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  1. I have purged all the claims for which I had nothing, or for which I had only a very early WIP, and no updates for several months. This leaves a total of 7 names on the board: two complete drafts which have been sent to the panel, three very strong WIP's, one early WIP, and one claim. That's enough for an OCR-I LP, so that's what I'm going to shoot for at this time, although I'd still prefer to have at least a title theme, and I'll may shelve the idea of an "event" album if the numbers don't line up to give every wrestler an opponent. I'm still committed to getting this submitted in some form, though.
  2. Upcoming Final Fantasy player - what game should I play first?

    If your experience is with 6, 7, and 9, 8 is the most similar to those in terms of battle mechanics and story. It's much maligned for some of the tedious aspects of the advancement system and the discouragement to actually use magic, and the last third of the story is bizarre, but it's still a solid game. If all you've seen of 7 is speedruns, though, it's well worth playing fully--although I recommend having someone give you hints about picking up the optional characters before you miss them. 10 is my favorite, but its strict turn-based combat makes it a somewhat different beast. The story is my favorite of the whole series, though, I enjoyed the voice acting, and the graphics are excellent even if you're not playing the HD remake. It's a weird but enjoyable advancement mechanic, too, especially if you can use the alternate sphere grid in the HD remake. X-2 obviously assumes you've played 10 first, so don't start there. I personally wasn't a huge fan of 12, and it's a very different kind of game, much more like the Mana series (or like soloing an MMO). But it has its fans.
  3. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    Competition postponed due to lack of interest. I'll put it in the docket for January. If you've already signed up but a late January start date won't work for you, let me know.
  4. A very simple remix of a surprisingly complex source. Unfortunately, it boils down to not a lot of content. 1:46-2:49 is a repetition of 0:03-1:03, with only a few minor elements added (a pad, a couple of effects, and a key change). 1:03-1:30 is also a repetition of the main hook, and while ordinarily I'd say it's transformed enough to not sound repetitive, the voice clips are the same, and they get fatiguing very quickly. I like some of the instrumental use, and I think that in general the combination of synths and ethnic instrumentation works quite well. However, each of the synths used are extremely vanilla, with saws, e-piano, square bleeps, and drum kit all coming straight out of the generic EDM playbook. There are some good ideas, and I do like how much it transforms the original source. But I think the final result needs both more content and more original sounds to stand on its own. NO
  5. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    So, folks are sending me PM's with their source picks for some reason. The rules said to post here with your picks and your teammates, but on the other hand, I've only gotten two. I'll give it another week just in case, but unless a slew more people sign up, I'll put this on hold and try again in a few months. January worked well last year.
  6. Yet another headphone suggestion request

    Yeah, I have a pair of Sennheisers for home use, but they're pretty hefty, and they provide too much sound isolation for me to use at work. That was one thing in the Amazon reviews for the HD 497's that's keeping me from figuring out what their present-day equivalent is. (Folks also mentioned that they pinch, which is a problem I have with a lot of headphones.) The Sennheiser HD 2.20s seem to have the form factor I want, but they're the successor to the HD219S, which, according to graphs.headphone.com, are really bass-heavy. Anyone have experience with those or anything like them?
  7. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    Per the rules, you both won. Simon got the "bad ending." Which is why Dracula is back again so soon!
  8. I'm listening to music or something pretty much all day at work, and I need to be aware of what's going on around me, so I need headphones that don't shut out the world and are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for many hours at a time. Right now I use the simple and cheap Panasonic RP-HT21's, which meet my comfort and openness requirements, but the sound is distinctly on the tinny side. I often switch to other headphones that aren't so comfortable when I'm judging, but I can't wear them all day. I'm not remixing with these, so they don't need to be high-end, but a more flat frequency response would be nice to have. Any suggestions?
  9. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    We can do two-week remixing periods. I got the impression last time that most people just procrastinated the first week away, but I'll go ahead and make the change. I've also edited the minimum signup--we certainly won't get 5 teams at this rate. Might just drop the team format instead if there are even fewer signups than that. Remixing With the Stars was a tough sell at the time, and compo signups have dropped off even further since I was running that. I don't think I'd be able to get enough experienced remixers to get it going at this point.
  10. *NO* Final Fantasy 9 "Garnet's Love"

