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  1. In recent years, I've become tired of a large portion of all Christmas songs. I had to make an album of Christmas-type music I actually like. This? This will definitely be part of that album. And it's Jazz Jackrabbit, no less! Memories and Christmas miracles and etc. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  2. It's remixes like this that remind me why I love Metroid so much. I can't really say much that hasn't been said already, about the mixture of beautiful melancholy and heart-pounding action in both the original soundtrack and this remix. So, I'll just leave it at saying, fantastic job, and I hope to hear more from Pyrus in the future.
  3. Well, having visited the YouTube comment section for this remix, I have to say, you're right; this remix has been very divisive so far. And as it happens, the thing I was going to say in that comment section was similar to something I just read in the description here. I would say something like, "Hey, everyone who's complaining about this song? I have a suggestion. Take a couple deep breaths, calm yourself, let go of your expectations, and listen to this a second time. I can almost guarantee you'll like it much better." Now that I can see I'm not the only one who thought so, I'm glad to know that suggestion has some validity, at least. And, with that aside, I'm coming to love this piece. It calls to mind the memory of a long, leisurely ride in a kayak, or the feeling of playing trumpet just to make myself feel better, or of eating a comforting stew. (<Weird. One of these things is not like the others.) Yes. It's definitely different, but excellent work, Sir JohnStacy.
  4. So, now I'm glad I clicked the link from the YouTube video and read all of this. Wow. I feel like I've just experienced a thrilling story. No joke, it gives me that same satisfied feeling of playing a video game with an emotionally touching narrative. And as someone who is infamous in certain circles for leaving long, sometimes overwrought comments on things, I have to say, I approve of the depth to the explanation of this remix. Oh yeah. Here's what I started saying when I watched this on YouTube: "There came a point where I knew I recognized the tunes, but couldn't remember why. And then I recognized, 'Wait, that's Zelda music!' But that's an excellent way to incorporate Zelda into Metroid. It fits so nicely, and sounds great with that instrumentation. You know, I should just finish making this comment on the OC ReMix website. I'll do that in a bit." Now, for the rest of it: The connection between Dark Link and Dark Samus is ingenious; both the characters themselves and their respective music are so thematically similar, this just makes sense. For a remix about two antagonists whose names literally contain the word "Dark," this remix sure is brilliant. (Darn it; I was doing so well at avoiding puns. Ah, well.)
  5. Whoa... wait... There's a Jazz Jackrabbit remix on her?! How did I not know about this?! How long has this been here?! Oh. Since... since March 11th, 2016. As the date says. Naturally. Well, clearly this means I haven't done enough searching through OC ReMix in the year and a half since I discovered this site; looks like there's more treasure out there. Treasure like remixes of old Apogee games that brought out the best the '90s had to offer, and about 20 years later have spawned something else to comfort my ears. I know it's a few years late, but, thanks for this one, Netrum.
  6. I'm not really a student of music, so I can't comment on what composers this remix reminds me of. But I am a brass player, and I can say that I will never complain about a remix using so many horns! (Seriously, can we get some more of those, anybody? I would love that, if anybody is looking to try it out.) This is radically different from any other remix of this song that I've heard, and I love that. If someone were to have said to me, "OK, picture a song from Chrono Trigger, but in an old-time cinematic style that borders between symphonic and jazz," I would have never assumed I'd find that appealing. But, now that I hear it, I enjoy it! So thanks for making and sharing this, JohnStacy.
  7. I think it would be kind of cool if they played this at my funeral. I mean, it's just subdued enough for it to be respectful for such a time, but it's also cheerful and hopeful, y'know? And the N64 version of Rainbow Road, which this song references, has stayed one of my all-time favourite video game music tracks; it touches me in a way that I can't put into words. I'm sure people would love to imagine me riding a rainbow and throwing turtle shells, jamming out to this song. Heh. And I can just imagine someone calling OC ReMix to ask if it's ok to use this song, and getting back one of their famous tweets about how it's fine, just give credit to the creator, and... ... Is this kind of a macabre thought? Ha. Well, anyway. This is just a weird way of saying how much I appreciate this song, and that I'm glad I finally get to hear it and download it. Beauty, eh.
  8. I just want to say, I'm seriously impressed that you managed to include most of my favourite musical genres into one single song, and one which invokes such fond memories of a game that (I'm sorry to say this) I don't have a lot of memory from in general. (These things happen when you grow up with a Sega Genesis, and don't play Link's Awakening until on the Virtual Console... but anyway.) And also, I for one am glad this took a turn from the sombre tone it apparently was going to have initially, and instead is so light-hearted and fun. OK. Time to download. And thank you.
