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Originally Posted by Moguta View Post
Sweet. What's your Origin name? I'm StarlitVagabond
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Originally Posted by Sengin View Post
That's funny - I just started playing again last week after months. When I first got on Firebase White, I was like "Where the hell did THAT hallway come from!?" And the abominations blowing up was a shocker.

It does seem a bit less buggy now too - in the (now) rare case I fall through the floor, I am put right back at the start of the map, instead of being stuck there the rest of the match. Although, Gold seems a bit easier now than it was back in April... maybe I'm just remembering incorrectly though.
I remember thinking the exact same thing. "Have I been missing something all this time?!?" But the changeups helped keep it fresh.

And they definitely patched up the vanguard bugs. As you noticed, sometimes you'll still 'warp' back to the center of the stage, which is annoying. But at least you're not having a trippy journey into the sky anymore. There was one weekend challenge to rack up a few thousand points using Biotic Charge. Couldn't help but suspect it was their way of bugtesting it.
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i need to get back into this =) i play on the xbox. let me know if you're up to play.
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