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  1. Piano was Kontakt factory library Concert Grand which usually sounds pretty good, but I having a tougher time getting a good sound out of the lower notes, probably just need to EQ it better
  2. Oh shi I didn't know about the file format thing, will correct it next time
  3. Yeah I've heard nothing but good things about it
  4. Show that cold who's boss
  5. trilian's being a total a-hole atm :/// almost done
  6. MnP 79: Megaman X5 - Zero Virus Stage

    Wow! Gonna have to make this a regular thing lol. Thanks all!
  7. MnP 79: Megaman X5 - Zero Virus Stage

    Mucho thanks. I'm still having trouble creating an account on thasauce for various reasons but hopefully that won't be an issue next time
  8. MnP 79: Megaman X5 - Zero Virus Stage

    OK it's up on my soundcloud. I'll submit it to thesauce when I get home in a few hours.
  9. MnP 79: Megaman X5 - Zero Virus Stage

    Wrapping up the finishing touches on mine as we speak
  10. MnP 79: Megaman X5 - Zero Virus Stage

    Oooh I'm gonna have me some fun with this one
  11. MnP 78: Suikoden 2 - Heart Softening Theme

    thanks! gonna try to make a longer and better one next time.