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  2. My god this is amazing! It's everything that's wonderful about the original soundtrack and more!
  3. reminds me of Tangerine Dream. Awesome!
  4. I was hoping it would continue on like the intro! Great remix. Just not necessarily my cup of tea (aside from that jazzy intro <3 )
  5. Ahh! So stoked. Joshua Morse is amazing AND it's Castlevania; can't go wrong there.
  6. Just to clear things up. Is the crackling/saturation from things peaking on analog tapes? Or is it some other phenomenon that causes them to saturate?
  7. Ahhh perfect. A VST is what I was looking for. Ah and it's free too! I'm downloading it right now.
  8. ahh yes definitely something along those lines thanks! i'll try mixing that in
  9. I love the warmth you get from crackling of tape in recordings. I've noticed that there's a lot of it in hip-hop songs, and other genres as well of course. It could even be the crackling of Vinyl as well, maybe. All I know is that I love it. I'm wondering what I can do to simulate it in my songs since I make most of my music digitally. Anyone have any ideas? Edit* Listen to the song Over and you can sort of hear what I mean. It streams at such bad quality so it's sort of hard to hear, but I think you get the idea.
  10. the are amazing In Rainbows is probably my favourite album
  11. I love these competitions so much! A lot of the remixes are actually really good! I voted for yours. I actually entered as well Please vote!
  12. Right now they have Reckoner up to remix. Before that they put up Nude. Awesome site, I suggest trying out. It's a lot of fun, good music, good remixes. There is my remix of Reckoner. Please check it out and vote! Thanks!
  13. Happy Birthday, Buddy! and congrats!
  14. you know in a lot of dance songs there'll be pads and then as soon as the bass comes in the pads cut out on every hit i was wondering if there is an easy way to do this, rather than editing the levels of the pads manually on every bass drum hit