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  1. Probably not the intended effect, but listening to this is making me laugh almost non-stop. Maybe it's reading the descriptions and comments. Or maybe it's because I recognize those voice clips from every time I've..., you know what? Right now I don't want to use any verb you would use to describe what you do to Rosalina in Smash Bros. It feels... weird. Oh, and I am so glad I was wearing headphones when I listened to this. I wouldn't want anyone to walk into the room and wonder what exactly was going on in here. Now, with all that said, this is a pretty good jazz piece, and I like it. There. That's all I needed to say. That wasn't so hard. (*Sigh.* It feels like everything I say here runs the risk of becoming an innuendo.)
  2. I'm no hater of vocal remixes, but I'll admit that when I come across one, I often click "play" and expect that I'm not going to like it. And then I was pleasantly surprised by this today. It's upbeat, happy, has a bit of melancholy in the story the lyrics tell, and it's catchy, the more times you listen to it. As people have already said, this song has a "summery" feel to it. Perfect for me to listen to while the air is freezing, and I am surrounded by mounds of snow. (Ha. Good times.)
  3. OCR03641 - Chrono Trigger "Zeal Breeze"

    I remember that for most of the time that I ever walked around the Kingdom of Zeal, I always felt a little uneasy. It was like I somehow knew, even from the moment I set foot in it for the first time, that something was off about the place. (And of course, as the game goes on, you find out just how "off" a lot of things are.) Maybe it's the uncommon opinion, but I felt that same quality present in the original "Corridor of Time" theme. So even though the music in the original soundtrack is meant to be beautiful and calm, I always found that it made me feel just a little bit on edge the whole time. Anyway. As I listen to this, it reminds me of that one line that an NPC in Kajar says to you: "Your power... differs from ours. It's difficult to describe, but in you I sense a strange... kindness." Yeah. Something about the gentler instrumentation, the Eastern-sounding quality, the smoother articulations... maybe it's just my layman's interpretation, but I find it comes across as "kinder." And so, I like this almost more than the original. I think it's a beautiful piece of work.
  4. I remember when I first came across this song, about 10 years ago, on this newly-popular website called YouTube. It was one of the first video game remixes that truly mesmerized me. I've listened to it fairly consistently over all those years, and I'm still not tired of hearing it. The brass parts make it feel heroic, the harp parts give it a mystical quality, and every part of this song feels inspiring. Exactly as Legend of Zelda music should be. ¡Bien maravilloso!