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    I recorded Sonic 3D Blast's (gen) Diamond Dust Zone Act 2 music from the TV onto a cassette when I was in 4th grade to use in a school project, and I did the same thing with Super Metroid Arrival on Crateria music in 9th grade. Also I would pause MMX4 during X's Intro Stage just to hear that track for hours. I think I came to the right website.

    Love platformers, puzzle games, FPS's, RPG's, really anything with a colorful presentation and good sound design. Want to learn to git gud at making electronic music.
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  1. Soundcloud link OK? I made this in like an hour and a half so it's short and basic but hey, it's a start. Haven't played Suikoden 2 but I look forward to whatever the next MnP competition is.
  2. You're the man. Thanks
  3. Also I seem to be having trouble creating an account on thesauce and I have to wait to try to register again. Apparently got the security question wrong or something. Anyone know how long I have to wait to try again?
  4. Crap I missed the deadline, mistakenly thought it was Fri @ 11pm instead of 1pm...was gonna post what I had so far but probz too late :/
  5. Mega Man 4 also has a cool returning home-type ending sequence
  6. Any other Mega Man enthusiasts play this yet or make any levels? It's pretty awesome how you can mix and match assets from MM1-6 in all sorts of weird ways. Hopefully they keep adding new stuff to it.
  7. I could never beat Zelda 2 when I was a kid, probably because of stupid Death Mountain, but if I tried nowadays I could probably get through it. I just didn't have patience back then for roadblocks like that.
  8. It's a plugin/synth that features a TON of stuff. Lots of great analog synth sounds for leads, pads, etc. Also lots of good choir sounds that sound really clean. Omnisphere 2 is the current version. This video pretty much sold me on it. The variety of sounds it comes with is so huge, I almost always use the search bar to find it.
  9. Omnisphere works great.
  10. Tracks like this make me wish I'd discovered OCR much earlier than I did. Reminds me of the mid 90s when I went through a long La Bouche/Ace of Base phase. I could listen to this all day
  11. Sounds like something you'd hear in an old school JRPG. Maybe when you discover a party member's backstory, or you find the town they grew up in. Only it's not what it used to be. Or something. Great work!
  12. Recently there's Axiom Verge. There is an area near the end where you have to go up and up and up constantly, and the enemies are such a pain and the traversal just wasn't fun. I usually can finish a Metroidvania even if it's not outstanding, but I rage quit pretty hard there
  13. That's the one bad thing about GS2 being more open than GS1 unfortunately. They could've made it just a little more linear to keep people on the right track.