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NEW TORRENTS OUT (Q1 2017 update)! ReMixes 1-3523 AVAILABLE!

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UPDATED REMIX TORRENTS! We've got things updated up to Q1 2017 (ReMix #3523). More than 200 hours' worth of music over 17 years! :-)


We've also got some small improvements to all of the file tags:

  • Release Date - the specific date the ReMix was posted to OCR (YYYY-MM-DD format)
  • Original Album - changed to the name of the OC ReMix album a ReMix is from (when applicable, e.g. Final Fantasy Vi: Balance and Ruin); otherwise blank now
  • Artist Sort Order - for the few artists whose handles begin with A, An, or The, they'll now alpha sort properly in iTunes
  • Album Art - minor tweaks; size increased to 700x700, and gray adjusted to match the latest site design


If you've never used a torrent client before, please consult the information and FAQs from

In short, these are 100% legal to download, and there are no viruses, so download with peace of mind!


For more details on past improvements to the MP3s here, check out:



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