    I can't argue. It doesn't help that the most fake-sounding strings are the ones that the arrangement opens up with. Wham, artificial swells, right in your face. The choir stuff is a lot of fun, but those strings need another thorough pass and the flutes could use a touch-up as well. NO (resubmit)
  11. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation (CCoI) A Remix Competition Presented by the OverClocked ReMix Forums Introduction After being defeated by Simon Belmont, the spirit of Dracula floated in the void beyond time. After an unmeasurable age, he found himself returned to his body, but in a strange place. Reaching out, he found himself cut off from his seat of power, the eternal Castlevania! He soon discovered that, once again, fragments of the castle and the surrounding Wallachian countryside had been thrown together, along with some of his old minions--but only a handful of the monsters that once served him remained loyal, while the rest stood between him and his new enemy, the usurper of his domain. But he also found new allies! The heroes who had proved his bane time and time again have also been sucked through time and, sensing a greater foe than any they had ever faced before, now stand beside the former Prince of Chaos to defeat this mysterious enemy and restore Castlevania to its normal order! Current News Signups are now taking place. Anyone who wants to participate should post the names of their two teammates and their top 5 character selections, in order. Some characters have more than one source associated with them. If you choose one of those characters, also specify which of their sources you would like to use. You may choose only one source per character, and each character will be represented by only one remixer. Signups are still open, but the competition won't start until late January. More details forthcoming. Format This competition uses Darkesword's "gauntlet" format. Teams of 3 remixers will take turns remixing their character's theme with the shared theme of the week. The competition will be 12 weeks long. The main event will consist of 3 blocks of 3 rounds each, one announced per week but with a two-week remixing period, so that they overlap. This will be followed by a 1-week break and a 3-week final boss round. In each block, each remixer on a team will be that team's remixer for one week. The teams do not need to select a remixer ahead of time, as long as each member submits only one remix per 3-week block (which means that the third remixer of each block will be determined by default). The other remixers on a team are allowed to help with production and ideas, but the chosen remixer for a round must be the primary artist/arranger. Remixers can make use of other performers to play instruments, sing, etc., even those not involved with the competition, but these may not help in any other way. Submissions and File Names Entries must be sent to me by PM on the forums. Please include your team name and the round number in the subject line of the message. Please do not use a file-sharing service that includes ads or that changes the filename. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Soundcloud work well. If you use Soundcloud, please double-check to make sure you have set your remix to be downloadable. I will specify the filename for each round depending on the theme. Please read and follow the directions carefully when they are announced. Voting Rules and Guidelines After each week, I will create a voting thread in the public voting forum. Voters will rank their top three choices. A #1 vote is worth 3 point, a #2 vote is worth 2 points, and a #3 vote is worth 1 point. Competition members who vote will also earn their team 1 point just for voting. Team members may not vote for their own teams. This is primarily an arrangement competition. A creative arrangement that blends the two sources seamlessly, but with mediocre instrumentation and production, should be ranked more highly than an uninspired medley with flawless sound quality. Everyone must adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. Sources Participants can choose from the following characters and associated themes when signing up. They should choose their top 5 choices. If there are multiple picks for the same character, I will randomly determine who gets which pick. To prevent attempts to game the system, I will be be breaking 5th-place ties first and going backwards up the list. Dracula: Dance of Illusions Death: Evil's Symphonic Poem or Heart of Fire The Creature: Den of Worship or Walking on the Edge Golem: The Tower of Dolls or Stone King Golem Doppelganger: Riddle or Resonance of Malevolent Souls Isaac: Young Nobleman of Madness Joachim Armster: Melancholy Joachim Walter Bernhard: Dark Night Toccata Brauner: Esquisse of Violence Albus: Sorrow's Distortion Medusa: Cross Your Heart a.k.a. Crucifix Held Close or Stalker Akmodan II: Wicked Child or In Search of the Secret Spell Carmilla: Repose of Souls or Carmilla Elizabeth Bartley: Calling from Heaven Celia Fortner: Evil Invitation Stella and Loretta Lecarde: Dance of Sadness Simon Belmont: Theme of Simon Belmont Alucard: Dracula's Castle or The Tragic Prince Trevor Belmont: Beginning Grant Danasty: Clockwork Christopher Belmont: Battle of the Holy Richter Belmont: Divine Bloodlines Eric Lecarde: Iron-Blue Intention Nathan Graves: Awake Leon Belmont: Lament of Innocence Hector: The Curse of Darkness Soma Cruz: Castle Corridor Julius Belmont: Don't Wait Until Night a.k.a. Can't Wait Until the Night Sypha Belnades: Mad Forest Maria Renard: Slash Charlotte Aulin: The Hidden Curse Jonathan Morris: Invitation of a Crazed Moon John Morris: Reincarnated Soul Shanoa: An Empty Tome Teams Participants pick their own teams when signing up. They must also choose a Castlevania-themed team name, but they can wait until after their characters have been determined to do so. Please do not pick excessively long team names. Helping Out I'll also need artwork (album art and signatures). If that's up your alley, please let me know. I can cobble something together myself, but it won't be the prettiest, so if you can help out before the first round, that would be great!
  12. Appreciation of Little Touches by Designers.

