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    I recorded Sonic 3D Blast's (gen) Diamond Dust Zone Act 2 music from the TV onto a cassette when I was in 4th grade to use in a school project, and I did the same thing with Super Metroid Arrival on Crateria music in 9th grade. Also I would pause MMX4 during X's Intro Stage just to hear that track for hours. I think I came to the right website.

    Love platformers, puzzle games, FPS's, RPG's, really anything with a colorful presentation and good sound design. Want to learn to git gud at making electronic music.
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  1. Sorry forgot to post the source tune. Here tis
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Definitely had flute in mind.
  3. WillRock with a swing groove! Very nice. How much. As usual with Will things are never repetitive and ideas always seem to building off each other. The solo at 1:58 is so wild and almost dizzying. Another great one.
  4. I only ever played the first hour or so of this game but dang that starting village theme is so good and really gets stuck in your head. Same goes for that sweet overworld (underworld?) theme too. The conservative arrangement in the first half works just fine I think. It's important to establish the melodies a couple times before venturing out into the creative wild in the second half. The key change from the original (C# instead of the original A), as well the as the background water ambiance, breathes new life into this track. The warm, sunny feeling you get from the original is also amplified by the violin and acoustic guitar. Beautiful stuff.
  5. Yeah I still wanna throw a lot more percussion instruments in there, as well as make some freestyle sections for them and maybe a guitar solo. Or a section where the percussion and bass play off each other.
  6.…/snake-man-remix-first-draft This is a remix of Snake Man's theme from Mega Man 3 on NES. The idea here is lots of world percussion along with a calm smooth guitar and atmospheric pads and choir. This is literally the first thing I've ever made in FL Studio or any DAW for that matter so I'm still learning but hey, gotta start somewhere! I probably need to find some way to make it a little less muddy sounding during the busy parts. Might be too much low end on the guitar. Not quite sure.
  7. Love the clap sound Just Coffee uses here as well as in the MM8 remix. Also excellent job combining all the different melodies together at 1:35! The key change in the second half definitely gives off a driving-into-the-sunset/ending credits vibe that works well. Just Coffee has just the right timbres for 80s synth pop and he could really make any VGM into a remix in this style if he wanted to.
  8. That snare sound is so weird, yet it feels right at home with all the retro blips and bloops going on here! The strings starting at 1:35 definitely give this that extra zing that a remix needs. The intricacies of the "verse" part are super polished and rhythmically very satisfying. In fact the drums are deceptively and surprisingly simple. The only thing I would do differently, and this is being super nitpicky, is extend the break at 2:13. What's there is quite good and I really wanted more with those NES sound effects. This is one of those remixes where you can discover something new almost every time you listen to it. This gets my sunglasses emoji of approval
  9. Love the ambience in this one. Slowing down Snake Man's normally fast rockin theme allows for a lot freedom in some sweet drum grooves. Really love the guitar harmonics combined with the low synth bass. The second half has enough legs to get by without any drums, and I actually like that they're kept to a minimum there. The oomph you get from the bass drum and hi hat work super well together. Excellent mix!
  10. Dat bass tho. I think the organ panning just narrowly avoids being distracting. The guitar at 1:43 doing sixteenth notes seems a bit rushed and super slightly off time, but the second time through at 2:54 it sounds better. The drums breaks section is extensive and creative, really enjoyed that. Nostalvania, have you considered making a LttP album in this style? Or maybe just Zelda in general? You really have a knack for this stuff
  11. It's Myst so it's only a 37 step puzzle that requires reading a book beforehand
  12. Remove Lavos from the equation and yes, absolutely.
  13. I'm Steve. Longtime OCR lurker. First MAGfest was 2015 and I've been supporting OC ReMix since then. Played drums in high school in a band called The Dying Breed. In the early 2000's era of Linkin Park, we played old school Metallica type stuff. At least, we tried to Picked up FL Studio after watching some of Zircon's livestreams. When I have time and energy, and I don't let Overwatch consume my existence, I play with it a bit. But I've just been dabbling with it so far. My current job is too time consuming and I want to dedicate more time to music, so I'm looking for a less demanding job somewhere. Favorite thing to do on the site currently is listen to older remixes and comment on them. I love VGM of all genres. Looking forward to meeting lots of cool people here. #VGM4LYFE Also having a kitten that loves nothing more than to play with your computer cords makes it quite challenging.
  14. This mix needs more love. It feels like the final level of a hectic 2D sidescroller with enemies filling the screen, as you push forward with your sweaty hands gripping the controller tightly. And like all of Mazedude's tracks, you can hear something different almost every time you listen to it.
  15. This mix has lots of good variation arrangement-wise. I love the simple but aggressive drive with the drums when they kick in. Things calm down a bit halfway through, but not too long, and the energy picks right back up. The source tune isn't one of my faves from the original OST (tough competition on that one), but it's perfect for a rock remix. All the elements are there. Also the key change is something I'm always in favor of, so well done. Only thing I would've changed is maybe mix the piano a little louder, but that's it.