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Mass Effect 3: Every Dialog Choice Can Be Answered with "Charge"


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The absolute best discussion of Mass Effect 3's ending I've heard so far.

The girl on the panel embodies an almost perfect pastiche of everything I have grown to hate about the majority of the fan response. It's really funny how close the others on the panel get to calling her on her petty entitlement complex, shoddy critique, and generally sour discourse.

Really worth the 40 minutes.

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ars and others are reporting a free DLC that adds additional cutscenes and end-game interaction to the game as a whole, to better elucidate us on the acid trip the original devs were on.

who knows what will come from it, but it can't be as bad as the original. and no, the original ending wasn't 'controversial'. it was terrible, rife with plot holes and completely ignoring the investment of the users. i'd have been fine with a well-done tragic ending. this was not that, and just because it's cool to make fun of the mainstream opinion doesn't automatically mean that the ending was actually well-done and we're all just rose-colored assholes.

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Bah whatever.

I actually liked the ending.

But however good this DLC is, you can bet your ass there will be endless salt on the net when it comes out.

The Mass Effect trilogy is emotionally charged, and the fact that it ends will make people react irrationally anyways.

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As much as I disliked the ending for it being shit, I still find myself thoroughly unenthused for a revision.

I don't know. :\

It's probably because nobody actually asked for this DLC. There were two main camps of people: people who agreed with BioWare (who thought the ending was fine and that changing it hurt BW's artistic integrity) and people who wanted a new ending (due to plot holes, inconsistencies, and a general lack of narrative coherency).

This decision is the absolute wrong choice for BW to make, because it pleases literally no one. The people on BW's side will be angry that the ending is going to be edited at all, and the people who wanted a new ending will get nothing they asked for, considering you can't clarify an already bad ending. At least with a hard-line stance either way, BW had the chance to please SOME subset of their fanbase; thanks to this decision, all they can possibly do is make MORE people angry.

During this whole debacle, I've been thoroughly disappointed with how BioWare has handed itself (or, more accurately, how EA has handled BioWare).

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I said it on MMORPG forums i'll say it here.

I'm done buying games from bioware/EA. I'll play the ones i have but in no way do i plan to further support their games. This is downright stupid. It doesnt acknowledge the indoctrination theory, it MAY or MAY NOT provide closure and it really does what others have said.

And just to address this particular subject on how killing all synthetic life is the 'good ending' The reason shepard can DIE in that ending is the fact he's heavily synthetic now thanks to the Lazarus Project in 2. Oh by doing that you also kill off the Geth who if you managed it you got the ultimate paragon version and made peace. You have a better than even chance of killing off the Quarians. You'd destroy Edi and your ship. (another reason that ending makes no sense)

And if this ending doesnt address the abject chaos of the loss of the mass relay network then really it aint even worth the bandwith to download.

So sure kill the reapers. Just know you're taking a hell of lot more than them out with you.

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Resurgence Pack: Free Multiplayer DLC

Featuring 6 new characters:

  • Batarian Soldier
  • Batarian Sentinel
  • Geth Engineer
  • Geth Infiltrator
  • Krogan Battlemaster (Vanguard)
  • Asari Justicar (Adept)

Three new weapons:

  • Striker Assault Rifle
  • Kishock Harpoon Gun
  • Geth Plasma SMG

Two new maps:

  • Firebase Hydra
  • Firebase Condor

(And a partridge in a pear tree.)

I didn't recognize Hydra at all, but Condor looks like the Turian moon you're on in the singleplayer campaign to pick up the Primarch. There are plenty of new abilities to go around, too.

DLC goes live Aprill 10 on PSN, no idea about XBL or PC.

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I seem to remember reading that the general trend is that users (the ones talking about it online, anyway) will respond positively to paid DLC, but free DLC gets their dander up. :roll:

It'll be interesting to see how long EA waits before the next paid DLC, whatever it ends up being.

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New DLC just launched (FREE)

I ended up with a geth Engineer almost right away...and the striker assault rifle. For that weapon you want a VERY good connection but my GOD does that thing RAPE.

Geth Engineer's and infiltrators are going to be VERY fun if you get your hands on a Widow or Other high end Piercing class rifle. Their Hunter mode is NUTS.

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Yeah, no. I mean, it was a good attempt, but no. The ending's problems are WAY more fundamental than what you go over in that short write-up. Suffice it to say that, no, you aren't the one person (or one of the few people) who is somehow just so much more capable of understanding the artistry that is the ME3 ending; the ending is just bad, and unjustifiably so.

If you don't get why, or really do think that it is a good ending, might I direct you to some

? It is actually really well written, researched, and presented (if a bit long, clocking in at 38:59).
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you uploaded this to the WRONG thread. everyone here hates the ending. Except like 3 of us

I liked your thoughtfulness. I hadn't linked Saren to the green ending, but they are definitely thematically similar.


being a fucking cunt.

go away.

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