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  1. My god this is amazing! It's everything that's wonderful about the original soundtrack and more!
  2. I was hoping it would continue on like the intro! Great remix. Just not necessarily my cup of tea (aside from that jazzy intro <3 )
  3. Ahh! So stoked. Joshua Morse is amazing AND it's Castlevania; can't go wrong there.
  4. Just to clear things up. Is the crackling/saturation from things peaking on analog tapes? Or is it some other phenomenon that causes them to saturate?
  5. Ahhh perfect. A VST is what I was looking for. Ah and it's free too! I'm downloading it right now.
  6. ahh yes definitely something along those lines thanks! i'll try mixing that in
  7. I love the warmth you get from crackling of tape in recordings. I've noticed that there's a lot of it in hip-hop songs, and other genres as well of course. It could even be the crackling of Vinyl as well, maybe. All I know is that I love it. I'm wondering what I can do to simulate it in my songs since I make most of my music digitally. Anyone have any ideas? Edit* http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/1142206/a/Pepper:+Remixes+And+Rare+Tracks.htm Listen to the song Over and you can sort of hear what I mean. It streams at such bad quality so it's sort of hard to hear, but I think you get the idea.
  8. the are amazing In Rainbows is probably my favourite album
  9. I love these competitions so much! A lot of the remixes are actually really good! I voted for yours. I actually entered as well http://www.radioheadremix.com/remix/?id=315 Please vote!
  10. http://www.radioheadremix.com/ Right now they have Reckoner up to remix. Before that they put up Nude. Awesome site, I suggest trying out. It's a lot of fun, good music, good remixes. http://radioheadremix.com/remix/?id=315 There is my remix of Reckoner. Please check it out and vote! Thanks!
  11. Happy Birthday, Buddy! and congrats!
  12. you know in a lot of dance songs there'll be pads and then as soon as the bass comes in the pads cut out on every hit i was wondering if there is an easy way to do this, rather than editing the levels of the pads manually on every bass drum hit
  13. wow 107 lol I remember this back when it was in the single digitz I came second once then just gave up completely lol I should definitely get back into these. expect to see me around! I thought ORC died a long time ago, please keep it alive, I'll definitely participate and contribute.
  14. I agree, I absolutely love Jungle Jazz, from the piano intro to the frantic breakbeat drums. I'm glad he mentioned that as one of his favourite creations. I got an email from Liontamer regarding McVaffe's return and I was surprised and glad I'm still on the mailing list because I've been wondering where on Earth McVaffe's been. I just finished reading the interview, veery interesting and enjoyable to read. I really want to know what XBL Arcade games he's written music for. That's pretty interesting. Anyways, GLAD to see this OCR God has returned, and I've been listening to his new track on repeat for quite a while now. Makes me want to go find Okami in stores and play it.
  15. whyyy is this song not downloadable? lol all 4 links don't work. and the link on page 3 doesnt work either
  16. on the security forums theres other people there with the same problem as me but should i go ahead and make my own thread? because i'll have a different log and stuff
  17. is there anyway to hook up a midi keyboard to any of these trackers?
  18. thankss thanks guys! I've tried a few anti spyware/virus programs and stopped most of the pop-ups i was getting. the only thing thats still there is the little shield that flashes in the bottom right corner i'll try the spybot seach and destroy and then hijack this. I know spybot's helped me before I'm hoping I won't have to resort to reformatting my computer. THanks!
  19. I managed to somehow get a trojan which creates popups telling you that you have virus and that you need to buy Virus Protect Pro 3.5. It's obviously a virus and a scam and I don't know how to get rid of it. I tried 2 different anti-spyware prgrams (Spyhunter, and AVG anti-spyware) Spyhunter found the trojan files and deleted them but they just keep coming back. Doesss anyone know how to rid of this stupid virus once and for all? Any help is much appreciated.
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