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  1. Agreed with Larry on all points. In addition, I thought the piano arrangement was really strange, with some unusual chords that I didn't feel fit the overall style or energy level at all. There are some clever ideas, and I definitely encourage you to pursue arranging in this direction, but the repetition and lack of realism here are significant issues that need to be addressed. NO
  2. Definitely too conservative. The added chords are very subtle. The choir is nice, but even with that addition, I really don't think this is sufficiently transformative for the site. Within the context of a game like this, with vaguely religious connotations, I expect a certain amount of separation of space. Usually the choir is meant to sound otherworldly, quite literally not in the same space as the other instruments. The issue is less severe for the piano parts, though it's definitely there. If the arrangement were on point I think I could probably forgive the mechanical/dry backing piano, but it's not. NO
  3. Depends on the age, the kid's personality, and their lifestyle. Most kids wouldn't want to pack around that massive tablet any more than I would, but the 3DS is pocket-sized. I have friends with very mature kids (usually teenagers, but some as young as 10) who I think could be trusted with a $300 game system if that was within the family's budget. And if their lifestyle is such that keeping it in a backpack (in a padded case) and pulling it out when they're waiting around for something, and they're not getting bullied or anything that would create a high theft/vandalism risk, then quite possibly. (My own kid is 2, but if this ends up being a 10-year console generation again, and a 2nd-gen Switch is tempting, she might inherit my old one.)
  4. They might start offering more modular packages later on. Could be like the XBox One and Kinect; if people end up treating the thing just as a portable, they may start packing it without the dock for $50 less. Or they might pack it with a charging grip (the lack of one seems to be a gripe; I plan to buy one) or more onboard memory. I don't know how anyone lives without a portable USB battery pack these days. I rigged one with a belt clip so I can just wear it any time I go anywhere other than work for more than a couple of hours. I'm guessing Bleck doesn't travel much. My Wii U is one of my favorite systems I've ever owned. I don't need a hundred titles I want to play, I just need one every couple of months. I got more than that out of Nintendo's first party titles. Whether the market feels that way... well, time will tell. We definitely don't have another Wii on our hands, but I don't think we have another Wii U either. If it weren't for BotW, I would wait at least until Splatoon 2. And if it weren't for Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, I would likely just get BotW on the Wii U. But I can't turn down that lineup. I have to admit, I'm a little hesitant to get a first-run model, but Nintendo tends to nail these. They've never had to re-issue a console the way Microsoft and Sony have (though they did discontinue the 8GB Wii U). About their biggest flub was the first-run 3DS and its need for the Circle Pad Pro, but even that, the users didn't seem to mind much. And since it's portable, there's a strong chance I'll end up getting a second-run model at some point anyway... my wife may be fighting me for the first one, and if it has as long a run as the Wii/PS3/360 generation did, I'll end up fighting with my daughter someday too.
  5. I don't have Playstation Plus or even own any sort of XBox, so the fee for online services is a huge downer for me. Especially since the only thing I'm liable to play online--and the only game with online play announced so far--is Splatoon 2. But damn, that looks pretty great so far. Might be worth it just for that. What will actually make or break my decision, strangely enough, is whether the Switch supports 5GHz Wi-Fi or a wired connection (by USB is fine). My house is a 2.4GHz hell zone, and I have to wire my Wii U to be able to play Splatoon right now. At first I thought free Virtual Console games would be an adequate draw, but I thought they worked like PS+ or XBL. Apparently they take your free game away at the end of the month, though. Those Joy-Con controllers look pretty darn small, and reviews so far suggest they're uncomfortable even with the strap attachment, although so far no one seems bothered by the different positions of the stick and buttons on the two controllers. Fortunately, nothing I want to play uses them. And apparently they cost $50 each, or $80 for a pair? Eek. That's a high entry cost for multiplayer party games. No wonder their main tech demo game is 2-player. I thought I'd probably just get the Pro Controller, but apparently even it is $70. Crazy. They say the grip that comes with it is pretty good, though. 1-2-Switch looks pretty strange. You don't even look at the screen? Apparently the new, fine-tuned force feedback is a big part of it. I think you'd have to try this hands-on to get it. The wrist straps seem like it would be inconvenient as a party game. ARMS looks like a short-lived gimmick. They're trying to create a serious competitive game, but it's driven by the motion controls. Reviews say they're not nearly precise enough to make it work. I laugh at all those rumors that said Splatoon was just going to be a remaster/Director's Cut. This is clearly a complete sequel. Looks amazing. I love the new liquid splash effects. Mario looks great as usual. New Donk City is going to be a huge part of the lore/culture. I thought it was silly they called it open world and compared it to SM64. That just had a hub world, and it wasn't much of one. Zelda looks like it has a pretty deep plot. Good to know, since we've seen nothing about the plot so far, just people screwing around in the open world. I hope the English voice actors are as good as the Japanese ones. My wife is actually really stoked about Skyrim. It doesn't sound like it's the new special edition, but a portable version without needing a laptop or some weird portable PC? Maybe she'll actually get somewhere in the main plot now. I think for once in my life, I'll be pre-ordering stuff.
