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  1. Lunar. Definitely Lunar for me. not for any exciting reasons but it would be cool to live on the moon and see the earth rise every day. and they have some great adventure worthy terrain there I hear. Maybe I could be the next Dragon Master! now that would be cool! And even as an NPC it seems like it wouldn't be to bad a place to be. And as a side note they have some beautiful music There's plenty of other games I think it would be cool to visit but Lunar is Top of the list for me.
  2. Hi! I'm the Purple Perpetrator ;-P I just wanted to say what a great idea this thread is. I'm a bit of a lurker myself but I was wandering around the forum familiarizing myself with it and wanting to at least post a greeting. I was at a loss until I saw this thread (though how it took me so long to find it I do not know). So that being said... Hello everyone! PS: though I'm a huge fan of a lot of OCRemix music, it has been over 20 years since I actually composed anything of my own (no! it can't be 20 years! argh how did I get so old already?!) so it will likely be some time before I'm confident enough to even comment on anything let alone submit my own work.