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  1. Video Game Addiction

    2000 hours is over 83 consecutive days, so I'm not thinking he got there in two months. Perhaps you meant 200 hours, which I'd consider excessive for an adult with a child. I put in a couple of hours a day at the absolute most; more often than not the number is zero. There's a reason why they're talking about adding video game addiction to the DSM (not exactly using that word, because they have a very specific definition of what "addition" means, medically). Gambling "addiction" is called "gambling disorder," for instance. The term under consideration right now is "internet gaming disorder," which of course misses the point in a lot of ways. But it's definitely true that video games, designed in certain ways, can hit those reward triggers in the brain.
  2. Bloodlines, a.k.a. Divine Bloodlines, is the theme of Richter Belmont. Normally when folks join in between when I announce a check-in date and when that date arrives, I give them some more leeway about meeting it, but since you've admitted you'll probably need some more guidance, yes, please aim for March 31.
  3. Sure! I hadn't been familiar with your work, but "Down the Rabite Hole" is definitely up to par and compatible with what we'd be looking for. Did you want to claim a track?
  4. *NO* Final Fantasy 6 'Ultimate Train Suplex!'

    Hard to argue with anything those gentlemen said. Above all else, the EQ is just not doing this arrangement justice. I actually liked the violin section, although there was too much sizzle to the drum sequencer there. I'll also add to what Nutritious said, in that the riffing in the last third of the track did get a bit meandering, and it would have been nice if it had tied back into Decisive Battle at the end. Work on that production and I think you'll have a gem here, but this isn't it yet. NO (resubmit)
  5. *NO* Mega Man 2 "Party Crashers"

    There are some cool, fun ideas here that made a lot of it enjoyable to listen to, but it has quite a number of issues as well. First, volume and balancing. It's mastered quite loud, and has some pumping and clipping issues. The drums are especially loud, most especially the kick, which is throbbing and distracting. I know that's what D&B emphasizes, but this is too much regardless. Second, structure. It's pretty repetitive, with each section looping for a few times more than is welcome. There are also large-scale repeats: 1:55 basically loops back to 0:44, and then, after a breakdown, 3:23 loops back to 0:55. There are some minor variations in each loop, but they're quite subtle and very hard to hear at all. I also personally think the SFX in the intro are overkill. It's also kind of odd that they're used so substantially there and then never return; some of it is actually used quite well and meshes well with the music, and could have been integrated into the body of the arrangement. It's just too much, too quickly, and then it's over. So yeah, I liked a lot of the specific arrangement choices in isolation, but there's not enough original substance for almost 4 1/2 minutes of music, and the balance needs some more work. NO
  6. All right, time for another deadline: Saturday, March 31 I have three entries that are complete or nearly complete, and they're all pretty fantastic. It would be a grave injustice to not get them into an album. @ThePlasma, @ibeginwiththeendinmind, @Steele, please send an update my way or be cut. @Chernabogue you know where you stand and what I'm waiting for. I'll see if I can do some more recruiting.
  7. Can't argue with any of that. As a score, it's quite nice. I could easily see this in the background of one of the mellow sections of, say, a Silent Hill game. But as a piece of music to just listen to, the repetitive arrangement and textures don't have much to hold a listener's interest for its duration. Great foundation, but it needs more built on it. NO
  8. Anyone know for sure how this is pronounced? The trailer never says the word. Lah-boh? Lay-boh? Labbo? My wife's reaction was priceless. She got the email from Nintendo and asked if I knew anything about it. I said it was easier to watch the trailer than to explain it. Her jaw kept dropping lower and lower. When it ended, "WE HAVE GOT TO GET THIS!" I had thought it was a neat toy but wasn't planning on buying it, personally. Score one for Nintendo.
  9. Mega Man 11!!

    I actually found Castlevania 1 and most of Ninja Gaiden (up to the last boss) to be easier than Mega Man 1. Castlevania 1 is only hampered by the full-commitment jumping and huge knockback, but it's slow-paced and easily predictable. Ninja Gaiden without Jump & Slash cheese is bad, but with it it's again easily predictable. Mega Man 1 is full of complicated disappearing block patterns and fast, random bosses.
  10. There are some interesting ideas here, but the vanilla synths, repetitiveness, pumping, and clipping aren't doing it any favors. Sorry, I don't really have much to add--this is just quite a ways away from primetime. NO
  11. The textures are definitely on the static side, especially that bass. Speaking of static, I really wasn't a fan of the white noise wash that the arrangement opens with (and appears in a few other places). However, it's perfectly adequate by our standards. Mixing is fine. It's definitely creative and transformative enough. It's not very exciting, but it's a quality, mellow jam. YES
  12. Does this sample technically count?

    Disney is ultra-possessive of their IP, too. OC ReMix hasn't attracted their attention in the past, but it's maybe not such a good idea to push our luck. Nothing wrong with impressions, though.
  13. Mega Man 11!!

    Similarly, I've hoped for decades that they'd do a Mega Man Generations game that told the story of the events between Mega Man and Mega Man X. We know some of the events immediately leading up to X, but as far as I know, nothing about what happened to the original line of robots or their inventors.
  14. Can't remember the name of this game

    First try: https://www.google.com/search?q=video+game+10+minutes+explore+ruins+meteor. Result #11.
  15. Can't remember the name of this game

    Never heard of it, but Google suggests it might be TIMEframe?