  9. OK, here's a historical note, in case anyone reads this in the distant future, and wants to know why this comment comes out of nowhere: In December 2018, OC ReMix did a 30-Day Song Challenge on their Twitter account; each day of the month, there was a prompt to share different kinds of songs. "A song with a colour in the title," "a song that reminds you of summer," "a song from the year you were born," "a song that makes you sad," "a song that moves you forward," etc. In this instance, this challenge was to post a remix from OverClocked ReMix for each of these prompts. They said, "Yeah, eh! Any of y'all can post up some of your own picks, dontcha know! Just DO IT!" (I'm paraphrasing.) Throughout the month, I've been following this. I've seen a few artists post some of their favourite mixes, and a few fans doing the same. I've had the chance to share some of my favourites, and I've discovered some mixes I hadn't come across before. (I mean, I only found this site last year, and there are already over 3800 remixes as of today.) I think the best thing I've gained from this 30-Day Song Challenge so far, though, is finding this today. See, the source is a game I'm not familiar with, this isn't a genre I usually like, the lyrics are in a language I don't speak (conozco algún idioma semejante, pero no italiano), and the subject matter of the lyrics is something I don't relate to at all. I would never have sought this out on my own. But djpretzel posted this mix in response to the prompt "A song you think everyone should hear." He chose right; this is a beautiful piece of work. I don't think I'm crazy for saying that the love between the two artists is audible in this song. I found this profoundly touching, and I wasn't expecting to feel that. So anyway, thanks, djpretzel, for getting me to listen to this. And thank you, grazie, to N-Joy and Simona. I should have said that 13 years ago. But I'll do it today, at least.
  10. Dang... I can't believe I almost missed this treasure. It makes me feel peppy and chilled at the same time. And that's a wonderful paradox to feel. OK, I need to make sure I don't miss any more awesome songs. (As Sonic always said, I need to do: "Come on! Step it up!")
  11. OK, I know this album is at least two years old at this point, but this is my first time hearing it. (I have a really long backlog of remixes and albums I'm trying to get through. So we're doing this now.) Now, for all of the good things I can say about this album, the one I feel the overwhelming need to say is: "YUNGTOWN! Yeah! Sub2Yungtown!" Seriously, though. Thank you for starting this off with the person who is probably the only rapper in the world that I actually like. As for everything else in here, I assume nobody is exactly waiting for an in-depth review on a two-year-old album, so I'm only going to say, stellar job to you all. There wasn't a song in here that I disliked, and I found myself head bopping along with these. Granted, that could be because I'm sleep-deprived and feel like doing that more than normal, but still. Great jorb, everybody.
  12. I don't come on here often enough to tell people how much I like their remixes. At least I'm doing it now. ...That not good enough on its own? Heh. Fine. I can't pretend like I have the technical expertise to explain why this one resonates with me so much; it just does. I love the choices of instrumentation, I love how mellow it is most of the time, and I love how this gives me feelings like I had when I played Chrono Trigger the first time, except somehow more prominent. Me hace sentir tal como estoy en casa. Lovely piece of work! P.S. Thank you for showing me yet another YouTube channel I should subscribe to; I want to hear more of this kind of thing.
  13. This is definitely what I was in the mood for today. I only had one thought about this I wanted to express right now: I love the inclusions of the in-game text and conversations you overhear from the Echo Flowers. At first, I found myself wishing those lines were a little bit louder, because you can't totally make out everything they are saying. (For instance, I only knew that the conversation about two monsters' wish to climb Mt. Ebott is in there because I caught a few key phrases, and I remember that part especially well from the game.) But as I kept listening, I realized how fitting it is that those are in the background, and hard to hear. With those voices behind the music, it creates the impression that you are hearing nothing but echoes, or the whispering voices of ghosts. So, the quiet voices truly do give this song a spectral feeling. And putting this in a metal arrangement is probably the best expression of "mire" I can think of. "Spectral Mire." Ingenious! OK, that's all from me. I'm going to go download this now. Hasta luego.
  14. I don't know what's more surprising: the fact that I remembered this game well enough to think of looking up remixes for it, or the fact that someone else remembered this game well enough to actually create a remix for it. Not to mention, there's the fact that I still recognize a song that I last heard when my age was a single-digit number. This remix may be subtle and ambient, but something about it commands my attention. It's like I can be in the middle of doing something, and when this song starts playing, I'll want to stop and listen more closely. (I guess I shouldn't listen to this while operating heavy machinery, then.) I wish I had the technical expertise to say why I like this so much. But, as it is, that's all I can really say: love it.
  15. I'm just going to re-post the comment I left on the YouTube video for this song: "This is the kind of song I would play to my kids to put them to sleep. You know, if I played the violin. And if I had kids. "Not only is this a beautiful piece of music, but it's imaginative, too; for all the times I've heard Gerudo Valley arranged to sound upbeat, intense, epic, or overwhelmingly active, I think this is the first time I've ever heard someone remix Gerudo Valley into something mellow and calming. This actually does feel like something that would help someone sleep. "I love it. I'm going to go download this now."
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