, so never take anything the judges say to mean that the remix has no hope of passing ever and you should just give up.
  3. Can't argue with anything Gario said. Even when I have my volume set to where the acoustic sections are far too quiet, those upper-mids in the overdriven sections are indeed painful to the ears. It's also clipping, especially but not only during the crashes. I'll also add that the relentless, even beat of the drums from 3:52-4:30 far overstays its welcome. But as Gario says, there's a cool concept and a great performance lying under here. It mostly just needs a heavy hand at the production to let it shine. NO
  4. The first thing that strikes me is that there seems to be a low pass filter applied to the whole thing. The highs are substantially muted and need to be brightened up a bit. The kettle drum section (2:00-2:38) in particular seems muffled. Probably because of that lack of highs, there were some areas with EQ conflict in the mids and mid-lows. 1:45-1:58 is perhaps the clearest example, with several instruments stepping all over each other, but it's an issue throughout, especially with the piano, and again with that kettle drum. I didn't have a problem with source usage. The source itself plays fast and loose with what's melody and what's accompaniment, and given that, the remix is just fine IMO. I didn't have a problem with the structure, either; I see what Deia meant about the second half lacking impact, but that's a common structure for new age. Her comments about humanizing the piano and flute are well-made, though. I'd add the harp to that list as well, though I thought the sitar was acceptable. I think this is close, it mostly just needs another EQ pass to clean and brighten, and a fresh stab at humanization. NO (resubmit)
  5. Fun fact about Dragon Warrior: Rescuing the princess is technically optional and can be done at any time. You "need" to rescue her to learn where to find an item that lets you reach the final dungeon, but if you already know where it is (from a previous playthrough or a guide), you can skip her. Or you can rescue her and never deliver her back home! So here's a clip of someone doing just that: taking the princess into the final battle and returning home with her in your arms. Someone on Twitter mentioned Little Nemo, the Dream Master, but you actually rescue the king in that one, not the princess. You do return home, though:
  6. I'm still not sure how much I'll be there, but I live in the area so I'll be potentially up for meetups. Won't be much help, though.
  7. Can't argue much with any of the above. I do think the degree of orchestration makes this sufficiently interpretive for our standards, but it is a little repetitive, the ending is lackluster, and that chorus is really problematic, with the slow attack making it sound like it's off key (since the notes don't line up). The strings aren't as big of an issue, IMO, but they do sound like they came from a Playstation game. There is a lot to love here, though. I was really into it up until 0:44, and the woodwind sections were fantastic. I'd really like to see this back with a more expansive arrangement and with the choir samples fixed up or replaced. NO (resubmit)
  8. Deia has this dead-on, I think. Those low-fi sounds are really questionable, IMHO. 1:45-3:06 is especially problematic because the "noise" accompanying some of the synths is creating conflict, especially with the hats, and the effect is sort of a wash of white noise. That section is also pretty long and static; I was ready for it to be over at 2:39, and the additions to it after that point were quite subtle. It could really use a solo or something thrown in there to break up the simple melodic hook. Maybe something from a different source, or some original writing. Sorry, but right now I think both the sounds and the lack of development are holding this back. NO
  9. Will the world finally learn what happens when anthropomorphic non-bear animals drink Gummi Berry juice?
  10. And a new publisher has already been announced, with releases starting next year. It's IDW, which specializes in cartoon and movie adaptations.
  11. Excellent choice, all yours! Now that I've seen a few drafts, it's worth throwing out a reminder to everyone who hasn't sent anything in get: please reference the sample WWE theme songs for style and structure! In particular, the intros and build-ups are always short when there's any at all. Most are just 10 seconds max before getting into the meat of it, but there's also a common format of 10 seconds intro, 20 seconds build-up. 30 seconds before the main melody starts is definitely the outside limit.
  12. I'm not sold on the dirty, garage-band style here. Several of the instruments come with background static, and in the busier sections it builds up to quite a bit. The low-fi synths add to the dirty quality of it. I know it's a deliberate stylistic approach, but I find it unpleasant, and it makes it harder to listen to the complex layers that are going on. The cymbals in particular seem to come with an unnecessary amount of grit. It also feels fairly repetitive. The direct repetition is very slight, but the limited variety of synths make even variations sound similar to each other. I keep thinking I've heard what I'm hearing before, even though I can't go back and find it exactly. The fade-out ending also exacerbates the feeling, since it's a loop too. The lack of presence in the bass synths also meant that variations in the bass line didn't help me hear things as different. Sorry, but while there's a lot of fun stuff in the backbone of this arrangement, I think it's being significantly held back by the synth choices. I think swapping the sounds out would help with a lot of my concerns all at once, though. NO
  13. The July check-in has passed! We have two great remixes on the judges' panel at the moment, three more that are shaping up very nicely, and three more in an early stage. Thanks to everyone for all the work you've put in so far, this is showing a heck of a lot of promise so far! Next check-in will be a mandatory one. Those of you with early WIPs, I need to see some more progress from you, and those of you with nothing in yet, I need to see at least a proof-of-concept. I will be dropping claims at those levels if I don't hear from you by the next check-in. Anyone with at least a substantial WIP, please keep working on them, and I'd like to see updates, but basically you're all in good positions right now. I'll try to get judges' feedback on the submitted remixes before then as well. The check-in date is: Saturday, September 30 Thanks again for everyone's help!
  14. Reminder: Splatoon 2 Splatfest premier/demo is tomorrow. The Americas region game is 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern until 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern, and Europe is 5pm UK / 6pm CEST until 9pm UK / 10pm CEST. I'll be on for just the first couple of hours on Team Cake. Not sure if the ability to play with friends is enabled for the demo, but if anyone wants to try, my Friend Code is 5961-6763-3987. They actually patched the demo download, so if you downloaded it before a couple of days ago, you'll need to update it before the event.
  15. This is an excellent example of a static arrangement. The rhythm guitar and percussion hold the same simple pattern almost throughout the whole piece, and there are virtually no dynamics in terms of volume or energy. It's even directly repetitive--at 1:35 it goes back to the beginning and repeats almost verbatim (I hear some very quiet additions to the background noises, but they're super subtle). The source is pretty simple, repetitive and dreamy, but it's much less repetitive than this. The production is also problematic: it's very quiet overall but still has a problem with clipping and pumping. Looking at the waveform, I'm not sure any compression or limiting was done at all, so please look into that next time. NO