  6. What he said. I love the concept, but it sounds like the message of this arrangement is "Hear how much better game music got," not "Hear how things changed." Gario gave some excellent examples of how to make straight up 8- and 16-bit arrangements full and enjoyable, so look into that. One sidenote: there's a dramatic jump in volume at 1:39 where it enters the 64-bit phase. It's not that you made anything louder per se, but that's when you began to make full use of the soundscape, so you're filling the space more. Everything needs to be brought up to that bar at least. I have concerns about the arrangement being too conservative as well, but it will naturally become less so as you improve the general soundscape issue, so work on that first and then see how things stand. NO
  7. I never buy the release version of consoles--too much risk of problems, or gross miscalculations of what the market actually wants--but Nintendo tends to do a better job than Sony and Microsoft in that regard, so maybe. I'm pretty eager for Breath of the Wild, so if the Switch version is markedly better than the Wii U one and is in a bundle with the console, there's a good chance I'll go for it. Splatoon will help make my decision, too, but that'll have to wait until folks get their hands on it. If it just adds pants and hairstyles, but the touch controls are replaced with something not as smooth, then meh, I'll stick with the Wii U version. If there's actually new functional content, then maybe.
  8. Yeah, me too. Finally picked up an N3DS when they released the discounted Black Friday special Mario edition. 2509-6065-0408 I notice @The Damned doesn't seem to be updating the list anymore, though. Edit: No, I guess he is, he just missed Gario.
  9. Have you tried other games? It would make more sense for the hardware to be damaged than the software on a ROM corrupted, specifically in such a specific way.
  10. The conservative and repetitive nature of this is my biggest concern as well. It stops being a cover at 1:22, past the halfway mark, then returns to being one at 2:08. I strongly disagree with Gario that it takes to the end for the listener to catch on to the repetitions; the first section after the introduction is a repetition right away, just with more instruments, and then it repeats a third time, almost identically to the second. And even 1:22-1:55 is still at its core the melody looped again, even though it has some really gorgeous guitar chords layered over it. Even the ending is just the end of a loop; if it had looped again right after the last note, it wouldn't have sounded out of place. Additionally, there's a sour chord that plays at 0:06, 0:33, 1:00, and 2:13. It's pretty severe and I'm really surprised no one's mentioned it so far. Edit: I'll concede the superior knowledge of my colleagues. It sounds unpleasant to me but I guess it's a matter of taste. Other than that one chord, this is some fantastic playing, and the more arranged section is beautiful. I would love to hear more work in that direction, and it kills me that the rest of this is so conservative and so repetitive. Please send us something with more of that! NO
  11. All right, that leaves us only 7 claims, of which 3 have WIPs. Time to get dangerous. Next check-in will be Saturday, April 15. I need to have some sort of WIP from everyone at that point. Anyone from whom I haven't heard any music at all will be dropped. I will also continue to accept new claims. If you had one and it got dropped, I need a WIP from you to accept your claim back again. If, after that April culling, but with any new additions, there aren't at least 6 claims remaining on the board, I'll suspend the whole project unless folks express an interest again.
  12. Oh, my ears. That shrill synth at 0:36 is actually past the pain threshold for me, and that bright piano is actually really close to that line as well. I also agree with Gario that the volume tends to jump dramatically in places, which really stands out due to the schizophrenic nature of this arrangement. I'm not sold on all those sudden twists--some of them work, but with so many, this is almost not a coherent arrangement at all. It's certainly interesting. I didn't hear an excessive amount of compression until about 3:47, but it's pretty strong there. I definitely agree with the other judges about the piano being too stiff. The guitar didn't bother me, though. Ultimately, it's all fairly minor stuff, but it adds up. I think you can get this back to us and over the bar, and for a first effort, that's pretty darn good. NO (resubmit)
  13. Short and sweet, I felt like the arrangement did everything it needed to. As an introduction to a greater body (a game or longer performance), I felt like the absence of high-frequency instruments was as aesthetic decision that worked fine. But in such a stark arrangement, the lack of humanization really hits you. Those abrupt cutoffs over and over again are jarring, and the mid-phrase attacks on the strings, as Gario described, aren't realistic. With such a minimalist piece, what is there really needs to nail it, and I feel like this just barely isn't there. Please clean it up and send it back our way! NO (borderline)
  14. The main battle themes of Final Fantasy I, IV, and VI. That classic bass line was even called out in the Scott Pilgrim movie. (It's in a bunch of other FF battle music, but I don't expect them to be as well-known.)
  15. I really liked this arrangement, especially how you took the shortest of the three themes (Gaster's) and made the two longer ones match it in style and mood. Very creative and very enjoyable. Because of the way this was presented, I didn't mind the clutter as much as the other judges did. It gave it a dirty, low-fi feel that I kind of enjoyed. That said, it does sound unintentional and I can see how the pumping from overcompression could be grating to some ears. It definitely would sound better if you could follow the advice that Gario provided. Of greater concern to me is the repetition. Not only does 1:36 retread the introduction very closely, the section from 2:15-3:12 is what sounds like an identical copy of 0:38-1:35. You have a lot of interesting effects going on throughout this arrangement; I think you could keep the same melody and structure as long as you do different, interesting things with the backing instruments the second time around. I definitely want to see this back, so please work on those two things and send it our way! NO (resubmit)