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  1. Anyone have any recommendations for a pair of noise cancelling headphones with a mic, and also a coiled cord? The wife needs a new pair and the she currently uses has a cord than tangles up super easily. I've used the Sony MDR 7506 before, but just wondering if anyone else has a pair they really like.
  2. Just off the top of my head, huge thanks to Joshua Morse, WillRock, zircon & Jill Aversa, Nostalvania, DDRKirby, Big Giant Circles, Flexstyle, Blind, posu yan, list goes on and on, for inspiring me to get into music production when I have time these days. If any of y'all see this, thank you so much.
  3. Piano was Kontakt factory library Concert Grand which usually sounds pretty good, but I having a tougher time getting a good sound out of the lower notes, probably just need to EQ it better
  4. Oh shi I didn't know about the file format thing, will correct it next time
  5. Wow! Gonna have to make this a regular thing lol. Thanks all!
  6. Mucho thanks. I'm still having trouble creating an account on thasauce for various reasons but hopefully that won't be an issue next time
  7. OK it's up on my soundcloud. I'll submit it to thesauce when I get home in a few hours.
  8. Wrapping up the finishing touches on mine as we speak
  9. Oooh I'm gonna have me some fun with this one
  10. thanks! gonna try to make a longer and better one next time.
  11. Soundcloud link OK? I made this in like an hour and a half so it's short and basic but hey, it's a start. Haven't played Suikoden 2 but I look forward to whatever the next MnP competition is.
  12. Also I seem to be having trouble creating an account on thesauce and I have to wait to try to register again. Apparently got the security question wrong or something. Anyone know how long I have to wait to try again?
  13. Crap I missed the deadline, mistakenly thought it was Fri @ 11pm instead of 1pm...was gonna post what I had so far but probz too late :/
  14. Mega Man 4 also has a cool returning home-type ending sequence
  15. Any other Mega Man enthusiasts play this yet or make any levels? It's pretty awesome how you can mix and match assets from MM1-6 in all sorts of weird ways. Hopefully they keep adding new stuff to it.
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