    It does that in subsequent 2D Mario games as well, adding bongos and Yoshi voices in places. And in the New SMB levels that have water in them, the music changes when you're in the water. Speaking of SMW, I always loved the little fish that jumps out of the water every time you walk over a bridge. Such a tiny thing, but such a cute little touch to add life to the world map.
  13. Yep, the copy-paste repetition is a dealbreaker for sure, it's overly conservative, and of course it needs a real ending. Those aren't my only concerns, though. It's mastered quite loudly--normally OK for metal, except that it's causing heavy pumping and distortion, even in the quieter acoustic intro. I see it peaking at over +0.4dB. That intro also has a buzzing sound to it, which sounds like a mechanical or recording issue with the guitar. Perhaps one of our guitarist judges might know what's causing that (although it's a minor issue, ultimately). Certainly the performance quality is well above the bar, but I'm afraid this doesn't match what we look for in terms of interpretation, and I feel that the mastering needs another pass to get rid of the pumping and get everything below the 0dB mark so it doesn't clip. NO
  14. *NO* Legend of Mana 'Nocturnal' *RESUB*

    I think the production issues that concerned me before have been cleaned up, and it's definitely more dynamic and interesting than the earlier version. I really like the new original content The percussion could still stand to be varied more, though, and 1:18-2:36 is still a little on the monotonous side. The hook here is just so simple, it needs a lot of extra stuff to hold the listener's interest. Doubling the lead an octave higher and slightly changing the timbre of the saw arp aren't enough. The original content comes only at the end; it works really well there but it's too late to break up the static beat and repetitive melody. I think this is close, and it's definitely a vast improvement, but I agree with Larry and Deia that it needs a bit more variety and creativity earlier on in the arrangement to be interesting. NO (borderline, resubmit)
  15. *NO* Mega Man X3 & X5 'Thermoception' *PROJECT*

    Ditto on the strange intro (made worse by the fact that the beginning is very slightly cut off) and the strange timing later on. And that oddly-toned arp as well. I also felt like it was a little on the static side. 0:37-1:21 and 2:04-2:45 are very same-y, not just to each other, but I felt like each of those sections dragged a bit. The differences between 1:22-1:44 and 2:49-3:11 are really subtle, too--I hear a sort of siren effect, and that's it. There are some ideas that work, but the arrangement does indeed need a fair bit of tweaking. In addition to the leads and arps, please take a look at 2:04-3:11 to see if you can spice things up and keep the listener engaged more. NO